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WolfRider Level 200 Bera Dark Knight
I just noticed that when I buff myself with OPPArts code I only get like a 30% raise in my range. In both cases I have full energy. (with and without)
So my question is: how does really work? Why doesn't it raise my range by 50%? And I get like 30% when I have kanna and demon avenger link skills on and when i don't.
Posted: August 2013 Permalink


PwntByMe Level 206 Khaini Paladin
Last question, I can answer.

Kanna and Demon Avenger's link skill doesn't appear in ranges.[/quote]

Uhhh yes they do.
Aug 20 2013
WolfRider Level 200 Bera Dark Knight
I mentioned them because I thought the 50% came from your base range before the % link skills. But it has no meaning what so ever.
Still no one that hasn't an answer to my question?:/
Aug 20 2013
KevinKiri Level 132 Khaini Paladin
I think it takes it out of your range before all of the link skills AND the %ATT/Total Damage from your potentials also. If not, I have no idea then.
Aug 20 2013
xlxlxlxl Level 209 Renegades
@WolfRider Xenon has a passive 60% total damage from multilateral which shows up in your range, so using OOParts effictively takes you from a 1.6x multiplier to 2.1x. 2.1/1.6 = 1.3125: a 31.25% increase in range shown.
Aug 20 2013
TheDStar Level 205 Elnido Bishop
@PwntByMe They don't.
I just tested it using my Kanna's link skill.
Aug 20 2013
WolfRider Level 200 Bera Dark Knight
Thanks xlxlxlxl
Aug 20 2013

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