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Permanent Mount coupons glitched?

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Aug 26 13
KradiaGMS Mercedes 4
My friend got a mount coupon from a Kaleido spinner box, and it didn't have a time limit anywhere on the coupon so it looked permanent, but when he used it, it turned out to be 3 days.
Is this a glitch or are all of the Kaleido mounts like this (3 days)?
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Aug 26 13
Windia Dark Knight
It's intended.
Aug 26 13*
Scania Shadower
Use this coupon to receive a temporary mount. He probably skimmed through it
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Aug 26 13
Windia Marksman
It's a temporary mount as stated, your friend didn't read it.
Aug 26 13*
Scania Blade Acolyte
all mounts from spinners are temp. it says so in the description. i've gotten all the mounts and they were all temp.

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