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WizzyJ Level 30 Bera Night Walker 2
So...just went to Evo Lab for my first time...holy crap. A couple of questions for you awesome people:

How do I unlock the 3 locked core slots?

Is 2 Monster rate 20% and 1 Monster HP 20% a good combo?

Should I add Pirate Lvl 110 equip drops if I'm a Xenon or is that a waste?

What are some good core combos?

Thanks guys!
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DreanBurster Level 216 Windia Angelic Buster 4 Boundless Guild See what games, anime & art DreanBurster is intoDreanBurster
Don't add the pirate drops.

A good core combo would be:
The one that increases HP the most.
The one that increases spawn the most.
The one that increases level the most (Monsters cap at 160).

There are quests that unlock the other core slots (they're usually in blue, the ones that say first/second/third core expansion).
Aug 30 2013
Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
u spend 150 coins and do the mission
u can only use 1 of each type of core
its a waste
population 100% hp 20x level +10
Aug 30 2013
MistFTW Level 199 Bera Phantom 4 See what games, anime & art MistFTW is intoMistFTW
There's a core you can use to unlock the 3 slots.
Aug 30 2013
kirbyhyper Level 130 Kradia Paladin
1) There's a core you can buy called something around the lines of "1st expansion" or something. Buy the core (it costs evolving coins), use it and do the quest that it gives you when you enter.

2) You can't use 2 monster spawn rate cores at once. And generally speaking, no it's not.

3) If you really want to find some equips and are willing to sacrifice exp rate then give it a shot. Get a drop rate core with it though.

4) monster level +7, hp x5, population 30% is the basic one people use for gaining exp (better cores are used when available). For getting drops it's whatever you want to drop (armors, (necro) weapons), drop rate increase, population (at least 30%) and maybe rare equipment drop if applicable.
Aug 30 2013
KelvinCEO Level 206 Windia Mechanic 4
@WizzyJ your late to join evo lab there was a event in evo lab before where you kill monster they drop alot of tempest items 6% tempest rings all revealed epic.
Aug 30 2013
pizzaboy Level 131 Windia Wild Hunter 4 Intrepidity Guild
To unlock more core space costs two or three hundred evolving coins or so per core. You can buy them from the merchant in the foyer room.

You should always include a population increase, and anything else that will make the exp better for you. +level and hp are good [i]relative to your own mobbing and survivng capabilities.[/i] Experiment until you get the best exp/hour.

**Do not put the level up 10 and the hp up 1000% if you cannot handle it**

Always fill up as many cores as you can. Equip drops are always useful if you have space after your mob increasers, especially for your class, you never know when you'll get good potentials.

Equip drops should be accompanied with +drop rate. As should ores with ore drop and herbs with herb drop.
+Party exp is only useful when you're in a party. If you are in a party, be sure to bump up the difficulty of the mobs so you're not wiping them out too quickly.
If you're aiming for the title, you need to use 300 cores, so fill in the background, music, and skins as often as you can.
Aug 30 2013
Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
I'm just questioning, **was he asking for old event info?**[/quote]

i like you
Aug 30 2013
0Lumina Level 165 Windia Kanna 4
1: its alright to use such cores as 20% spawn 20% hp etc. BUT if you have several mill to waste there are some cores in a shop by the entrance where you can get 5x XP and a better spawn rate core
IMO i wouldnt put in the piarate equip cores but you can if you wish

AND finaly when you want to unlock the new rooms all you need to do is one of the following
1: collect ALOT of coins there is a shop (with the 5x HP cores) that have core missions for sale you do such missions and have access to corresponding rooms
2: you can find the same light blue cores (that were in the store) as a random drop from enemies which can be faster than getting the coins for them

lastly i usually fill up the 3rd spot with a drop core so that i can collect more cores 20x HP 100% spawn ( must unlock middle core to use) and really good cores that are similar
to improve leveling

~ i hope that helped
Aug 30 2013
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