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Thunder Breakers are lame bossesrs --

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Sep 05 13
Broa Paladin
Made a thread earlier about it, but I tried it first hand and Thunder Breakers at 4th jobs are not properly built for bosses and even training is not as easy as I thought it would be, so I'm glad I had my 120 TB already.

1) You can't use pots while chaining skills.
2) Main combo attack skills Anniliate + Thunder freeze you in spot, you can't move while attacking and the attack chain together so quickly its hard to stop immediately.
3) Attacks by themselves have a long delay if using one skills.

With stationary bosses like zakum are fine, but if your dealing with bosses with damage reflect, or moving bosses your going to be annoyed unless you do enough damage to keep them Knocked back against the wall.

They seriously need a drain skill and replace it with the flash teleport skills.

Anyways, other TBs want to give their first takes on new thunder breakers? I'll probably be switching to Wind Breakers.
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Sep 05 13
Windia Battle Mage 4
thunder or bolt is a skill that lets u move to the boss or mob, TB is made so u have to use many skill chaining one with another so the delay dissapear
Sep 05 13
Zenith Buccaneer
Chaining is so stupid.
In the Evo world I haven't used it once.
Nor Have I used many HP pots in Evo.

I haven't bosses yet. I will start the Silent Crusade quest soon.
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Sep 05 13
Scania Assassin
So much for the OMGZZ chaining combos hype.
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Sep 05 13
Scania Shadower
I swear, if you wanna chain combos, stick to hayatos and the new dawn warrior .
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Sep 05 13
Renegades Buccaneer
I tried it out today and the chain attacks are amazing in uneven maps due tithe flexibility. However, in maps such as Evo, it's much easier to just spam the anchor attack than keep I doing a chain. Another chain is the anchor attack, annihilate, thunder, annihilate
Sep 05 13*
Yellonde F/P Arch Mage
I'm not having any trouble bossing whatsoever. Training is extremely easy as well...

Are you sure you're chaining the right skills for training? I use practically every skill aside from the first job shark punch thing.
I can wipe out Evo in like 2 seconds with a 20x HP core using the Thunderbolt and Shark Sweep combo. Monster Park Extreme is also "Extreme"ly easy (lol) with that combo.
If you don't like the skill chaining, play a BaM or Bucc. It's an extremely important part of this class and reduces delay by a ton. With an Extreme Green potion I can whip out Thunderbolts faster than it takes for the numbers to disappear.

This is my favorite class of all time I swear to god. I'm having too much fun.
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Sep 05 13
Broa Paladin
Well, I don't have an issue chaining skills, I played TBs when they first came out and being able to chain skills and have invincibility frames was really nice.

But this chaining is pretty useless.
1) You can't pot
2) No invincibility frames.

What bosses have you done? Have you tried Hilia yet?
Sep 05 13
Scania Night Lord
If you want the damage bonus while spamming one attack, I'd say just chain it to Lightning Punch (first job skill) barely takes up any time, and you get 15% damage.
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Sep 05 13
Windia Phantom 4
Personally, I find chaining to be quite fun. I've tried Hill a couple of times, and stopping before she casts DR hasn't been a problem for me.
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