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How much is clean beryl heart worth?

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Title. I want to buy one cheap by cheap i mean 50-80m ish
Posted: September


90m now in scania..
Prices are rising..
Highly possible chance of finding one in your cheap price range.
king2123King2123 - Level 205 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Sep 06 2013
80-120m in broa. 120m Is in fms 1-3, the rest you can find for 80-100m
stevenman76SCdit27 - Level 122 ShadowerNimbus Guild
Sep 06 2013
beryl are selling for 300m + in REN......
Sep 06 2013
dam if only if i didnt equip them all on my mules
HeroWithRiceHolymage73 - Level 147 Bishop
Sep 06 2013

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