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Kanna Skills Glitched?

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Sep 08 13
Bera Mechanic 2
Hi all!

Sorry if this has already been asked but I was just wondering whether Kanna skills are glitched at the moment or is it just something that's happening to me. For example, when I use Ether Pulse, my Kanna randomly pauses to use his basic attack which gets kind of irritating after a while as I can't teleport as frequently as I used to Also my Kanna smiles when it's hit by a monster Is this a Kanna glitch or is my Kanna just a weirdo? hahaha

Again, sorry if this has already been asked. I'm still kind of new to basil and this is my first time posting in the Kanna forum


  • Edit: Kishin Shoukan doesn't work properly either :c
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Sep 08 13
Renegades Kanna 4
Bugs were fixed which caused new bugs to arise
Sep 08 13
Bera Mechanic 2
hahaha thanks That explains it

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