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Sep 08 13
Bera Mihile 3
what is pros and cons in this event:
monster park extreme is extremelyyyy good
all party quests merge in one room
cygnus revamp ( which i havent tried)

cons: evo lab respawn rate has been slower
romeo and juliet monster cap at lv100
someone monsters in certain hunting ground does not drop event items anymore. since they were all the places for easy and fun farming.

please share your impression of this event.
and any tips for how to lv from 100 -160 when monster park extreme tickets is used out. thanks
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Sep 08 13
Broa Cannoneer 4
i dont think that its a good thing that all PQ's are merged into one room. I get a lot of invites for like KPQ or LPQ when im on a level 85 character..
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Sep 08 13
Bera Mihile 3
thinking about getting in romeo and juliet its hard i understand but since i like being a leader its was easy. the problem was the lv100 cap on monsters what the hell
Sep 08 13
Bera Buccaneer
Well. I hate to be that guy, but off topic, does anyone know how to get cygnus knight? (maple warrior equivalent)
Sep 08 13*
Bera Demon Avenger 4
AlmostRight: I really don't like this merge. But I do like how it takes you to channel 1 when first entering there.
Thunder Break and Wind Archer revamp of course (No one plays DW pls)
The new CWK quests were fun. (I enjoy jump quests)

Nerfed pq completing EXP
Nerfed MPE
Merging all the PQs into one place(Seriously I'm trying to get a party for J&R and everyone is recuiting for other PQs )

Was Monster Park Extreme really nerfed? I'm asking this because I wasn't around for the first time it was around and I was leveling pretty quick there today on my AB and Phantom. Plus I'm getting those sweet, sweet Green potions.
Sep 08 13
Bera Kaiser 4
flamepeter: Well. I hate to be that guy, but off topic, does anyone know how to get cygnus knight? (maple warrior equivalent)

At 120 you get a quest called 'Call of the Alliance' or some crap, just continue with that questline and you'll get it, won't take you more than 5 minutes.
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