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Sep 15 13
Arcania Dark Knight
Anyone else really pissed that these scrolls are here?
Today's attendance gave the 5 star EE scroll with that 50% chance to boom. I was looking forward to using it on my whip but... now I'm stuck. Why introduce a "lite" scroll
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Sep 15 13
Bera Cannoneer 4
I feel ya bruh, wanted to ee my tyrants. q.q
Sep 15 13
Khaini Buccaneer
They're cheaper than the regular ones
Regular ones should be perm addition to CS
Sep 15 13
Arcania Dark Knight
I know they're cheaper but still...
There aren't that many equips that you'd EE under 105
Heli capes and Nova maybe ;-;
Sep 15 13
Arcania Dark Knight
Right.. ;-;
Sep 15 13
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Only items can I think of are the Pinnacle and Tempest rings.
Use a protect then a chaos scroll of goodness (40% or 50% boom varieties).
Sep 15 13
Zenith Dark Knight
things you should scroll with lite scrolls:

shield.. Attack mask/specs.. Stonetooth for the lulz.. stuffs like that
Sep 15 13
Scania Corsair
I used lite on homecoming gear, rac mask, stirgeman level 90 pants. Came out at least 50% cheaper, well worth the buy.
Sep 15 13
Windia Night Lord
Zinnia Guild
Scroll hearts with 7 att scrolls, sheild and clean slate
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Sep 15 13
Windia Blade Master
IF MEEs come then there will be a use for them
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