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Oct 18 13
Zenith Zero Transcendent
What the hell are these things? Like legit. What do they do? anyone know?
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Oct 18 13*
Broa I/L Arch Mage
I have no idea, but maybe it has a connection to the RED update in the future? I'd hang onto them.
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Oct 18 13
Scania Bishop
How did you get them?
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Oct 18 13
Broa Angelic Buster 4
4kush20 We're getting one in the next Hot Day event (October 19).
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Oct 18 13
Scania Bishop
Anthoy84: Oh alright, thanks lol
I should probably start paying more attention to the website xD
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Oct 18 13
Scania Blade Master
red leaf high 2 is coming (look in your event list on maple) so im guessing its for that
Oct 18 13
ElNido Wind Archer 4
Probably can exchange some # of tickets for a token, which will allow you to change the job of your explorer character (as long as it is in the same to spearman)
At least, thats what it did for KMS.
Oct 18 13
Scania Shade 4
Reconcile Guild
There's someone @ Southperry that claims you can redeem them for Black Friday Coins.
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Oct 18 13
Galicia Corsair
Solus Guild
I thought it was related to this:
RED Monsters
November 13 - December 3
Requirement: Lv.13+
Accessible through the Lightbulb icon on the left side of the screen or by talking to Cassandra.
You will receive a RED Gachapon Box that requires a key.
In order to obtain the RED Key, you must fight RED monsters that randomly spawn every 3 hours.
You can receive a box on one character per account per day.
Crystal Scale
Magical Teapot
Mermaid Mirror
Philosopher's Book
Fairy Vial
Magic Harp
Tommelise's Box
Exchange Ticket for Key & Box
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Oct 18 13
Mardia I/L Wizard
RED Ticket
If you look at the ticket REAL CLOSE, there is a message that says, " 3 will get you 30, 4 to 6 will get you 50, 7 to 9 will get you 80, 10 will get you a 100."
Cannot resell to merchants

From the extractions.
Sounds like something you can redeem for coins for the RED Event shop.
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