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Oct 18 13
Zenith Aran 4
What the hell are these things? Like legit. What do they do? anyone know?
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Oct 18 13*
Broa I/L Arch Mage
I have no idea, but maybe it has a connection to the RED update in the future? I'd hang onto them.
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Oct 18 13
Scania Jett 3
How did you get them?
New MapleStory Screen: Lol lag much?
Oct 18 13
Broa Angelic Buster 4
4kush20 We're getting one in the next Hot Day event (October 19).
Oct 18 13
Scania Jett 3
Anthoy84: Oh alright, thanks lol
I should probably start paying more attention to the website xD
New MapleStory Screen: Lol lag much?
Oct 18 13
Scania Blade Master
red leaf high 2 is coming (look in your event list on maple) so im guessing its for that
Oct 18 13
ElNido Wind Archer 4
Probably can exchange some # of tickets for a token, which will allow you to change the job of your explorer character (as long as it is in the same category-eg.page to spearman)
At least, thats what it did for KMS.
Oct 18 13
Scania Cannoneer 4
There's someone @ Southperry that claims you can redeem them for Black Friday Coins.
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Oct 18 13
Galicia Corsair
I thought it was related to this:
RED Monsters
November 13 - December 3
Requirement: Lv.13+
Accessible through the Lightbulb icon on the left side of the screen or by talking to Cassandra.
You will receive a RED Gachapon Box that requires a key.
In order to obtain the RED Key, you must fight RED monsters that randomly spawn every 3 hours.
You can receive a box on one character per account per day.
Crystal Scale
Magical Teapot
Mermaid Mirror
Philosopher's Book
Fairy Vial
Magic Harp
Tommelise's Box
Exchange Ticket for Key & Box
Oct 18 13
Mardia I/L Wizard
RED Ticket
If you look at the ticket REAL CLOSE, there is a message that says, " 3 will get you 30, 4 to 6 will get you 50, 7 to 9 will get you 80, 10 will get you a 100."
Cannot resell to merchants

From the extractions.
Sounds like something you can redeem for coins for the RED Event shop.
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