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Relog 3 prizes

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OriganiiX Level 200 Windia Blade Master
Heyo Basilers,

Most of you all probably know of the 3 prizes you can choose from after you relog in a while. I'm wondering how long does it have to be to get those prizes? And is there a certain cycle the 3 prizes go through? Cycles such as being able to choose from a Hair Color Coupon one time, a VIP Hair Color Coupon another time, and a VIP Face Coupon the 3rd time.

Thanks all!
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tho867 Level 216 Bera Battle Mage 4 EvoLovE Guild
Its random. 1 month+ waiting time
Nov 13 2013
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
I think you have to not log in for 3-4 weeks for it to appear. The rewards seem randomized each time you log out, but if you ctrl+alt+del and force maple to shutdown you can come back and try for different options.

Don't try it too many times though as eventually if you take too long to pick, the rewards stop appearing until the next time you take a break from maple.
Nov 13 2013
kiue Level 200 Scania Night Lord
Uhh... You need a 3 week gap from the last time you logged in and the next time you log in. Once you log in, just quit and you will get the 3.

The only things you can get are Pets, 2x EXP/Drop 24hr, VIP hair/eye.

Those are the only 3 you will always get.

If you want a specific one, then you have to forcefull shut down MS and log in, and quit again and you will get another 3 option, Keep doing it until you get what you want.

Source : ME, tried to get eye coupon but somehow i got 2x coupon instead.. might have been a glitch because i WAS SURE i clicked eye but got 2x instead.
Nov 13 2013
cris1000 Level 215 Broa Marksman
One time, I think in 2011 or 12, I got a vicous hammer from the log on event, but I havent gotten anything other then the dino pet, 2x drop and vip coupon ever since. However, those times I have logged on less then a month ago.
Nov 13 2013
Takumurai Level 172 Broa Blade Recruit
That's actually incorrect. I've gotten vicious hammers and hyper teleport rocks recently.
But your other info is accurate
Nov 13 2013
Sadly they don't give vicious hammers anymore, or i've been very unlucky... if above is true
I think you have to be inactivity for 2 weeks? I rember getting it twice in less than 2months.
I swear sometimes it doesnt give you what you click on.
Nov 13 2013

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