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itamardol Level 150 Galicia Wind Archer 4
It's impossible. I swear.
I did it over 40 times and I DIDNT COMPLETE ITTT
I know it's about timing and all, but the lag
help pl0x
EDIT: The lags gone, but its still hard..
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Ryck Level 193 Mardia Hayato 4
Master the lag, master the timing
Become one with the lag
Nov 15 2013
If you're doing it on cc1 try going to a different channel
Maybe that will stop the lag. Other than that you're out of luck buddy
Nov 15 2013
itamardol Level 150 Galicia Wind Archer 4
@daviddabest too op yo
@InfiniteHaku Already did that, it doesn't help. But the problem is the stupidly small hitbox >.<
Nov 15 2013
yupitskage Level 200 Broa Night Lord
over 40 times? lol. took me once. I have no lag though. sooo... dont be cheap!
Nov 15 2013
StraatLamp Level 212 Scania Wind Archer 4 Studio Guild
Press alt + enter (window mode)
When the countdown is finished press the task bar and hold it for 2 minutes (the game will freeze for you but the game actually goes on).
After you release it, you'll end up at the end with zero hp lost and timer finished.
Nov 15 2013
itamardol Level 150 Galicia Wind Archer 4
@StraatLamp I will try it now, I'll edit this post to say if it worked or not.
EDIT: you liar OR I just did it wrong
@yupitskage do it for me pls
Nov 15 2013
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