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Dec 05 13
Windia Demon Avenger 4
Q: Which class does not use the MP system and wants revenge for his family?
A: Demon

Q: What NPC in the Nautilus comes out as a main character in the party quest?
A: Tangyoon

Q: What job is included in all classes?
A: Warrior

Q: Which class can equip hearts as equipment?
A: Xenon

Q: Which one of the 5 heroes, along with Afrien, fought the Black Mage?
A: Freud

Q: Who Asked Mercedes to eliminate 10 Ancient Slimes?
A: Danika

Q: What's the name of the ship that the hero phantom lives on?
A: Lumiere

Q: Who created pink zak?
A: OS4

Q: What pattern decorates the red mushrooms growing above the Henesy's Maple TV?
A: Heart

Q: What weapon set is named after a Norse dragon?
A: Fafnir

Q: What year did Global MapleStory start its services?
A: 2005

Q: Name the mesoranger who finds doing daily mission tiring.
A: Hoony

Q: Old hero that fought Balrog?
A: Tristan

Q: Which member of the Nautilus escaped with the Cannoneer from the island?
A: Cutter

Q: What word is spelled out using the first letter of each hero?

Q: What is the Flower in Big Headward's hair?
A: Rose

Q: Which tower do you pass through to enter the korean folk town?
A: Helios

Q: What is drawn on Bonjasky's Barrel?
A: Skull

Q: What five items did luminous use to seal black mage?
A: Seal

Q: The material for Nero's necklace can be bought in the shop.
A: "Cash " (with a space at the end)

Q: What was given to Claudine by Xenon?
A: Dagger

Q: What is the name of the animal next to Cygnus in Ereve?
A: Shinsoo

Q: In which hand do Magnus and Arkarium hold their weapons in the RED Intro Animation?
A: Left

Q: Who knows how to make the Killer Mushroom Spore needed to rescue Princess Violetta from King Pepe?
A: scarrs

Q: Blake's producer is Lana, Lana is the CEO of Big Hit
A: Records

Q: What town has eggs and eggshells all around the town?
A: Leafre

Q: What level is needed to move on to 4th Job Advancement prior to the Tempest patch?
A: 120

Q: Which boss do you need to beat to complete the quest "For the peace of Victoria Island?"
A: Astaroth

Q: What is Phantom's greatest treasure?
A: Aria

Q: What is the Pie Boss NPC's given name?
A: Tiara

Q: What is cake boss NPC's given name?
A: Daniel

Q: Who is the pharmacist who sometimes turns her head all the way around to look at you?
A: Misky

Q: What was the name of the set of updates during which voiceovers were first added to maplestory?
A: Chaos

Q: What's the name of the family that the haunted mansion in Masteria is named after?
A: Prendergast

Q: Who hasn't Spiegelmann been shown to be involved with?
A: Pink Bean

Q: What is the Dark Lord's given name?
A: Jin

Q: What is the name of Michaela's pet goat?
A: Xerxes

Q: Who is Von Leon's wife?
A: Ifia

Q: When cygnus knights were released what level explorer did you have to have in order to create one?
A: Twenty

Q: What is the black witch's name?
A: Eleanor

Q: Which boss quest line involves you playing music to soothe its spirit?
A: Eliza

Q: What is the famed gem associated with the Empress of Ereve?
A: Skaia

Q: Which NPC is sporting goggles in San Commerci?
A: Balika

Q: Who is Manji and Ilji's brother?
A: Chun ji

Q: What do bowman need to have equipped to damage Amdusias?
A: Solomon's Bow

Q: Which Monster Familiar is Recommended by Players to help you save MP potions, even at Low Levels?
A: Jr. Boogie

Q: What is the full name of the Transcendence of Life from Grandis?
A: Gerald Darmoor

Q: From which period of Japanese history do Kanna and Hayato hail?
A: Sengoku

Q: Who is the self-proclaimed master of mini-games?
A: Casey

Q: The release of which job/class introduced the story of the black mage?
A: Pirate

Q: Which NPC should you talk to regarding the guild party quest?
A: Shuang

Q: True or False: The Alex hairstyle was originally a Royal style.
A: True

Q: Who is the queen that is a phony fairy?
A: Areda

Q: What was the first official dungeon in Global Maplestory to be labeled as a Theme Dungeon?
A: Mushroom Castle

Q: What Legendary hero set a trap for the black mage that eventually lead to him being sealed?
A: Freud

Q: True or False: The Potential stat system for equipment was introduced in the Big Bang update.
A: False

Q: True or False: In the RED Bowman art, the hairpin looks like the mouse cursor from MapleStory's very early days.
A: True
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Dec 07 13
Renegades Kaiser 4
Nice. Thx OP, has been looking for this.
Dec 07 13
Bera Evan 10th Growth
I love you guys! I bookmarked it
Dec 07 13
Windia Bishop
"Yes or no. I am a hero of Maplestory?" Answer: Yes
Dec 07 13
Windia Hero
Mooshelle: ^Is that the exact question? Or is it "Which NPC asked Mercedes to kill 10 Ancient slimes?"

The answer should be "Danika" as well.

headphones: Cutter

Yeah that's how its worded even tho npc would be better suited
Dec 10 13
Scania Blade Master
Thanks for the tread! Really helpful information here, but it really shows how Nexon needs to work on their grammar, as well as making the answers a little bit more forgiving when it comes to capitalization and such.
Maple Story: I wish someone would buy my damn Kirito hair coupo...
Dec 10 13
Mardia Hayato 4
wow ty for answers
Dec 10 13
Windia Hero
name the weapon set that uses the name of the dragon from norse Mythology
Dec 11 13
KradiaGMS Bishop
MageTerra: Q: What word is spelled out using the first letter of each hero?

So what happens once they add the sixth hero?
Dec 12 13
Scania Shadower
Annnnnnnd this is now saved for future use
Dec 15 13
Bera Demon Avenger 4
Which class is the weakest?
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