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Spoiler for the Zero storyline

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ixPiex Level 201 Khaini Xenon 4

I'm confused as to whether Cassius is a villian or a good guy. Like he died saying that he trusted Alpha and Beta but when he got resurrected he wanted them to join the Black Mage... @_@....
Posted: December 2013 Permalink

Spoiler for the Zero storyline

25%2 / 8Villian
37%3 / 8Neutral
12%1 / 8Good Guy
25%2 / 8Vat.


Neutral, he did the wrong thing, but seems to genuinely believe that this is what's best for them.
Dec 27 2013
Their offer was true. He is a good guy cuz he still servers them. He only deceived them so they would be able to acknowledge this open offer and make a choice on their own. He serves ZERO but does not care weather them join the black mage or not. He wished for them to make their own choice.
Like The Goddess Rhinne Said, She had chose him cuz she know he'd care for Their safety.
Even after the encounter, Alpha makes a remake, " You haven't changed...."
I believe this could mean ether
A: Zero believes that that thew priest still does not have faith in their power
B: Your still good
Dec 27 2013
Manuelt15 Level 72 Windia Priest
He's a good guy but still a villain. Not all villains are cartoon alike that just want to destroy the world just because they can, I mean look at the transcendent of life of Grandis, the guy kinda wants to help the world but the way he does it is not correct, making him a villain. Many villains want to rule the world trying to make it a better place, but stealing someone's freedom is not the way to do it.

Neutral is someone who doesn't take a side, and Cassius took a side twice, he did it for good reasons but the way he did it is what makes him a villain.
Dec 27 2013
Trigonometry Level 160 Scania Hero
Cassius serves zero even if it is to the overall detriment of maple world.
Dec 27 2013

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