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How to make money with Red coins?

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Hi I just got back to maple and I don't really have much money. (I have all my previous equips but no mesos >.>. Events are always good times to make mesos so how can i make mesos with red coins? thanks
Posted: December 2013 Permalink


umm perfect scrolling then selling?
Dec 30 2013
daakevster Level 166 Bellocan Phantom 4
Sell service, I guess.
Dec 30 2013
diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
If this were last week I'd suggest buying Revolution armor pieces and selling them for 60m each. Now I'm lucky to get 30m apiece so prices have been dropping.
Dec 30 2013
Manuelt15 Level 72 Windia Priest
Perfect stuff and sell / sell service for around 1m x 1 coin (will need collat for most stuff)
Dec 30 2013

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