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What is the best explorer class 2014?

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I am trying to decide on making an explorer, funding it and making it my main. But I have not played every single explorer class yet so I don't know what is fun. I am looking for the following:
- Fun and pretty strong class
- Not too many buffs (like bishops/mages, etc)
- Does not need a refill (stars, arrows, etc)
- Not that expensive to fund

Any suggestions?
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3moRaccoon Level 186 Mardia Paladin

We are hella fun.
We don't have that many buffs.
And Pally equips are cheap, if you go mace (which is actually better than sword because you get a higher damage multiplier)
Jan 05 2014
Ladies. Does Buccaneers mob tings?
Jan 05 2014
Xenon7 Level 113 Khaini Dark Knight
Shadower it is a overall fun class and a class that can level up easy
Jan 05 2014
PhreshPrynce Level 192 Windia Blade Master
Jett, definitely jett.
Jan 05 2014
explorer. pls
Jan 05 2014
SlyOne Level 210 Khaini Marksman
Marksman, I kid you not, I'm only level 141 and have 3 buffs. Booster, Soul Arrow and Sharp Eyes.
Jan 05 2014
NoCoply Level 187 Windia Mercedes 4
Heroes except % str costs alot
I would go with shad eh can hit high numbers with low ranges and has very good defense with
He only uses 6 buffs excluding mw
Jan 05 2014
Jett (Not a troll answer)
Fun and pretty strong class - Kind of strong, very fun.
- Not too many buffs (like bishops/mages, etc) - Yep only has a few buffs, a lot of passive
- Does not need a refill (stars, arrows, etc) No bullets, stars, arrows, just have the core.
- Not that expensive to fund - Every class is expensive to fund if ya look into it.
Jan 05 2014
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