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Jan 06 14
Zenith Demon Slayer 4
TalesSeries Guild
The Meister cubes you make through smithing, are they tradeable within' account? Meister cubes from drops and the RED shop are tradeable within' account, so I was hoping it's the same with the ones you craft.
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Jan 06 14
Khaini Bow Master
i've heard they're untradable but haven't actually made one myself
Jan 06 14
Bellocan Shadower
It would be some kind of description error since it says movement possible only within the account.
Jan 06 14
Bellocan Blade Master
They should be. They were originally suppose to be tradable all together like in KMS. It was suppose to be a way for everyone to get cubes easy. If you couldnt make them you can buy them from the free market instead. That was the whole purpose of these cubes. However, GMS decided it would "hurt the economy" so they made it only moveable through account. Just like how they took away the 90% scrolls and things like that. They use these excuses so they can keep there p2w aspect and greed. They have done a much better job though making the game a bit better than it was before but they still are having p2w aspects.
Jan 06 14
Khaini Night Lord
The guy @ above spoke the truth. P2w is the law.
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Jan 06 14
Galicia Bishop
Yeah it's only tradeable throughout the account. That sucks because I need more cubes. -o-
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