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Advice on bossing class

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ShoonBui Level 106 Windia Mercedes 3

What class should I make that would be a decent bosser with about 10b funding?
Posted: April 2014 Permalink


Richinja Level 156 Broa Xenon 4
Easy Easy, obviously Mihile
Apr 12 2014
samstergx Level 201 Scania Demon Slayer 4
Demon Slayers are amazing
Apr 12 2014
Simcaz Level 200 Windia Blaze Wizard 4
Depends what kind of bosses you want to do
Depends if you're planning to solo them
But if that's your only fundings, go with a supportive class and make friends to go boss with
Apr 12 2014
Paladin, which is fun/strongest warrior at the moment and one of the best supportive classes. (Has combat orders, Guardian (a revive skill) and Parashock Guard.
Apr 12 2014
smokennaruto Level 221 Broa Night Lord
10b would be nice for 1 item like fafe cane or 21%luk perfect reinf pendant ....ect
Apr 12 2014

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