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Fastest way to level Smithing?

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infinteZero Level 208 Demethos Evan 10th Growth
depends on level...
and now theirs not really fast way with all cooldowns on everything like fatigue potions and what not...
but 1~10 used to be arrows
10+ people subjest gold hearts/reverse/androids
Apr 16 2014
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
levels 1-10: Farm opal ores with mining. Then craft arrows until ur lvl 10.

levels 10-12: There's no real fast way to level here especially since u delevel every set time intervals. Crafting timeless/reverse equips in great quantities can be costly and inefficient given the cooldowns. U can also try to craft dragnoir equips but those are also inefficient for the same reasons above.
Apr 16 2014
simon250 Level 200 Reboot Night Lord See what games, anime & art simon250 is intosimon250
In my opinion, it's (not fastest, but) easiest to make gold hearts. You can get the recipe at Gollux's shop, and it's unlimited.
Apr 16 2014

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