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Chest / ab exercises

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ZetraDedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
I really don't know very many good ab workouts. I need to learn some. Any lifters here?
Posted: August 2014 Permalink


BlackWingBlade Level 167 Bera Blade Recruit
type this in on youtube "Abs And Core Team Workout" its a good ab workout
Aug 31 2014
dexslayer Level 133 Demethos Jett 4
Pushups and planks.
Aug 31 2014
ZetraDedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
bro, you don't need to train your abs that much. visibility of abs is relative to your body fat %
do core exercises. renegade rows, spiderman crawls, etc.[/quote]

oh that's what I meant. I'm don't really know the terms very well I was looking for core workouts as well, I just called it abs lol

I don't really know any and when I look it up on google I just get stupid exercises for older women
Aug 31 2014
MatthewDough Level 193 Scania Demon Slayer 4
Get a bunch of shakeweights and glue them all over your body.
Aug 31 2014
ZetraDedd Level 202 Broa Kaiser 4
Just go to the gym and ask for advice there
training at home sucks[/quote]

I don't have a membership right now, i get it in 2 weeks
Aug 31 2014
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
There's a lot of workouts that hit your abs in one way or another, but as was said if you're trying to see the definition of your abs, all the sit ups and crunches in the world won't show your progress if there's still fat covering your abs. Lower your body fat % and do things that target your abs along with other workouts, like planks, abdominal hold, mountain climbers, etc.
Aug 31 2014
xVolcomStone Level 166 Windia Dark Knight
Just do abs if you have time... I usually just do a set of dragonflies at the end of my workout if I'm feeling like it. My body fat's probably around 16%, so I can barely see my abs (just upper abs/obliques)... kinda sucks working them when you can't see it. A strong core comes from deeds and squats though.

My current chest workout is:

Dumbell incline (superset with incline flies)
Flat barbell bench
Straight-arm pull-overs (hits tris, but if you stretch far enough it's good for upper chest)
Cable cross (with drop-set or double-drop if I'm up for it)
Low weight, high-volume flat dumbbell bench (superset with flat flies)

I'm playing around with it a lot, but so far I find drop sets and supersets to be pretty killer.
Aug 31 2014

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