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skyenets Level 205 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art skyenets is intoSkyenets
I was about to take this with a grain of salt but honestly, this sounds pretty darned cool? It always seemed a bit silly to me that Evans had absolutely no skill of their own and fully depended on Mir. The separate movement thing sounds like a really nice way to change up our gameplay drastically. Sounds like Evan is going to be a pretty unique class to play again.

I'm quite excited to try this out even without really being a dedicated player anymore.
Oct 22 2015
aapjestan2 Level 153 Reboot Wind Archer 4
@skyenets: Yea i suppose i hope they dont stray away too much from how we are atm
Oct 22 2015
skyenets Level 205 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art skyenets is intoSkyenets
@aapjestan2: The change is nice but yeah, it would be a shame if the class became too different. I would be pretty bummed out if they took away the more used skills that we've had since the creation of the class.
Oct 22 2015
ichii Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
+2 I hope they change everything completely. >
Oct 22 2015
generalstore Level 120 Kradia Night Walker 4 See what games, anime & art generalstore is intoGeneralStore
Not an Evan main, but I welcome this change. I never got into them since Evans had no real skill of their own and instead just rammed mir into things like it was a mindless puppet or weapon.
Oct 22 2015
justsofly Level 210 Scania Evan 10th Growth
+1 This is to all those people that bashed on Evan being useless and having Mir do all the work, in your face. I'm down for this change, being able to control 2 separate characters sounds interesting. I hope that "Fusion" skill would make Evan ride on Mir when they combine attacks.
Oct 22 2015
vivabasura Level 239 Demethos Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art vivabasura is intoBasura
"change up his traditional gameplay a lot and make it a bit more difficult" bams had this and everyone lost their minds, lets see how evan community takes it
i welcome anything tbh i cant play my evan the way they are rn
Oct 22 2015
juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
@vivabasura: That's on You! (the community) YOU guys wanted to be dark mages, not Battle Mages, when in reality you should've taken the first revamp they threw at you, you'd have been better off than with what you ended up with
Us Evans will not likely make that mistake, for after so long, we'll take virtually ANYTHING.
P.S. this new gimmick sounds interesting, and it makes more sense as a "mutual pact", and as Evan said "I want to learn to ride you BECAUSE we're a team!"
I also always wanted Evan to help out in some way.
After having the MOST outdated graphics for YEARS, us Evans and Arans will be the FIRST revamped classes to [probably] use the 2D Skeleton Animation system! A bit ironic isn't it? Now WE'LL be the ones ahead of the curb!
This also makes us the 2nd and 3rd classes to use the Skeleton Animation EVER. (after Kinesis).
Even Aran's revamp sounds interesting... A Super-Sayian mode (More like Kaio Ken), that increases power, speed, and range at max combo for short periods of time? I know my brother will also be pleased.
Oct 22 2015
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