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3 possible new classes?

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globalkorean Level 183 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art globalkorean is intoGlobalKorean
I may be stretching this but would it be possible that there are more classes to be introduced in future dates?

Currently the Hero classes are named from the words MAPLE. Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, Evan.
However I've noticed in other sites that they emphasize EunWol or Shade as a 6th Hero. Meaning maybe Nexon is thinking of releasing further classes to fit MAPLESTORY.

If you think EunWol/Shade as the 'S', could it be possible 'T' could be Kinesis or 'T'eleKinesis?
It wouldnt be the first time GMS decided to change the original name of a class.

If this is true, what do you think/hope/want the other 3 classes to be for 'O', 'R' and 'Y'?
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plijeu Level 211 Bera Shadower
+3 its Mercedes Aran Phantom Luminous Evan/Eunwol Sugar Tess Olive Rondo You
Nov 10 2015
simaini Level 211 Scania Bow Master SMTown Guild
there's so many different possibilities now it don't even make sense. like afrien was the original hero and he can be the A, but like whatever idk
Nov 10 2015
loraket Level 133 Khaini Mechanic 4
+2 Shade
Tele Kinesis
beast tameR
demon slaYer

You're welcome, @natty2

Edit: Annnnnnnnd basil screwed up the spacing. Oh well.
Nov 10 2015
trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
Shade himself is a forgotten hero, in that no one from Maple World knows his existence. I don't really think Shade fits the whole MAPLE thing you guys are talking about. Actually, considering how his name is EunWol in KMS (Shade is the name GMS go with because EunWol or Hidden Moon just doesn't make sense for English speaker), that makes it even less sense how it represents the "S" from STORY.

And to be honest, I never considered Evan to be a hero. Original hero, Freud, died instead of being frozen or mysteriously pops out like others.

Kinesis isn't a hero, and Beast Tamer isn't in KMS anyway.
Nov 10 2015
natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
@globalkorean: Shade IS considered one of the heroes who fought the black mage.
I don't think Xenon was even born back then.
Hey, 100 years ago I am not even sure HIS PARENTS were born.
Much less Beast Tamer (who everyone call "kid" suggesting she's very young),
And Demon Slayer... it's debatable.
Nov 10 2015
fwuffehstarz Level 202 Khaini
Maybe you gotta lay off that pot for a bit.
Nov 10 2015
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