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Ice vs fire

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arshadkhan Level 209 Yellonde Dark Knight
So I'm switching from bishop to either fp or IL in the next 19 levels. Which is better at bossing.. which is better at mobbing? And which is better damage overall. Im talking after all the reboot patches hit. They booth like fun af!
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ise3 Level 182 Reboot Bishop
fp is getting nerfed but will still have very high damage output. IL has one of the best mobbing skills in the game. IL has more utility as well. Basically, F/P have advantage in terms of pure dps I/L wins out or is even in every other category.
Dec 27 2015
hopelessworld Level 188 Mardia Evan 10th Growth
In the most recent update, f/p was further nerfed to the ground. i/l is superior in all aspects. At this point theres no reason to play it over i/l unless you like the playstyle.

Chain Lightning has faster cast speed, more lines, higher dmg%. i/l also gets 50% dmg from elemetal reset nerf unlike 40% for fp. i/l has better party utility and is better at gollux and cvellum anyway.

Choose I/l..
Dec 28 2015

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