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Most oddball of the three

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carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
So I was looking over my characters only to realize I don't have an explorer mage!

I have at least one of each type of explorer, but having no mage looks a tab bit silly to me.

So I wanted to ask, which would the oddest to have? Of the three two of them I have some minor experience with:

Bishop: I recall just not having a lot of fun initially with it, but this was like early RED. Perhaps nowadays it's better?

Fire/Poison Mage: This one I was just not having fun with at all! Mostly due to getting knocked around because of 0% stance. Though I just recently found out they all have a buff that gives stance at least.

Ice/Lighting Mage: This one I never got to try, probably because the other 2 did me in maybe.
Posted: April 2016 Permalink


puppet Level 140 Reboot Kinesis 4 Reboot Guild
Probably I/L. People usually go bishop for party support and F/P for damage.
May 10 2016

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