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maple7user Level 201 Bera Mercedes 4
What inner ability should I aim for? Right now I have 20% crit but I feel like I could still manage 100% w/o it.
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vicetone Level 210 Scania Zero Transcendent
if you can get 100% crit without it then i dont understand why you would keep it. I dont know how it works with mercedes but +1atk speed is usually the go to for just about all classes.Unless it doesn't affect ishtar's ring thats what you would go for.Next best thing would probably be boss or Buff duration.
Also if +1atk speed doesn't work and you have to give up a line of potential on your weapon to get 100%crit i think its better to keep the crit in your ia just because you might be losing out on a line of something better on your wep/secondary
Aug 29 2016
elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
Keep it. Every other IA skill either is ineffective or useless in terms of adding stat towards damage output.

The 20% crit you have will offset any hyperstat points you have on it already or planned to have on it, which if you're not lv 230+ is very valuable points that could be otherwise spent on other better hyperstats.

You can always re-roll for drop% but I would be quite happy if I were you (if you're using dSE, one less buff to maintain).
Aug 31 2016
maple7user Level 201 Bera Mercedes 4
@elufu thnx just wanted some advice from a fellow merc
the thing is, my IA is unique right now so I do plan on re-rolling IA again but maybe sometime in the far future lol
Aug 31 2016
risingrain Level 36 Bellocan F/P Wizard
@elufu: I disagree. Mercedes only need level 5 Crit hyper stat to max out crit/level 3 Phantom Link to get 100% crit.
5% base + 40% Sharp Aim + 15% Spirit Surge + 10% dSE + 15% Phantom level 2 + 7% BT level 2 + 3% MM card + 5% level 5 Crit.
DSE should be put on a Tyrant glove neb slot. Mercedes only need to buff DSE, Water Shield, and MW (that's getting no animation later, so that doesn't even need to be macro'ed). The other 3 buffs go on pets.
25 points is nothing for hyper stats; going from level 8 to 9 alone on damage/boss damage is 30 points.
1% min/2% max crit at stat levels 6+ is extremely minimal. And any stat above level 5 is extremely expensive for how little you're getting out of it.

Much better IA's are buff duration (less buffing means more time for attacking), boss damage (though Mercedes have a ton of damage/boss damage for any of their skills), 30 ATT IA (recently changed to be affected by %ATT, though not very good if you have a lot of ATT), or Attack Speed +1 (much better mobbing).
Aug 31 2016
elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
@risingrain: I should have worded it better. Buff duration and Boss Damage or even attack speed is ineffective compared to how it benefits other classes compared to Mercedes.

Buff duration: The only buff you really need on is booster or Ancient Warding (your hyper buffs are not affected by buff duration if I am not mistaken). True less buffing is great but it's better not even have to buff up at all. Hence if you can avoid using dse at all that's probably more efficient. I would just stick to a Mech character card and be satisfied with that. If I am to choose between crit or buff duration, I would go crit. (opens up a slot for a bonus link skill too, if you need it).

Boss Damage: Like you pointed.. we have a fair bit and what we get from IA is not fascinating. Doesn't hurt to have it but not worth the re-roll.

Attack Speed+1: Attack speed other than booster on Mercedes is a big nono. It wrecks our combos and delay cutting and I would avoid it at all costs. If anything it slows down training, unless you're able to stand in one spot and spam staggering/stunning strikes instead.

Apart from attack speed, if you already have a "bossing" IA skill then I would keep that but if you already have crit then I honestly would not bother spending anymore time re-rolling it. But.. this is up to personal preference.
Sep 01 2016
risingrain Level 36 Bellocan F/P Wizard
@elufu: More damage is a thing, you know. In a few months there's pretty much no way anyone is going to hit 10b cap consistently with their main skills. Most people will need more funding than just 2 buffs to 1 shot the 220+ Arcane River mobs when they don't have enough Arcane Force to do normal damage, and for endgame bossing you definitely want to fully rebuff. There's no reason not to pet buff Ignis Roar for that easy 20% final damage stack when mobbing (or bossing), or no-animation MW for more stat, or dSE for free crit damage even if you don't need the crit rate. Water Shield is not that necessary (but having it removes the need of having Cygnus links if you just want to hit ~50-60 status resistance for the V update). So in the end the only buff I'm rebuffing is dSE (because MW lasts so long). I do have Mech card, but without my current 35% buff duration IA rebuffing is still a pain. After being used to playing mains with 60%+ buff duration a 200s buff is really, really short.

Re: Attack Speed +1 - no, 1 more attack speed actually does help. The only issue is breaking soft cap with Mercedes as that really screws things up, which you can easily do with (Base 6) + Passive +1 + Booster + MPE green + Attack Speed IA.
Sep 01 2016
elufu Level 240 Scania Mercedes 4 Reconcile Guild
@risingrain: In a few months. Honestly, I haven't been following all the new changes so I have no idea what's ahead for Maplestory V etc.

I can only speak of what we have right now and from my personal experience. You might be right, I don't know. As far as I can see Mercedes has the most flexibility on what their IA can be. There is no outright winning IA skill and while the OP is already determined to re-roll the crit% line since it was unique, I do not consider it a dud line. It can be replaced but it also frees resources else where.

To each their own. We can agree to disagree.
Sep 02 2016

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