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Least popular archer?

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twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
Least played/common archer? Oh polls don't work, ok.

I want to say marksman.
Posted: October 2016 Permalink


markred626 Level 233 Broa Demon Avenger 4
I would say mm is 1st, then wind archer and i've seen more mercs but not that many as bowmasters so merc is 3
Oct 19 2016
deadangel13 Level 224 Windia Marksman
Yup I'd say MM as well (kinda makes me feel like a hipster) but I think there are many more WA than Mercs.
And obviously WH are the most common (and my least favourite archer~~)
Oct 19 2016
awaywithnames Level 116 Reboot Demon Avenger 4
I think Mercedes is the least popular. Only reason people make them is for the link skill imo. I see tons of low level Mercedes but after lv120 they really just disappear.
Oct 20 2016

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