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Dual Blade vs Shadower?

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senpapijoey Level 126 Galicia Shadower
With all the information out about 5th job now, with moderate funding, which one would be better to make? I like both classes and I want to start funding now so which would be the better choice? And why?
Posted: November 2016 Permalink


senpapijoey Level 126 Galicia Shadower
@antisenpai: Around 10bil worth of mesos starting I guess
Nov 26 2016
ixkwonjiyong Level 221 Bera Blade Master
I'd prefer dual blade cos it's fun for me. always choose what's fun not what opinions you hear. if anything try them both out. there's no harm in doing so. but yeah I agree with antisenpai, you gotta go for 15k+ stats. I got 17k luk and still trying to get more. but when you become godly you'd want more and more and more.
Nov 29 2016
landicho Level 190 Bera Night Lord
dual blade is good but new shad is equally fun since i don't find it as clunky or slow, however u can use boomerang step as a blink to dodge 1 hit k.o. boss moves like in gollux which is verry useful, as well as how u get haste, smokescreen and some aoe stuff like dark flare and your hyper
Dec 11 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Shadower is a lot clunkier, so I prefer Dual Blade. DB is costs more though.
Dec 11 2016
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
DB = fluid offensive mobility combo thief that excels at dodging and doing very high dps when funded (decent dps unfunded)
Shadower = Tanky, Sturdy (Super stance from nate blocks all knockbacks), hard hitting but attacks slow (okayish dps)
Take your pick, because in bossing it is all about preference so you cannot necessarily define which of these two classes are the superior bosser.
Feb 01 2017

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