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Broni Confirmed

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whtbld Level 174 Khaini Phantom 4
Burger king
Nov 30 2016
wolfexe Level 155 Broa Kinesis 4
+1 there's also the part where Broa came first, has a bigger population, and in monster farm, it reads "broa". Broa gets first billing on all accounts. The only reason people argue it is because they "don't like the name". Fact is, it's Broni.
Dec 01 2016
keyan22 Level 226 Khaini Evan 10th Growth Lucid Guild See what games, anime & art keyan22 is intokeyan22
(no one in particular)You guys argue over two made up titles of an alliance, what's even the point? Neither of them are even right in the first place, there is no real label of the world alliance; you're practically arguing which one you like more, just use whatever the hell you want to describe it, i'll just say Broa/Khaini instead of some stupid sounding abbreviation.
Dec 01 2016
pachomar Level 250 Bera Evan 10th Growth
How is this confirmation of anything?
Dec 01 2016
wolfexe Level 155 Broa Kinesis 4
+1 @keyan22: How dare you not conform to my wishes?! Okay, but seriously, that makes sense. I just like the name because it annoys people and makes sense between the two suggested titles.
Dec 01 2016

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