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yuuio7 Level 167 Windia Wind Archer 4 See what games, anime & art yuuio7 is intoYuuio7
I thinking about remaking an Aran in the next few days. I love the class and is on my list to be my first official main. However, I kept getting stuck on a quest in the mushroom kingdom. It was the one where you have to capture the Viking, and no matter what I did, I kept being overpowered and could never capture them. Any advice on what I should do?
Posted: December 2016 Permalink


pentakiruuu Level 181 Renegades Aran 4 See what games, anime & art pentakiruuu is intopentakiruuu
+1 Ah I know what you mean. I got a friend to help me but if you want to solo do this:
You cant just duck and auto because that will use an even stronger move xD which is the bear.
Duck wait a few seconds then auto, it's gonna be really slow but it works, or you can do what deadangel said with the lower level polearms.
Dec 06 2016
deadangel13 Level 224 Windia Marksman
+1 Oh I totally forgot about the fact arans can't use normal attacks without triggering a skill xD
I guess you could do a normal attack if it wasn't a polearm you were holding (like a common sword and such)
Dec 06 2016
rokani Level 216 Bera Aran 4
Lock the input command for FB, right click the Final Blow skill, then you can duck+attack all you want.
Dec 07 2016

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