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My own random Maple Fantasy post yours too

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mccork Level 210 Arcania Hero
This is kind of like just a fantasy idea about what you can do with Maple Items. My particular idea would be appealing only to old-school players.

If you collect like a super large number of the following items:

Dream Stones

Rock Of Times

Frozen Times

The Magic Rocks

Power, LUK, Wisdom, DEX, Dark Crystals (Depending on the type of Maple Weapon)

Probably some other types of items

Then you can somehow upgrade early maple items (maybe ones that existed before big bang) and they will have very unique stats that also somehow reflect how people experienced the given item a long time ago.

[Upgraded Thief Maple Weapons will add to the user an incredibly high amount of the LUK stat, so as to mimic the effects of being a Dexless Assassin, and maybe they will give more speed]

[Upgraded Warrior Maple Weapons will add to the user abnormal accuracy boosts that are found in no other types of weapon, so as to mimic the effects of being a low-dex warrior]


Please tell me if this is interesting to you. It's just a random fantasy idea. Everyone has fantasy ideas.

EDIT: ALSO, honestly, I was originally thinking about also having iTCG items (and also every other item that looks cool) also be upgradeable, which would be cool, but maple weapons being upgradeable somehow occurs to me as having a higher potential to exist.
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deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
Yes, I'd like a katana that cuts cooldown off by 100%, dood.

Anyway, these are my fantasies:
- nexon stops being lazy and actually listens to their players. Also if they weren't slow af to implement things. Why can't we have both nebulites and bonus stats? That don't make no sense.
- No cooldowns on every skill. Who gives a frick? Remember when nexon removed the cooldown for Jett's Starfall (because so many people don't know how to play a Jett) and Arwoo said it was intended, but then everyone complained about it and nexon somehow forced Arwoo to say it was a glitch/bug all of a sudden? I suppose cooldown cutter for Hitokiri Strike was a glitch too, right? Frig you, nexon. And frig you people who don't know how to play a Jett, Jett is fine the way it is. If you don't like the playstyle, then don't play it, and stop coming up with all these proposal damage increase changes, it's not going to improve the class in any way, you frickin' fricks! Jett has the only good dash attack skill left(Vortex Cross), every other dash skill sucks now.
- Color dye for regular equips. Why is it only for hairs, Kaiser transform thing, Mechanic's Mech and chromo bean thing? Breath of the Wild let's you color dye stuff. Go on nexon, go copy and paste ideas from everyone and everything, like you always do. Ain't nobody want to spend money on crap shop, I mean, cash shop clothes. I'd also like to be able to change the color of skills too.
- If no skills were deleted or removed, or changed into something worse. Think about all the different skills you could use to kill everything with. It would probably make some classes less boring to play than they are right now(Shadower). Maybe some people wouldn't complain about not knowing how to play a Jett too.
- If certain areas of the maple world weren't blocked off. Whatever happened to Neo City, Florina Beach, Chryse and all that other stuff? They could have kept those areas open until they changed the whole place, it doesn't have to be blocked off. Wish I could see that hot Oberon again, dood. But no, nexon doesn't want you to explore the whole of maple world.
- If we could create our own dual classes, like Zero but with existing characters, just something to quick change to in certain situations. Those elite bosses are ass, dood. I wish I could quick change to my Hayato and kill the damn thing in one hit (or 132 hits). Those fricks hinders my other characters leveling up by a lot, dood. Some Castlevania games, Mario Kart Double Dash, Fire Emblem Warriors and Hyrule Warriors DE just to name a few can let us do this.

I probably have more fantasies, but ain't nobody gonna read all this junk, dood.
Jul 13 2018
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
i want my 170 att tiger fang back.
also a pair of 600att rigbols pls.
Jul 13 2018
mccork Level 210 Arcania Hero
@deeemon: One of the only explorer classes that doesn't have moves that look like crap is Hero.

EDIT: ALSO, honestly, I was originally thinking about also having iTCG items (and also every other item that looks cool) also be upgradeable, which would be cool, but maple weapons being upgradeable somehow occurs to me as having a higher potential to exist.
Jul 13 2018
deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
I forgot to type this earlier (TLDR at bottom), but we all want a real 5th job set of skills, instead of more hyper skills or old skills making a return with some dumb cooldown like it is right now. 5th job advancement should be available at level 150 too, because that's when you get your first hyper buff thing. Yes, just take the 150, 170 and 200 hyper buff/attack and move it into 5th job with the other Vth job skills. All the hyper passives that enhances skills should just be merged into whatever skill it enhances, and shouldn't have to reach a certain level to unlock its extra bonuses. I forgot what it's called, but we already have those node things that gives skills final damage thing anyway. Frick the Reinforce enhancements.
A new set of 5th job skills can't be that hard to create, they already made skills that improves itself after each job advancement anyway. Aran's new Vth job skill is exactly what I want to see for every class, a new regular, non-cooldown attack: (Big ice wolf attack)
Battle Mage's Triple/Quad/Quint/Finishing Blow for example, Aura Scythe can be their regular 5th job attack without the dumb duration and cooldown that it has. Same thing for Night Lord's Lucky Seven/Triple/Quad Throw, Kaiser's Dragon Slash, Demon Slayer's Demon Lash/Thrash, Hayato's Sanrenzan and Blade Flash, Kanna's Shikigami Haunting, Jett's Starline, Hero's Brandish/Intrepid Slash/Raging Blow, Blaze Wizard's Orbital Flame/Greater/Grand/Final, Night Walker's Lucky Seven/Triple/Quad/Quint Throw just to name a few.
Like for Hero, Cry Valhalla could be a regular buff with no cooldown that makes Enranged Raging Blow the main mobbing skill for 5th job, because you know, Raging Blow is ugly af. Night Lord could use Spread Throw with no cooldown as their bossing and Shurrikane with no cooldown for their new mobbing. Kaiser's Dragon Slash IV, need I say more? Jett's Starline 5, Night Walker's Sextuple Throw (yes, sextuple is a word and the thing that comes after quintuple). Demon Slayer already has Demon Awakening, so remove the cooldown for that and make it a reguar 5th job attack. Blaze Wizard already has Orbital Inferno, so remove the cooldown for that. Hayato's Sanrenzan and Blade Flash would obviously have more number of attacks. Kanna's Shikigami Haunting, I don't know, a new poison inflicting element? My brain hurts now, so I stop. But you get the idea, right?
Look, you dumb lazy nexon, a Vth job Bishop is still a 4th job Bishop, but with more hyper skills, the job name didn't change at all! And that's why I think the Vth job that we have right now is not really a real 5th job.

- Make 5th job advancement at level 150
- Move hyper buff/attack skills into 5th job skills with the other Vth job skills
- Hyper enhancement passive things removed and merged into their respective skills
- New set of 5th job skills (or existing Vth job skills but with no cooldown)
- New advancement job names for Adventurers because stop being lazy

I was going to type up one more fantasy, but already forgot, dood.
Jul 17 2018
capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
B>10 Att wg

I only have...hmm nvm LOL. The green got eyez on me!
Jul 17 2018

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