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Kabooky after world MERGER

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kabooky Level 230 Broa Bishop
HALLO FREINDS! I am xKabookyx of Bora,i hear that many of U's will be merging with US's I would like to welcome you to My home world cause it will be ur worlds merging with mine and deff not the other way around.In Bora come say hallo to me and I will help you do vanishing quest,or you may ask me personal questions,like favorite color or peepee size. Anyhow welcome to freinds!
Posted: June 2019 Permalink


gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
Did he really say peepee size...?
Jun 27 2019
horsechub Level 212 Bera Beginner
I miss u in broa :,(
Jun 28 2019

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