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HealingGlory's All-In-One Cleric Guide :D

MapleStory Forums : Bishop : Talk about the Cleric, Priest and Bishop classes

Sep 16 07
Yes Siree! This was the FIRST ever stickied Cleric guide, from yours truly - HealingGlory! I started this almost three years ago when I was around 46, and it has grown to be the LARGEST and most EXTENSIVE guide for Clerics out there!

This guide was made and written for all you Clerics.

I welcomely take all criticism! I am eager to hear other opinions.


We have a problem! It has gotten so big, that my guide no longer can fit anything else! Please stick with me as I try to fix this. 3/31/2010

Table Of Contents.

Part 1.

Introduction to the All-In-One Cleric Guide.
Introduction to the Magician/Cleric/Priest/Bishop.
How to advance as a magician.
Chapter 1: Why be a magician?
Chapter 2: SP AND AP.
Chapter 3: The equipment. <-------- UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Chapter 4: The training areas.

Last Chapter in Part 1: The job advancement.
Part 2

Chapter 1: Why be a cleric?
Chapter 2: A little about HealingGlory.
Chapter 3: SP AND AP.
Chapter 4: The Equipment. <----------- UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Chapter 5: Training Areas.

Last Chapter in Part 2: The job advancement.
Part 3 - The Priest and Bishop

Chapter 1: Why be a priest?
Chapter 2: Why be a bishop?
Chapter 3: Mounts!
Chapter 4: AP AND SP.
Chapter 5: How to get Genisis.

Last Chapter in Part 3: The job advancement.
Part 4 - Contact, Thanks, Hall of Fame, and FAQ

Chapter 1: Contact HealingGlory.
Chapter 2: Thanks to:
Chapter 3: Hall Of Fame.

Last Chapter in Part 4: FAQ.

Part 5 - HealingGlory's Mini Guide: What Not To Do

Chapter 2: HealingGlory's Party Priest Guide


Introduction to the All-In-One Cleric Guide.

Hey there! This is HealingGlory's All-In-One Cleric Guide! It was made for you, by you, with you in mind. All information you could need is here!

I can bet you've all seen that the ToC (Table of Content) has some underlined words. Those are links that take you to a designated part of the guide. If you clicked on Part 2, "SP & AP", it would take you to that Chapter. Pretty dandy, dont'cha think?

Next, you've probably seen that the guide is made up of 5 parts. Well, those 5 Parts are responsible for containing the chapters of the different jobs. They are composed mainly of the Magician, the Cleric, the Priest & Bishop, and other tidbits.

Part 1: Introduction to a Magician.
Part 2: Introduction to a Cleric.
Part 3: Introduction to a Priest and introduction to a Bishop.
Part 4: FAQ, Thanks To, CopyRight.
Part 5: Extra Guides: HealingGlory's What Not To Do Guide

All is organized for your convenience

After that, I'd like to explain to you the (TIP!) feature. This neat little thing is found all over the guide, to either clear up on a confusing subject, give some information, or let you know something that could be very important to you. As time goes on, more (TIP!)s will be added everywhere in the guide.

Keep exploring! I never stop updating to always get you satisfied. Thanks for reading!

(TIP!): HealingGlory's Ultimate Big Guide On Clerics! was updated on February 6th, 2009 to HealingGlory's All-In-One Cleric Guide! .

Introduction to the Magician/Cleric/Priest/Bishop.

What is a Magician? Does he throw stars and skid into the shadows? No, he doesn't. Does he shoot arrows and run for life? No. Does he wield a great polearm and slash enemies to the ground? Not even close.

The magician uses Magic Based Buffs and attacks to kill monsters and protect themselves as well as other members of their party. The magician has 2 main offensive skills through level 8-30: Energy Bolt and Magic Claw.

What is a Cleric? Does he throw illbies and steelies? Wrong. Does he throw a mighty bomb on an arrow? Not really. Does he slowly insert a killer Zard into the enemy? Missed the target.

The cleric supports and heals the party. The cleric was meant to support and heal. This may be boring, but solo cleric is available. You could do any other kinds of builds but a cleric was made to support. The cleric has 2 main offensive skills after level 30: Heal and Holy Arrow.

What is a Priest? Does he throw a huge star? No way. Does he shoot 37 arrows like rain to monsters? Not even. Does he use the elemental fire on a weapon to burn an enemy to ashes? Uh, no.

The priest uses skills and buffs for party leveling. A priest was meant to support the *hopefully kind* party. The priest has new skills such as Holy Symbol, Summon Dragon, Mystic Door, and Elemental Resistance. The priest has 1 offensive skill after level 70: Shining Ray.

What is a Bishop? Does he hurl 3 Lucky Sevens? No. Does he attract monsters with a magnet? Not. Does he shoot an army of arrows? Quite frankly, no.

The bishop uses skills and buffs for party/solo leveling. The bishop was meant to support the *hopefully kind* party, or train on his/her own. The bishop has new skills such as Genesis, Angel Ray, Resurrection, and Big Bang. The bishop has 3 offensive skills after level 120: Genesis, Angel Ray, and Big Bang.

(TIP!): The BISHOP job advancement is out in GLOBAL MAPLESTORY (GMS) since January 22nd, 2008!

How to advance as a magician.

Once you have made your selection from the MapleStory Character Maker, you'll need to know where to train. Go to the training areas for level 1-30 to find out!

Now, to advance; go to South Perry at level 8 with around 300 mesos. (They池e the things that look like a coin dropped from the snails and mushrooms). Talk to Shane and take the boat to Victoria Island. You値l arrive at LITH HARBOR. Walk right until you see Olaf. Talk to him and answer the 3 questions he値l ask you correctly. Then he値l ask you what job you want to be (it痴 obvious you値l choose magician. Otherwise, you messed up your character- start over). Now keep walking left until you see an NPC with the name Phil. Click next and then click 的 want to go to another town. Choose Ellinia (I suggest you have MORE than 150 mesos with you unless you want to walk to Ellinia). Go all the way up until you see a big house at the top of the map. Enter the portal and talk to Grendel. He値l advance you as a magician and give you 1 SP.

Why be a magician?

If you're asking yourself this question after becoming one, all I have to say is wow. Otherwise, keep reading to see why magicians. RULE.

Scary MP- A level 30 magician can have well over 1,000+ Mana!
Very good money making classes like I/L (Ice/Lightning).
Clothing looks really good from level 58+.
Very fun skills (such as Doom) once you advance as a Priest.
Powerful skills once you advance as a Bishop.
Job advancement is at level 8! Extra 6 SP points for us!

(TIP!): You'll only have 1,000+ mana if you contribute your AP correctly.

Horrible HP- A level 30 can have as little as 300-400 HP!
So/so damage makes limited training spots.
Least weapon defence in the game.
Not too great with weapon damage.

But the Pros and Cons equal themselves out.

AP and SP.

This can be complicating. Okay, let's start with SP, since if you get this wrong, you might just want to start over.

At level 8, your first point must go into Energy Bolt. Energy-Bolt Otherwise you're going to be knocking snails for quite a while.
Max out Improving Max MP Increase. Improving-Max-MP-Increase Don't mix up Max MP Increase and MP Recovery!
After MaxMP UP has been maxed, max Improving MP Recovery. Improving-MP-Recovery
Then, you need to max out Magic Claw. Magic-Claw It will be your sacred weapon until Heal and undead monsters push it away.
Finally, add the rest to Magic Guard. Magic-Guard

Once you're up to level 30, your stats MUST look like this for the optimal cleric.

MAXED "Improving Max MP Increase" Improving-Max-MP-Increase
MAXED "Improving MP Recovery" Improving-MP-Recovery
MAXED "Magic Claw" Magic-Claw
MAXED "Magic Guard" Magic-Guard
0 "Magic Armor" Magic-Armor
1 "Energy Bolt" Energy-Bolt

Now it's time for AP.

This can't get any simpler than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If you mess this up, God help you.

(TIP!):You must keep this Luk and INT up to wear your specific level equipment.

Luk needs to be 3+ your level to wear items. So if you're level 59, luk should be 62. Level 85, luk should be 88. You get my point. Keep that up forever.. or read on.

(TIP!): Guide readers have helped me made an informed decision that lukless is indeed on par or better than a Priest that does not cap luk. HealingGlory, presonally, is not lukless - but evidence is overpowering. Choose lukless if you want the most powerful magician of all, but beware; should Nexon add higher level equipment, you will not be able to equip it!

Now, to keep that up you need to add 1 into Luk every level and 4 into INT. Never into STR or DEX, that is the worst thing a cleric can do. Except if you're making a STR cleric, but that's another guide.

(TIP!):Currently, if you choose to become a magician, it will automatically set the stats to the optimal beginning stats.

The Equipment.

(TIP!): The Poison Mushroom (Level 30 staff) is a rare item! Sell it for a lot of money or treasure it as a prized possession!

From levels 1-8, you will be provided your own clothing from the MapleStory Character Maker. At level 8, if you can afford it, go to Ellinia, advance, and get the beginner magician clothing from the Clothing & Weapon Shop. This will be your own source of clothing and weaponry until level 28. After 28, you will have to look around at shops and even train or buy them from other people.

The training areas.

(TIP!): HENESEYS PQ: It is perfect for levels 10-20. Very nice EXP and the bonuses are fantabulous.

Levels 1-8: Go through the MapleStory Factory and train on those Tutorial Bunnies and Tutorial Jr Leattys. After level 2 or 3, get out of there and train on green snails. Continue with green snails until level 5, and then go on to Blue Snails. If they're still too much, continue with Green snails.

(TIP!): Green snails give 3 EXP, Blue snails give 5 EXP, and Red snails give 8 EXP. Green snails and Blue snails are your best bet, because Red snails have 40 HP!

Levels 8-15: Snail and Slime time my friends. These little buggers are the best for your levels.

Levels 15-20: I suggest Mushroom Forest from 15-18, then Pig Beach from 18-20. You can get a level an hour if you're fast enough.

Levels 20-25: I still suggest Pig Beach, but Kerning City PQ and even Horned Mushrooms are good.

Levels 25-30: Kerning City PQ and Ant Tunnel. Best places for you level 25-30 magicians.

You can also try: Boars, and Fire Boars (Rich people only).

Last Chapter in Part 1: The job advancement.

Hey, you made it! CONGRATULATIONS! *Big party with cake and cookies and Coca Cola*. But you still have work. Read on

Talk to Grendel at level 30 and he will rage about how you have gotten powerful. Then, go to all the way up Ellinia until you reach the portal that heads north. Not the bottom south one. The last map before perion, go all the way up. It'll take quite a while. After you're up you'll see "Magician Second Job Instructor". Talk to him and enter a map with Horned Mushrooms and Curse eyes. Kill as many of them as you need until you have 30 dark marbles. (Have pots at hand before talking to the instructor). Talk to the instructor once more and exit. You will have "proof of a hero". Go back to Grendel, and advance as a cleric. A new life begins for you!

(TIP!): The Horned Mushrooms have MORE weapon defense/HP and the Curse Eyes have LESS weapon defense/HP than usual.


Why be a cleric?

Why ask yourself that? If you're already a cleric, you know how awesome it is! But, oh well, read on.

They are considered the best money making class in the game, because of how they can fight and restore their HP with no potions.
Undead monsters and dark monsters drop fairly rare and expensive items.
Shining Ray over powers Ice Strike (I/L mage skill). Even cold beam (I/L wizard skill) is stronger. So clerics get the last laugh with I/L.

(TIP!): Clerics aren't the only money makers; I/L have the best of both worlds- damage and money making! Before choosing a job, think if you want damage!

You get bored after repetitive healing and not dishing out good damage.
You might get blamed if someone dies and you were "supposed to heal them".
Sadly enough, it has the worst damage of all 2nd job magician skills (on non Heal affected monsters).

Ah, now it's balanced.

A little about HealingGlory.

HealingGlory was started almost February 2006. My life as a cleric and magician was hard and tough. As soon as I was a cleric, I wasn't satisfied. I had a long road ahead of me to level 70. But before that, I had a grueling magician life. I didn't train, and it took me over 3 months just to get to level 30. At level 35, I couldn't believe I made it this far. At level 38, I gave up. So I didn't play Healing for three to four months. But then, I was able to train up to 52. I was banned until October 22nd, 2007. If I hadn't been banned and trained more, I could've been well over 70+. But now, I don't want YOU early priests to be like me.

(TIP!):As of 2008, I no longer play MapleStory. I have quit.

AP and SP.

Well, AP. I already said that in Part 1, so that's pretty much out. On to SP!

First, add 1 point into Heal.
Then, max out Heal ASAP. *Any cleric with a brain should know that heal always goes first.*
You have a few choices here. Max out Invincible, MP eater, Bless, or Teleport. So here痴 how I'd go.

HealingGlory痴 Skill Build~

Put your first on HEAL Heal. It痴 against what most say, but 60 MP for teleport is too much.
Continue maxing out Heal until level 41, when it痴 maxed.

(TIP!):I do suggest to put one point into Teleport Teleport for easier travel sometime between levels 30 and 41.

After Heal, place 5 into INVINCIBLE Invincible. (Which means at level 43, you will have 5 invincible and maxed heal, with 1 SP left over. Use that on Bless. You may not have that 1 SP if you follow the (TIP!) above, which is okay.
Max out BLESS. Bless
Max out MP EATER. MP-Eater
Max out INVINCIBLE. Invincible
Max out TELEPORT. Teleport
Put the leftover 11 points on HOLY ARROW. Holy-Arrow

There are many other builds, such as the BLOOD CLERIC, A Cleric who puts points into HP for the sole purpose of successfully bossing, MONEY CLERIC, A Cleric that puts the best possible build to many money faster, DAMAGE DISHER, A Cleric that maxes out HA, and many others. Here are examples of the builds:

Blood Cleric
INSTEAD of adding on the INT and LUK, you add all AP on HP. (Of course, you start doing that AFTER you pump up 20 INT points to advance).
The skillbuild is the same as any other cleric but you don't use the attacking skills.
Has a lot of HP
Can't do much magic attack. Warriors are a good alternative to the Blood Cleric.

Money Cleric
The build would go as this:
Max Heal Heal
5 into Invincible Invincible
Max Bless Bless
Max Invincible Invincible
Max Teleport Teleport
Max MP Eater MP-Eater
11 on to HA Holy-Arrow

Saves more money than usual.

Nothing! Weeeeeee.

Damage Disher
Simply max out HA Holy-Arrow instead of Teleport Teleport(which will now have 11 SP instead of being maxed).
Does more damage than a regular cleric with 11 HA.

You will be mocked for maxing HA out.

The Equipment.

(TIP!): The Streetlight Staff (Level 41 staff) is a rare item! Sell it for a lot of money or treasure it as a prized possession!
(TIP!): The HinoMaru Fan (Level 60 wand) has just a few more M.ATK than a thorns! Think about it before you spend all that money.

After level 38, your main income for clothing will be shopping at high leveled places for some of them. After level 48, though, you will need to buy your equipment OR find them through monsters by training.

The Training Areas.

If you don't want to train at these spots, try other places! Tell me your experiences. You might just find yourself thanked and your experience up here!

(TIP!): At level 51~70, you can try Ludi Maze PQ. Levels 51-60 benefit from it the most and the prizes can get you rich in a matter of hours.

LEVELS 30~35: These are very hard levels; the level of your heal is horrible. Ant Tunnel, Boars, Jr.Wraiths, and Jr.Cellions work here.

LEVELS 35~40: Times have changed, haven't they? Ludi PQ is virtually non exisistant. Try Chronos or Jr.Cellions.

Levels 40~45: Still no Ludi PQ, darn those other PQ's It痴 time for Big Wraiths and Chronos.

Levels 45~50: Cha cha ~! You can try Mummie Dogs, Cellions/Jr.Cellions, Big Wraiths and Platoon Chronos/Master Chronos.

Levels 50~60: Ah, 50; a time of greatness. Here you have Orbis RUSH PQ and you can continue with Mummy Dogs, but I don稚 think they池e that good; Skeledogs (same principal as Mummy Dogs), Big Wraiths, or Platoon Chronos.

Levels 60~70: Congratulations for hitting 60 my good friend! These levels weren稚 easy for me, but I survived. Here you have Wraiths, Voodoos/Hoodoos, and Coolie Zombies. As an alternative to the ever-so-popular V/Hoodos, why don't you try Slimys at the Ghost Ship? 100 less EXP than those dolls but a better spawn and safer attack is fun for all

Level 70~75: Coolie Zombies are pretty good here; but this is where you should stop- keep your eyes on MDT and DT. These are EXP goldmines I tell you. You can also continue with Wraiths (Not recommended, they slowed down once you reached 60; you can imagine how bad they must be now) or Voodoos/Hoodoos. BKPT. What? BKPT. Black Kentaurus Party. They give the same EXP as Master Death Teddies but they do a magic attack with around 500~700 less damage. They're also undead! Keep a DK with you.

75~85: Oh yes~ Enjoy these levels. If you want the best leveling possible but wasting a lot of potions I suggest Vikings and Grim watches. Bring a lot of potions! You can try Soul Teddies (NOT recommended, the map makes me cry) and Voodoos/Hoodoos. Klocks are also something you can try, but don稚 be disappointed. They are horrible. AH! SPIDERR! Yes. WOLF SPIDERS. These fast, mechanical, blue weirdo mutant freaks give good money, good experience, and are worth their potion burnage! Get a DK to save some green. You're back for more, huh? Made it through levels 70-75. Well, Black Kentaurus are still your friend-... EXP goldmine.
I'll have a sideorder of DK.

85~90: Gobies are a great thing to train on right now- with a party! Try a DK and a hermit, maybe even a CB! Squids are 2nd, and for truly great training try Himes with a DK! Black Kentauruses are still in their golden age.

90~100: Grims are starting to get pretty awesome right here, along with Himes. Black Kentaurses also work, but they've slowed after 20+ levels of grinding.

100~110: If you can get a DK go to Himes/Dreamy Ghosts. Simply amazing EXP and you'll be flipping like a pancake. You can also continue with Grims and Vikings. Oh yea, SKELEGONS AND SKELOSAURUSES! These little undead things look like some deformed penguin with a huge head O-O. Anyway, they still have AMAZING HP TO EXP RATIOS! You MUST train here if you can find a DK and good equips. You can also keep going with those BKPT!

111~120: Himes be great EXP here still, but if you want, you can continue with Grims (which are slowing down for your EXP liking) and Vikings. Skelegons and Skelosauruses are still at their Golden Age! They've slowed down a TINY itty bitty bit, but otherwise they are still amazing! I don't think BKPT will benefit you more, so stick with the above.

121~130: Himes are still good here. (They've slowed down now, which gets on our nerves) Skelegons, Skelosauruses, and Black Kentauruses! They're still at a good time in their life, so train here too!

Thank you Osukun!
Thank you Skrato!
Thank you peter90!
Thank you banditb0ix!
Thank you NineEyes!
Thank you Radika!

Last Chapter in Part 3: The 3rd job advancment.

You reached level 70? Darn, I just lost 50 bucks. JUST KIDDING! Advance now, silly muffin!

Go to orbis and talk to your Job instructor Roberia. *(She is located in El Nath: Chief Residence)* and talk to her. She will ask if you want to do Zakum PQ or Advance. You might want to click "advance"! She will tell you to go to Grendel. Go back to Grendel and talk to him. He will ask you to defeat his evil clone and come back with "Black Charm"! Go to Forest of Evil II and enter the door of dimension. Fight Grendels Dark Clone and go back to Grendel and exchange the Black Charm for a necklace of strength! Give the item back to Roberia and head to the Holy Ground at Sharp Cliff II with a dark crystal.(How to find the Holy Ground in Sharp Cliff II? Easy! Right before the portal that leads to Wolf Territory I, there will be a small platform with a big wooden door on the right. Press up on the door to go to the Holy Grounds. Jump down and answer the questions!) Answer the 5 questions the Holy Stone will give you, and you will obtain Necklace of Wisdom. Bring that to Roberia and advance as a priest!

Congratulations! From 1-70! You did it! You became a priest!

(TIP!): You must be LEVEL 70 to do the job advancment.

(TIP!): You MUST have at least 1 Dark Crystal (Not ores) to answer the 5 questions of the Holy Stone. If you answer a question wrong, you must get another Dark Crystal and try again.

(TIP!): You have 20 MINUTES to do 90,000 damage to Grendel's Dark Clone.

(TIP!):After a noticable decrease in HP, the clone will summon a maximum of FOUR Tauromacis.


Why be a priest?

Priests have HS (Holy Symbol)- This is your gift that will get people to love you. It increases the amount of EXP you get per kill! Like a free, small 2x exp card.
A new offensive skill- SR!(Shining Ray).
Summon Dragon. This is like our Christmas gift for those hard leveling times as a cleric. Priests are one of the first to be able to summon a monster to fight with you against monsters!
Elemental Resistance- Get at least 5 into this, and you'll be saving 1+mil per level.
Doom- Turning monsters in to snails! I don't think of this as an advantage, but a fool around skill. Isn't it fun to doom a Skelegon to a blue snail? Turn a green snail to a blue snail, a gate keeper to a blue snail, a blue mushroom into a blue snail..... you get the idea. This is a very nice skill, only it takes a Magic Rock to use.

At level 70, it's really hard to level since your skills don't have much of an advantage.
The skills are really bad at level 1.
Shining Ray doesn't improve in range- while Ice Strike and Explosion improve in range, mastery, and damage while SP is added.

But, now, after 70 levels- The pros overpower the cons. Yes!

Why be a bishop?

Why not? Aside from having so many new skills, and a skill that has 100 more M.atk than Meteor and Blizzard, there are more reasons why a Bishop is a Big Bang to success!

Bishops have resurrection- The skill of the Gods! Every 30 minutes, you can revive people who have died that are around you.
Big Bang/Quantum Explosion- An awesome skill! Depending on how long you charge (F.e: 1 second or 5 seconds), your attack will differ. Like, if you charge for one second, there's a good chance you'll do 5000 damage. If you charge for 5 seconds, there's a good chance you'll do 50,000 damage.
Infinity- You don't use a single drop of mana for 40 seconds! 10 minute cooldown time.
Genesis- CONFIRMED BY SLEEPYWOOD! Genesis DOES in fact have 670 M.ATK. Yay for us~!
Bahamut- Le dragoon of ze bishop. With 270 Magic Attack Power, this dragon packs a powerful punch.
Angel Ray- An Angel in le ray. 230 magic attack power, hits one enemy at a time. A step up from "Holy Arrow." A 150 magic attack step up!

Genesis wastes a lot of MP (not as much as I/L and F/P arch mages will have to use to get Meteor & Blizzard's damage up ^_^).

That's pretty much it.

Chapter 3: Mounts!

(TIPS!):I would not recommend getting a mount as Teleport is faster, so why should mages get them?

Well, before you get all "jumpy" (Lol) about mounts, keep in mind you need to be Level 70 and have 20 million mesos.

Head to Aqua Town and find the NPC Kenta. Talk to her to begin the quest. She will ask you to find 5 books & 5 crystals (drop from the hog).
Talk to Kenta in Aqua Road again and she'll take you to a place where the level 70 tamable hog will be there with an HP bar. Aliens (such as Barnard Gray) will be trying to kill him, so you have to stop them before they get to the hog. While protecting the hog, it will randomly drop the 5 crystals. To get the 5 books you must hit the chests in the room. You have a 5 minute time limit.

Once you collect the books and crystals, then talk to Kenta and she will give you some EXP and the skill, then head to Leafre. Talk to Chief Tatamo and buy the Dragon Perfume Bottle by paying 20 million mesos. Then go back to Kenta and hand her the bottle. Now, take it back and go to Korean Folk Town. Wait for the hog that you saw in the arena you entered by talking to Kenta appear, and then go directly near it (you should be very close, or you'll miss it) and then double click the dragon perfume. If you're successful you will gain the hog and the word "CATCH!" will appear on your screen. If you don't, you will lose the perfume, and have to pay another 20 million to buy another perfume.

(TIP!): Your hog WILL get tired! From 0-100. 0 meaning it is not tired at all, and 100 meaning it is EXTREMLY tired. To untire your hoggy friend, go to Leafre, Heneseys, or Ludibruim pet NPCs and buy a Revitalizer, which costs 1000 mesos. It takes off 30 TIREDNESS from your hog. Your hog will get tired again, so stock up!

(TIP!): The hog will only spawn once every three hours!

(TIP!): Mages and warriors may have a difficult time while protecting the hog! A method to use is this: Hit each alien ONCE, and lure them AWAY from the hog. If you do not kill them, they won't spawn more aliens. Once the hog has dropped the 5 pheromones, it should be at full HP! Kill the aliens and get the books quickly!

Chapter 4:AP AND SP.

AP and SP, nothing more important after level 70. *Except for training.*
AP is simple, follow the guide in Part 1. SP now gets complicating, you see.

Here is a skill build I made.

~HealingGlory's Priest build~

Put 1 into Dispel Dispel after becoming a Priest.
2+ Dispel Dispel, 1+ Holy Symbol Holy-Symbol
1+ Elemental Resistance Element-Resistance, 2+ Holy Symbol Holy-Symbol
Max Holy Symbol Holy-Symbol
Max Elemental Resistance Element-Resistance
Max Shining Ray Shining-Ray
4 Points into Mystic Door Mystic-Door
7 Points into Doom Doom
Rest into Dispel Dispel

Restrictd's Fun Priest Build.
Level 70: +1 SR Shining-Ray
Level 71: +1 ER Element-Resistance, +2 Dispel Dispel
Level 72: +1 Dispel Dispel, +1 HS Holy-Symbol, +1 MD Mystic-Door
Level 73: +1 Doom Doom, +1 SR Shining-Ray, +1 HS Holy-Symbol
Level 74-82: +3 HS Holy-Symbol
Level 83: +2 HS Holy-Symbol, +1 ER Element-Resistance
Level 84-92: +3 ER Element-Resistance
Level 93: +2 ER Element-Resistance, +1 Dispel Dispel

You do max SR in his build.
Its just the matter of when you max it.
After you follow the basic build of his build
You have 3 choices:
  1. Max Dispel for Zakum. (You will need it Maxed)
  1. Max SR for Strength and Power (Recommended)
  1. Max Dragon (Great for party and Training/Bossing)

You max each of these skills in the order you want.
(I recommend SR then Dispel then Dragon but its your choice)

Then put the rest of the points in Door/Doom.

How to get Genesis.

(TIPS!):This may not be exactly accurate but if you do this it will assure you Genesis.

Here are the instructions to receive the 4th job skill, GENESIS.
  1. Head to your 3rd job instructor to begin the quest.
  1. Travel to Korean Folk Town and talk to Librarian Wiz.
  1. Then, head over to your 1st job instructor (Grendel the Really Old.)
  1. Next, go to the Goblin in El Nath. (I believe he's the Goblin in the bottom of the house the 3rd job instructors are.)
  1. Go back to your 1st job instructor.
  1. After that, go back to the Goblin again.
  1. Talk to your 3rd job instructor again.
  1. Talk to Shammos in El Nath to begin the next part of the quest. He will ask you for an item called "Life's Root".
  1. Travel to the Cave of Life:Entrance to get the Life's Root.
  1. In order to enter Life's cave or Cavern you値l need do the Horntail quest.
  1. Talk to Moira in the mountainous area?. She will ask you to find the following:
  • An ice cube (Green Cornian)
  • 1 skull mask (Dark Cornian)
  • Manon's Cry (Manon)
  • 10 Red Drake Skins (Red Drakes)
  • 1 broken dagger (Green Cornian)
  1. Next find Mos to fuse a new dagger. You'll need:
  • The busted dagger
  • 3 Steel Plates
  • 5 Mithril Plates
  1. Go into the Horntail Party Quest and find Life's Root from a random enemy.
  1. Travel back to Shammos to finish!

Enjoy Genesis!

Last Chapter in Part 3: The job advancement.

First off, congratulations to reaching 120. Next, to do the job advancement, go to your 3rd job instructor and receive the "Recommendation Letter". Bring that to Gritto in Leafre, and she'll ask you to hunt for 2 items: The Heroic Star and The Heroic Pentagon. To obtain these items, you have 2 options:

Hunt for them by Manon & Griffy.
Buy the "?" Scroll at EOS tower floor 44 for 10 million mesos, and exchange it for the two items by talking to Chief Tamato.

After that, you can go back to Gritto and give the items to her.

(TIP!): As if you level up, you are given 3 SP and 5 AP when you advance. You are also given 3 CORE SKILLS. The other skills you must obtain by quests and hunting monsters.


Contact HealingGlory.

Don't hesitate! Send me a Private Message and I will answer it. You can also reply on this guide but, it's not needed. Enjoy!

Thanks To:

Mr.Basil for the awesome site basilmarket!
Also thanks to osukun. She provided some information on level 70-95+. Skrato for reminding me about himes for 80+,peter90 for some info on level 75-85 monsters as well as helping me make the guide more organized looking, and Oogleberry for a note about ER. (Elemental Resistance). Banditb0ix for some FAQ info, some monster info, fixing some typos, etc etc. dfz for putting the guide through a word grammar/spelling, Mufalopadus for tips on hogs, and thanks to YOU for reading!

Hall Of Fame.

This is just to congratulate those who reached 70! Want to be on it? OKAY! Message me, and I will get back to you after checking if you're on the rankings and are a priest, level 70. Don't lie and say you're a priest or 70, when you're a FIRE MAGE or level 37! If you're one of these priests and don't want to be on, or the level/name is incorrect, contact me.
As of February, 14, 2008: GodsWarning will not be adding anymore level 70-75 priests. Sorry.

Hall Of Fame.
HealingGlory~Level 70
Restrictd~Level 120
M1ntyFresh~Level 113
XxMagician25~Level 74
TobiasBlack~Level 70
MarsMage~Level 77
MagicPatrick~Level 72
Fire420~Level 73
Krisalline~Level 70
HolyDoor~Level 171
iDiscoDisco~Level 70


Q: Some information is not correct. Please correct it.
A: If something is not right, please contact me by PM or in game and I will try to fix it.

Q: Why is ER important?
A: (This is a statement from Oogleberry- Thanks!).During early levels for a priest, I really recommend putting 1 point into elemental resistance because it's BEYOND useful at the places a priest will train in. Having just 1 into ER will make you save more into HP equips and not depends on a DK. For example, Death teddies hit usually 14XX damage, level 1 ER will reduce that to 117X, which is perfect because with some HP equips, having more than 117X HP can easily be accomplished. (If you add even more, WOW. You'll be saving some $$$) Thanks OogleBerry!

Q: What's the big deal with HA?
A: Well, HA (Holy Arrow) has been around ever since maplestory began. It has been hated by some, adored by some, used by some, or useless to some. But why is it useless? Well let's face the facts: HA is slower than Heal. When HA is finally shot, Heal casted 2 times. Its damage at max is equal to Level 11 shining ray, and if you do max it, you max it at the end, so it becomes useless. Don't forget that it doesn't do much damage to regular monsters, but massive damage to the undead/dark monsters. So technically, if you want it. You can have it. If you don't, then you don't.

Q: Which is more useful, Doom or Mystic Door?
A: Personally Doom, seeing how Mystic Door at level 1 lets you portal for 30 seconds. That is more than enough. Where as doom you can doom a hard enemy (of course not usually for training) to make it easier to kill. Of course it's very fun to use doom on random enemies!

Q: Should I get Summon Dragon or Dispel?
A: I would personally get Dispel to around 17. 20 is a luxery, And you'll cast correctly more times than you need to. Don't forget that Summon Dragon can sometimes help as a second attacker. So really, it's your decision.

Q: Omg! Fourth job is out in GMS! *Goes to Leafre.*
A: YES! Fourth Job has been out in GLOBAL MAPLESTORY since January 22nd, 2008!

This Guide is Copyrighted and cannot be used on another site without my permission. Most information was strictly taken from my research and own experience. Viewers & helpers who contributed information to the guide will be thanked and honored. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your cleric following this guide.


The In Depth Guide to the Solo Priest



Hello there! From my past guide, 滴ealingGlory痴 Ultimate Big Guide on Clerics I致e gotten reviews, raves, and rants on what people want. And hitting 70 inspired me to add this MINI-guide for priest; What NOT to Do. (Tacky, I know. Lol?)

WOW! IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I'VE UPDATED THIS! Well, I did an update on the Spiegalmann Necklace + Overalls for HP. 4/12/08.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to this MINI-guide.
Chapter 2: What are HP equips?
Chapter 3: Inspiration Videos.
Chapter 4: Know what to do.
Chapter 5: Thanks To.
Chapter 6: Contact Me.
Chapter 7: FAQ.

Chapter 1: Introduction to this MINI-guide.

Hello there! First off, before I even say a single word involving HP equips, inspiration, or knowing what to do, let me say; thank you for coming in! As a new priest in Bera, my mind is running with all this information that EVERY SINGLE PRIEST has to know! Now, the sad part; a lot of priests don稚 know this information that can lead to their demise in the priesthood! But this guide can change that, and turn you all into the wizards of priest! Now go behind the scenes of these important subjects that almost no one knows; and learn What Not to Do.

Chapter 2: What are HP equips?

You致e heard about them, you致e seen them, and you ponder the question; WHAT ARE THEY? Well, it痴 easy. They池e any regular equip scrolled for HP. Now, you may be thinking 釘LASPHAMY! since scrolling perfectly well equips for HP may be a waste, but it痴 all the rage. Why? Simple. Because it keeps you Alive. Yes, yes, go and scream, but in reality HP equips are NEEDED for survival in priests! We priests have a unique ability. We attract DKs and Crusaders and WKs. Why? Because of our skills! Holy Symbol, Heal, and Bless are the most common wanted skills any class will just want to eat up from you in a half second! Those skills, plus other skills such as Magic Guard and Invincible (and don稚 forget other party skills from other classes) let us train at high level places LEVELS before most guides say we need to! But to really kick it up a notch at those places that are just too dangerous, HP equips come to our safety. And the best part about HP equips? THE SCROLLS ARE CHEAP!

Now, to start off with HP equips. We値l go from the hat down to the shoes. On with it!

Hat: These are the essence of the HP; the underdogs of the equips. You get the picture. For this compartment, a nice Pig Headband scrolled for 60% HP would do. If you can稚 find any, a plain pig headband will do. That痴 already 50+ HP.

Spigelmann's Necklace: My my, they're so neat! If you can get your hands on one, scroll it to get up to 90+ EXTRA HP!

Top: I consider this useless, since technically no priest wears a top at level 70+! If you want to go with a top, though, any top that has some HP to it will do. If you don稚 find a top with HP, consider having an HP robe instead of a top.

Bottom: Same concept for tops.

Overall: Overalls have, technically, NO SCROLLS for HP, but 10% and 30% for DEF give 10+ HP. (I don't suggest overalls. Yes, I said that tops may be useless, but 2 pieces give more HP. Who doesn't want that?

Gloves: We are given a new generation when we go as far as scrolling gloves to survive. Now, you want to aim for the best and the cheapest; regular work gloves! The downside is that the scrolls are 30% and 70%, but you should be able to afford it.

Shield: Same as gloves, as the scrolls are 30% and 70%. I suggest a cheap shield, maybe a stolen fence, since you want HP; not defense.

Shoes: Shoes have NO scrolls for HP, thus rendering them useless. Sorry shoes.

Capes: I suggest a ToyMaker Cape, since it gives 35+ HP.

Staves/Wands/ETC weapon: A Maple Lama Stave or Nocturnal Stave are pretty good. Nocturnals are more suggested, since they're easier to find than Maple Lama Staves.

If I missed anything, just tell me.

Chapter 3: Inspiration videos. - Restrictd, Level 90 (during this video) Priest~ - Restrictd, Level 9X (during this video) Priest~ - M1ntyFresh, Level 107 (during this video) Priest~ - Kassya, Level 69-70 (during this video) Priest, making the job advancement~ - M1ntyFresh, Level 113 (during this video) Priest~ - ShadowDragon, Level 1XX (during this video) Priest~ - Restrictd, Level 120 Priest~

Chapter 4: Know what to do.

Well, you wasted some money on all these HP equips, you have yourself some decent party skills, and you got a lot of time for training- what痴 next? FINDING A CLASS TO TRAIN WITH!

In my opinion, after level 70, it痴 all about parties baby. If you aren稚 partying, kicking some MDT butt then you aint training, at least in my book you aren稚. Let痴 break this down step by step, and get all the way to the end.

First off, to knowing what to do, you need to have yourself a DK or some other class. DK are the most preferred during your first few weeks of HLMT (High Level Monster Training) because they have HB, and while you get used to training in this environment of high leveled monsters, you need to be sure that you池e not going to die and having a DK really helps. After the first few weeks, you can start to flow away from DKs and start going with the runner ups; hermits and crusaders. These bad mojos are the second in command. Hermits are fast, easy and quick killers, making them the perfect choice as a training partner. Crusaders have the power to mob a mob; literally. They kill fast, and heck; they値l just get you a lot of EXP in the smallest time possible. Then, you have the underdogs; Rangers, Snipers, CBs, and WKs. Rangers and Snipers are easy to know why they池e third in charge; arrows are flying all over the place! Not as fast as a hermit, but they have many abilities that can aid your EXP. CBs could have won hermits over, but hermits just had to get the stars. Chief Bandits have Savage Blow, a crazy fast skill allowing them to do 6 hits which can equal to a 1-KO most of the time, which can probably rake you in the goldmine of EXP. Next, we have WKs. WKs in my opinion are the fire and ice warriors. Their ability to freeze a monster just like an I/L mage and inflict fire blows many priests away. Because of this ability, why were they chosen as underdogs? It痴 quite simple, but they mostly revolve around FIRE and ICE weak monsters, which isn稚 that affective to the monsters you値l mostly train on. But WKs are the perfect place for any map you like that has monsters weak to fire or ice. And finally, we have our brothers and sisters: F/P and I/L mages. Why are they chosen last? Well, their lack of skills that are useful to us priests, the fact that they mostly have to train on monsters weak to fire or ice, and that they too can稚 do much damage like us can equal a hard time at monsters. Sorry, mages.

So, let痴 see what we have so far; HP equips, some good party skills, time for training, and any certain kind of class. Well, what痴 the last thing to do? Know where to train! I致e put together this mini section for your liking on where you should be training, if you have the things listed above.

70~80: There is no doubt that MDT is the goldmine for EXP, the jackpot, the lottery; you get the picture. Their wonderful display of EXP can certainly be at your disposal and a DK can make it even sweeter. Have even more money to spare? Hello Himes~! With a DK at hand you are going to be 80 in less than a week or two. Black Kentauruses are like himes, but they池e a lower level. They still rake in 1600 EXP.

80~90: If you池e poor continue with MDT, but if you have the MP pots to spare you should be looking at Mister Viking and Misses Grim. You can start at Himes here too; the EXP will still be simply awesome. Of course Himes waste more money. Black Kentauruses are also an option.

90~100: Himes hit their golden age here, the EXP is slowing down but it痴 still very good. Vikings and Grims are at your inventory and they certainly have slowed down a tad bit, but nonetheless they still have their moments. You *could* possibly be looking at Skelegons here too, if you don稚 mind burning through pots like mad.

100~110: During these times, Himes become even worse than 70~100, but there is no doubt they still have a seldom moment of fame. Skelegons are also an option; they burn fewer pots during these levels.

110~120: Himes are really becoming old and scary and just not, amusing to train on anymore. Keep your eyes on Skelegons now.

Chapter 5: Thanks To.

My friend Josh for helping me train at MDT, giving me a whole new look at the big dogs, DKs. My friends Hai, Andy, Justin, Mandy and Cindy for always keeping my head down low and steady and just being really friendly; and you for reading!

Chapter 6: Contact Me.

To contact me, PM me on basilmarket or find me on MapleStory. I知 almost always on.

Chapter 7: FAQ.

Q: Why is this guide so small?
A: Well, for the most of it, this guide is new and it痴 only about those small details on HP equips and other stuff. As time goes on, I become more experienced, and new details come out I will add more information to the guide. So always check back to find out what痴 new.

Q: Something痴 not right. Please change it.
A: If you find anything wrong with it, just PM me on basilmarket or tell me on MapleStory.

Q: I have a question on HP equips, training with other classes, etc but you池e never on MapleStory. What痴 the deal?
A: I have quit MapleStory.

This guide is copyrighted and cannot be used on another site without my permission. All information WAS taken from my experience and my research during the time span of December 1st, 2007 to January 1st, 2008. Please do not claim this guide as your own as I check many forums each day.
MapleStory Screen: Holiday gore- part 2.
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