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All Purpose Fighter to Hero Guide

MapleStory Forums : Hero : Talk about the Fighter, Crusader and Hero classes

Jun 19 08

=======Fighter/Crusader/Hero Guide=======

Trust me, if you're new to this, you'll need this guide. Or A guide. Maplestory isn't what it was 4 years ago when it was created. It's extremely competitive; one slip and it'll create a landslide in which you won't be able to recover from. It's really challenging to become a strong fighter/crusader/hero without proper intuition and knowledge.

====Intro: Why am I making this guide?====

Most of you know me for my Fighter/Crusader guide (, and I recently reread it for the first time in months. All I can say is sorry for all of that verbal diarrhea (and the typos as well). Honestly, I don't want to bore you with 1000 facts about crusaders. So as a result, I have decided to make an attempt to simplify it, yet simultaneously answering pretty much all the questions there are regarding a fighter/crusader/hero. Actually, it's about time that I've revised my guide anyway. I was also kind of bored, and I didn't know what to do with some of my free time. Well actually, the main reason was because I wanted everything to fit on the same page (I had to split up my guide last time due to length). Now, without further ado, letís begin.

=====For ALL Fighters/Crusaders/Heroes=====

This guide is now yours. Written by me, it has been passed on to you. You can use it in any way- quotes, c/p, etc, can all be taken from this guide. If you do, just do me a favor and say where you got that info or make a link directed to here.

==========Choosing Your Weapon==========
Most fighters use swords, and only some use axes.

======Swords And Axes======
Swords have superior DPM than Axes. A 80 attack sword with normal speed will generally outdamage an 80 attack axe over time. I believe the figures were sword = 108% axe damage, therefore you'd need a nicely scrolled axe to compensate for a decent attack sword.
In general, swords are faster than axes. Most 2h swords are at least normal(6) speed, 1h swords are usually fast (5-) speed. About 50 percent of the axes you'll encounter going 2h are slow (7) speed, the rest are normal (6) speed. No 2h axe is fast speed, and most 1h axes are only normal(6) speed (some fast 5).
Swords cost a LOT more than axes. Go swords if your wallet can take a beating.
Swords are a lot more stable than axes. For two handed weapons, an axe does 104% damage of a sword while slashing, but only 75% compared to a swordís damage while stabbing. A sword is constant on both slashes and stabs. An axe's damage is random, and its damage depends solely on the type of swing that occurs. The current ratio for slash/stab in GMS is 3 slashes : 2 stabs. Can someone clarify that? It's been so long since I last MSed that I've forgotten the slash/stab ratio Might have been 2/3 slash 1/3 stab.
The sad thing is that most people NPC their axes, so finding a nicely scrolled one can be somewhat difficult. Scrolling a nice axe yourself, though, will be a lot cheaper than scrolling or buying a nice sword.
If you plan on playing maple for the rest of your life, do not go axes. In fourth job, axes get shafted severely as brandish registers as a 1 slash 1 stab opposed to 2 slashes. Although it is possible to go hybrid in late 3rd job, it's not worth the trouble of switching to swords just for fourth job (might as well just stick to swords).

Most fighters choose to go 2 handed, while only some go one handed (and hardly ANY axe users go one handed).

=====2 handed vs. 1 handed=====
The damage formula for 2 handed weapons is significantly higher than the damage formula for one handed weapons. Someone that has a 2 handed weapon with 80 attack will have a much higher damage range than someone who has a 1 handed weapon with 80 attack (same stats).
Two handed weapons are generally normal speed for swords, normal or slow speeds for axes. ALL one handed swords are at least fast speed, while only some one handed axes are fast speed.
There are two exceptions where a 2 handed sword is faster than most one handed swords: The lionheart (fast 4) is a 2 handed weapon that is even faster than one handed weapons (fast 5). The lower then number succeeding the speed, the faster a weapon is (unshown on stat window). The stonetooth (level 100, fast (5)) is not as fast as a lionheart and requires 120 dex. However, because of the additional speed and base w. atk, it is amongst the best 2h swords available to GMS. 125 base dex can be achieved for a funded 40-60 base dex warrior and a 60-75 unfunded base dex warrior.
Two handed weapons have a lot more reach than one handed weapons. This means that you can attack from further away.
The Red katana, a level 70 1 handed sword, is known to be faster than ALL other one handed swords aside from the whip, and with it's speed, it's very easy to outdamage another level 70 2 handed weapon. It is for this reason that in your 70's, you should use a red katana rather than a doombringer.

For more information regarding weapons, read Senyainís awesome weapons guide (basil market)


A fighter is the 2nd job warrior that uses Swords or Axes (This is the first and only time that you have to decide, once and for all, about which weapon to use), and is supported with several rather useful skills. These skills are Sword OR Axe Mastery, Sword OR Axe Booster, Sword OR Axe Final Attack, Power Guard, and Rage. Crusaders, skip this sectionÖunless you want to find out how badly you messed up

Why be a Fighter?
They have the most base HP
Strong single attack with power strike
Mob well with slash blast
Attack at a moderate speed, quickly with Final attack
With power guard, they are able to tank many high leveled monsters
Relatively consistent damage
Swords look cool and do stable damage, Axes are very cheap and unique

Lack of range. They canít snipe like bowmen or sins
Slow movement without haste. Bone helms, IC 2, speed shoes fix this
Fighting style lacks variation. Just walk up to a monster, attack, attackÖ
Low MP. This doesnít really matter, as your skills take little mp anyway
Relatively low accuracy (like the other warriors)

====Ability Points (AP) and DEX====

Common AP builds:
3 str, 2 dex till 30, then all str until 40, then 3 str 2 dex till 50. In the end, you'll have 80 base dex at level 50, more than enough for nearly any monster with decent acc equips. I don't recommend this build.

I recommend that you have ~ 45 dex by level 30, and 60-70 dex by level 50. Reasons for this are that zakum helms are easily bought by the time you actually need the accuracy (which isn't till 75+).

I recommend all upcoming fighters to cap their dex at around 60-70. If you are funded well (with at least 30-50 mil prior to starting your warrior, 50-60 base dex should be enough. Funded with tons of meso (100-200 million)? 30-40. About 750 million or more mesos is required for a dexless warrior.

Some things you should know. For a fighter, the most ACC you'll ever need for the main monsters that you train on is 94 (this number increases when you become a crusader). 94 accuracy can be achieved with:

60 base dex (this is achievable at level 30-50) = 48 ACC
20 ACC from mastery
10 ACC from accuracy pill
2 ACC from 4 base luk

Already that's 80 accuracy, and let's say that you wore a brown bandana (which would be the smartest choice). Average is + 5 accuracy, so that brings your total to 85 accuracy. Let's say you also wore a Top/Bot that gave a total of 3 dex. That brings your total accuracy to 87, which is enough to train on nearly every monster during your fighter era. Let's say that after that, you got a 5 dex cape (crappy, but bear with me). That brings your ACC to 91. Then, let's say you wore a lv 60 shoe, which had 1 acc 3 dex. You have just achieved 94 acc. One note- These are really bad equips, and if you did your quests, getting enough ACC for monsters that you train on is very easy (unless you're dexless. Then it's a pain in the ass). Once you get a z helm, you're pretty much set for every monster below 70, as well as every training monster above 100 with a 60-70 base dex + avg acc equips..

Of course, depending on how good your equips are, you may have to raise this base dex to 70. Without a zakum helm by level 80, most 60-70 base dex warriors are unable to hit dual ghost pirates, which require 103 accuracy by level 83.

As a fighter with 70 base dex, I recommend that you wear equips similar to these:
8 attack work glove (or) 8 warrior glove (warrior glove would be better, however these are harder to find)
Top/Bottom for the appropriate level (Top CAN be scrolled, however I wouldn't recommend scrolling tops till level 60 or 90. Bottoms for dex applies as well)
Icarus 2 cape or Pink adventurer's cape (speed or attack, you choose)
Shoes for Dex for the appropriate level (Str shoes aren't very great, people need shoes for dex anyway)
3-5 dex earings (very cheap)
brown bandana or Dex helmet for the appropriate level

That's just a brief overview. I recommend fighters to have around 60-70 base dex if they are starting fresh. Only go above 75 IF you are unable to get a zakum helm by level 80.

for more info, visit tom's guide (basil)

A note from WolfJounin (Aram). If you plan on going stonetooth, you should cap your dex at ~40-80, depending on how much funding you have. If you plan on not using the stonetooth, perhaps 30-50 may suffice (even to one who is unfunded). This is because getting ACC equipment is easier than getting DEX equipment. Also, if you be semi-conservative with your acquired mesos, then making over 100-200 mil by the time you'll actually need the money (level 100+) won't be such a difficult task. Merchanting works especially well in making meso fast.


The skills of a fighter are very similar to those of a Page. The only real difference between a Page and a Fighter is that a Fighter can choose Axes while Pages can choose Blunt Weapons, along with the fact that Fighters get a skill called Rage while Pages get a skill called Threaten. If you have a question regarding AP, then PM azntom or read his excellent guide on DEX. I will just recommend that if you are funded with another character, go 30-67 base dex. If you are just starting MS, usually 70-80 base dex works. Dexless if you have like 500-600 mil to spare.

====Sword OR Axe Mastery====
Passive (always activated)
Basically, there are only two things that you should remember about this skill.
It raises your mastery to 60% when maxed. This means that your minimum damage will be greatly increased for ALL of your attacks.
It adds 20 accuracy when maxed while you use a Sword OR an Axe (whichever you maxed the skill for).

====Sword OR Axe Booster====
Supportive (You have to activate it, and its icon will appear at your top right corner)
This skill makes you attack faster by one degree. If your sword or axe is normal speed, it will improve to fast (5) speed. If itís slow speed, then itíll improve to normal speed.

====Final Attack====
Passive with exceptions
With a certain success rate (60% @ max), youíll have a fast follow up attack that deals 250% damage.
When used with slash blast, the 250% damage is spread amongst the amount of monsters in the mob. 167%, 55%, 19%, 6%, 2%, .6%. Say that thereís 3 monsters in a mob; one monster will take 167%, next will take 55%, and the last will take 19%.
This skill uses no MP, and it only activates when you use Power Strike or Slash blast.
It has 125% the reach of a regular attack, power strike, or slash blast.

This is a party skill. It affects everyone close to you.
Weapon attack + 12* when maxed. Your new damage range with this skill is shown in red on your Ability window.
This skill saves you a lot of money, because with it, you wonít have to buy expensive (5k each) 12 attack pills.
It lowers you and your parties defense by 10. Don't worry about this. -10 Defense isn't a big deal. Lv 1 Iron body will cancel this out.

  • updated as of latest patch

====Power Guard====
Activates only upon touch damage, when maxed youíll only take 60% touch damage from a monster.
The remaining 40% damage will be inflicted on the monster you just bumped. If a monster does 100 damage, youíll take 60 damage, that monster will take 40 damage.

====Skill Builds====

Mastery: 19
Booster: 6
Final attack: 30
Rage: 19
Power guard: 30
Booster:6 + 14 = 20
Mastery: 19 + 1 = 20
Rage + 1 (optional)
+ 1 anything else

Mastery is the most important skill, as it stabilizes your damage + gives you accuracy. Then comes booster, as getting a faster attack speed is key to killing enemies quicker. Six SP works initially because each additional SP only adds duration, as the speed increase is set from level one. Final attack is important because itís basically another power strike or weak slash blast that takes very little time and costs no MP/HP. Rage at 19 fends well, as it gives an attack boost equal to warrior elixers. Power guard comes next as it is probably one of the best defense skills in the game, and itíll save heaps of pots. Then finally max booster, Mastery (last SP only adds ACC), Rage (Only adds duration), and you have one sp left to pump into your first job skills.

If you want, you can swap power guard and rage (youíll need 3 rage first to become able to add SP into PG). People do this because they are okay with spending hundreds of thousands of extra mesos just for a few hours with 2 additional attack. If you're dexless, it may be a good idea to put that last point in mastery sooner, as 1 acc makes quite a difference if you're trying to keep your dex cap low.



In a nutshell:

Lvl 1-10: Blue/Red/Green snails, Slimes, Shrooms, Orange Mushrooms
Lvl 10-20: Slimes, Orange mushrooms, Green mushrooms, Ribbon pigs/Regular pigs, henesys PQ
Lvl 20-30: Kerning PQ, Wild Boars, Green mushrooms or Horny mushrooms, Jr. Sentinel
Lvl 30-40: Wild Boars, Fire Boars, Brown/Pink Teddies, Zombie Mushrooms, Jr. Kitties, Leaties, Dark leaties, Evil eye, CPQ
Lvl 40-50: Ludi PQ, Block golems, King Block golems, Blocktopus, Fire Boars, Jr. Kitties, Leatty, Dark Leatty, Plateon/Meteon, Luster Pixies, CPQ, truckers
Lvl 50-60: MP3, Selkskies, Slimies, Drakes Meal Table, Jr. Yetis, Hector, Golem/Dark Golem, STDís, truckers, LUDI MAZE PQ, ORBIS PQ
Lvl 60-70: Yeti, Hectors, Mu-Lung Pirates, White Pang, Zombies, Dark Golem/Mixed Golem, VOODOO DOODOOs (Lol), STDís, LUDI MAZE PQ, ORBIS PQ

Further questions on training? Visit the comprehensive training guide in the warrior section.

====Fighter Strategies====

Not a whole lot to say here. Most of it is common sense.
On flat maps where the monsters move quickly (like jr. yetis or voodoos), mob all to one side and slash blast them all to death.
On maps where there are many little platforms or the monsters move slow, donít mob very often and simply power strike each to death individually.
Always use powerguard, booster, and rage (or elixir) for training (when you get them all).
Do quests to make money, or train at Jr. Yetis or Voodoos (lv 50-6x) or sakura kitties in amoria (30-5x).

====Crusader Section====

Thatís a lot better. That took up only 4 pages in word so far.

Okay, okay, you get the fighter. Now whatís a crusader?

Talk to Dances with balrog to advance. He'll tell you to go see Tylus in El nath, then Tylus will send you back to perion to Dances with Balrog. Dances with Balrog (DwB) will tell you to go to the warped dimension to fight his evil clone. So basically, just go to ellinia, Warp to the ant tunnel via the Black VIP cab, then find the portal all the way to the top right of the map. Once you fight balrog's evil clone, he'll drop this black sack. Give it to DwB and he'll give you the power necklace (or something like that). Now see Tylus. He'll tell you to get a dark crystal and talk to the statue of wisdom located in the dungeon at El Nath. Once you pass the wisdom test, talk to Tylus to become a crusader.

A Crusader is basically a beefed up fighter that attacks in a combo format. Therefore, you still have all of the advantages and disadvantages that a fighter has. You will still use power strike/slash blast/final attack for all of your Crusader era. However, as a Crusader, you get a new set of several powerful skills upon job advancement. These skills are knows as Combo Attack, Panic, Coma, Shout, Relax, and Armor Crush. You have probably seen crusaders before, since they are the only class that has 5 cool blue orbs circling them as they fight (Combo). If you want to know exactly what distinguishes a Crusader from a WK or a Dragon knight? Read the almighty Copy and Paste maneuver on my profil3 if it's still there.

====Pros and Cons====
Unique skill set, combo-charging then finisher format
Can hit the highest numbers at the earliest level (besides ME)
Good at both soloing and finding parties (after 100)
Very proficient mobber with Coma
Equally strong on all monsters, regardless of elemental weakness
Highest DPM of the warriors at bosses like Zak and Pap by a large margin
Good at stunning monsters with Shout or Coma

Experience what is knows as Crusader Hell, or from levels 70-85
They donít reach their full potential till level 100 (combo, panic, and coma)
They have knock-back problems during their early 80ís
Unstable damage due to constant rotation of orbs + finisher

====The Crusaderís Skills====

A Crusader gets several unique skills (as mentioned above).

This is probably the skill that perplexes most people who read HSís description. Combo is a support skill that acts as a damage multiplier (regular attacks) as well as a Finisher multiplier. You basically just need to attack to charge an orb and the more orbs you have, the more damage youíll deal with your other skills. The maximum amount of orbs you can have is 5. Combo is required to unleash your finishers, Panic and Coma.
Combo is a damage % modifier, not a weapon attack modifier as HS states.
For this reason, Combo stacks with rage, which IS a weapon attack modifier.
When maxed, combo modifies (% multiplies) your damage by these figuresó note: the complete SP level combo multiplier table is on page 1 of this thread
0 Orbs: 100%
1 Orb: 120%
2 Orbs: 125%
3 Orbs: 130%
4 Orbs: 135%
5 Orbs: 140%
Combo works in an incremental format. The more you attack, the stronger your combo becomes. In other words, the more orbs you have, the higher the % modifier becomes.
Each time you attack with Powerstrike, Slash blast, FA, a regular attack, or even a poke, you will attain one (1) orb. Brandish also charges 1 orb but thatís not till fourth job.
For this reason, it shouldn't take longer than 2-3 seconds to attain 5 orbs.
When you use a finisher such as Panic or Coma, your amassed orbs are used and your combo resets to 0 orbs.
Combo at level 1 can get a maximum of 3 orbs. Combo at level 11 can get a maximum of 4 orbs. Combo at level 21 can get a maximum of 5 orbs. has a table where it shows the combo multipliers by SP level

Combo Examples
Combo acts as a multiplier like slash blast or power strikes except that it uses your attackís multiplier and modifies it depending on the number of orbs youíve attained.

Say you did 5000 damage normally.
With Combo:
0 orbs: 5000 * 1 = 5000
1 orb: 5000 * 1.2 = 6000
2 orbs: 5000 * 1.25 = 6250
3 orbs: 5000 * 1.3 = 6500
4 orbs: 5000 * 1.35 = 6750
5 orbs: 5000 * 1.4 = 7000

Combo with Power Strike and Slash blast
Likewise, Combo modifies slash blast/power strikeís damage

Calculations for Power strike with Combo:
PowerStrike with 0orbs =260%*1.0 = 260%
PowerStrike with 1orb =260%*1.2 = 312%
PowerStrike with 2 orbs =260%*1.25 = 325%
PowerStrike with 3orbs =260%*1.3 = 338%
PowerStrike with 4orbs =260%*1.35 = 351%
PowerStrike with 5orbs =260%*1.4 = 364%

Slash blast:
0: 130%
1: 156%
2: 162.5%
3: 169%
4: 175.5%
5: 182%


Coma is a finisher, which means that it can only be used when you have at least one damage orb circling you. Coma is the crusaderís mob finisher, and itís probably the strongest mobbing attack in the game(besides ME) in terms of 3rd job skills. It is strongly recommended to use Coma only when you have 4 or 5 orbs, 5 being the best time to use it. Coma doesnít only do 200% like HS says. Rather, this 200% is used in calculating Comaís damage with an X amount of orbs.
Coma must have at least one combo orb before it can be used. Once itís used, your orb count goes back to 0.
The more orbs youíve amassed with combo, the stronger Coma becomes upon release.
Comaís range is equal to that of a final attack, or 125% of your normal range.
When maxed, Coma does 700% damage on up to 6 monsters with 5 orbs and a maxed Combo.
Coma stuns monsters at a 90% rate when maxed. The stun lasts for ~5-7 seconds.


Panic is also a finisher, so you must have at least one combo orb and once you use it your orbs reset back to zero. Panic does not do only 350% damage. This 350% shown on HS is used in calculating Panicís damage with an X amount of orbs. Panic is the crusaderís single monster finisher, and is perhaps the strongest single monster attack in the game (besides ME). Like coma, it is recommended to use Panic when you have at least 4-5 orbs, 5 being the strongest.
Panic must have one combo orb before it can be used.
The more orbs youíve amassed with combo, the stronger Panic becomes upon release.
When maxed, Panic does 1225% damage on one monster with 5 orbs and a maxed Combo.
Panic does not induce darkness on a monster, nor does it have any element.

=====Panic AND Coma Calculations====

For both skills:
combo% * (listed coma/panic dmg/2) * # of orbs

Using this equation, you should get these %ís for Panic and Coma:

5 orb Panic: 1225%
5 orb Coma: 700%

4 orb panic: 945%
4 orb coma: 540%

3 orb panic: 682.5%
3 orb coma: 390%

1-2 Orbs:

2 orb Panic - 525%
1 orb Panic - 420%

2 orb Coma - 300%
1 orb Coma - 240%

Shout is a skill that you use to stun monsters that have surrounded you. When maxed, the reach is 200%, the stun lasts for a long time, and the damage dealt to each monster is ~30%. However, like coma and unlike charged blow, the stun is interruptible. There are a couple good things about Shout:
Shout has 200% reach, in terms of vertical and horizontal range.
Shout's stun lasts the longest in the game, averaging 10-14 seconds.
It also does some damage. 30% damage or 42% with 5 orbs and a maxed combo.

Some Negative things about Shout:
Casting time takes longer than other attacks. Sometimes if you use Shout when monsters are really close to you, you'll end up bumping them right after shout stuns. And if you have power guard activated, the monsters will immediately un-stun.
It's damage is pathetic. Not a good ranged-attacking skill at all.
Calculated as a stab. No idea why, but this definitely isn't very good for axes (swords remain unaffected by this).

I would suggest that you should only use shout when monsters are surrounding you (and are at least 1 second away from bumping you). If monsters are only in front of you, then just use a 1-5 orbed coma, as that stuns as well (and does a lot more damage). Also, level 4 shout is glitched to stun 100% of the time. However, it's range at level 4 is pathetic and there are only a few cases in which you'll find it useful.

====Armor Crush====
Not a very useful skill here. This skill basically cancels out an enemies defense up. This does not work on SUPER defense ups (where you hit only 1 damage), which is more common while bossing, and because of this you'll have trouble finding a good place to use this skill. However, monsters like skelegons/skelesaurous do cast regular defense ups, and if you are hanging on a rope somewhere, try cast Armor crush to negate the added defense. Of course, armor crash isn't a very fast skill either, and it wastes quite a lot of time when you cast it, so I'd think that it would be better just to attack a monster while it's still in its defense-buffed form.

When maxed, you recover 30 more MP per 10 seconds. So, you'll get 33 MP every 10 seconds with this skill maxed. (Level 20)
Could save minimal MP pots, however like Armor crush, this skill isn't very useful.

====Shield Mastery====
This skill doubles the defense given by your shield when maxed (200%). Not very useful, but if you're going 1 handed in fourth job, hey, it's definitely worth getting over armor crash. (level 20)

======Skill Builds======

Hierarchy of Third Job Crusader Skills:
Combo > Coma > Panic > Shout > Relax > Armor Crush

SP Builds:

I won't be doing level by level SP builds like I did in my other Crusader Guide, so just add SP accordingly.

Key SP Levels:
Combo level 11 and 21: At level 11, you can acquire up to 4 combo orbs, and at level 21, you can get up to 5 combo orbs. More orbs = stronger regular attacks and finishers. Of course, it's recommended to MAX combo before pumping finishers, but some choose to put a few points in coma/panic at level 21 combo (5 orbs).
Shout Level 4 is glitched to always stun. Keep shout at level 4 until you can put in around + 15 more SP so that you'll still have a high chance of stunning, but additionally you'll get a LOT more range (And damage)

=====Recommended General SP Build=====
Combo comes first because you can't use your finishers without it. Coma comes second because it's a mob skill and it does heaps of damage, and it'll definitely help you train a lot quicker. Also it stuns and has a little more range than a regular attack, so it could potentially save you pots. Next is panic, a skill that is used for finishing off one monster (or 1hkoing). It's also used for bossing, which you should begin doing in your early 100's. Next is shout because there's nothing really left to max except crush or relax. Even then shout is useful for it's ranged and timely stun. Last comes Relax and Armor Crush, two relatively worthless skills. Actually. Screw armor crash, as it hardly works on anything. Get shield mastery instead, as it may be useful if you plan to go 1 handed later on (dexless).

+ 30 Combo
+ 30 Coma
+ 30 Panic
+ 4 Shout
Save 15 SP
+ 15 Shout
+ 11 Shout
+ 20 Relax
+ 11 Armor Crush or Shield Mastery

Note: You can leave combo at level 21 and go straight into +30 coma if you want. The advantages of this are that you'll be able to use coma earlier (for stun and great mob damage), the disadvantages of this are that your power strikes/slash blasts will be weaker when charging orbs (so KB may suffer). In essence, your 70's will be a bit worse following this build (b/c coma will be low level and useless, additionally your main attacks PS/SB will be weaker as well) but your 80's will be quite a bit better (you'll use less pots with coma's stun at an earlier level).

A popular alternative, suggested by Senyain:
+ 21 Combo
+30 Coma
+ 9 Combo
+ 30 Panic
+ 30 shout
...and so on.


This build gets all of your main attacking skills Panic, Coma, and Shout earlier.

+ 1 Combo upon advancement[1]
+ 1 Shout
+ 20 Combo[21] (21 Combo gets a maximum of 5 orbs)
+ 2 Panic[2]
+ 1 Coma[1]
+ 10 Combo[30]
+ 29 Coma[30]
+ 28 Panic[30]
+ 3 Shout[4]
==Save 15 SP==
+ 15 Shout[19] (lv 19 has 170% range with a success rate of 84%, more respectable than 100% success rate and only 120% range)
+ 11 Shout[30]
+ 20 Relax (improving MP recovery)[20]
+ 11 Armor Crash [11] Or Shield Mastery

Or you can leave combo at level 21 and simply go all in for finishers then max combo.

====Hybrid Build?====

Many people have noticed that in fourth job, brandish favors swords much more than it favors axes. A few of my Axe crusader friends have chosen to use their 110-120 SP in sword mastery and booster rather than Armor Crush/Relax. To those of you who are just starting up a fighter, don't plan on going hybrid. Just stick to one weapon.

Build for dummies:

+ 30 Combo
+ 30 Coma
+ 30 Panic
+ 30 Shout
+ 20 Sword mastery
+ 11 Sword Booster

Because brandish replaces pretty much all of a hero's finishers, you won't be hurt a whole lot if you didn't have any finishers. As long as you have combo, mastery, and booster maxed, you're pretty much set for a fourth job warrior.

=====Training Places=====

In a nutshell:

Lvl 70-80: Zombies, Forest of Golem, Tauromacis/Cold Eye, Yeti, YnP, VOODOOS, Windraiders
80--84: Windraiders, Regular ghost pirates, DT/MDT, Zombies, Forest of golem, Wolf Spiders
84--90+: Dual ghost pirates or MDT, Solo Regular Ghost Pirates, Dual Parties, Pirates (Mu Lung), Wolf Spiders
95+: Grim Phantom Watch, Regular Phantom Watch, Spirit Vikings, Gigantic Spirit Vikings, Risell Squid, Sharks, Dual Parties, Gobies, Bone Fish, Himes, red/blue kentaurous, Wolf Spiders, Firebrands
110+: Himes, Gobies, Skelegons, Jr Newties/Nest Golems, Red/Blue/Dark Wyverns, Kentaurous, Firebrands

Further questions on training? Visit the comprehensive training guide in the warrior section.

=====Jobs to Party With=====

It's always faster to party while training, and as a crusader, soloing isn't recommended once you reach 100+.
The best jobs to train with as a crusader are...
Priests (of course): HS speeds up your EXP rate, not to mention priests have bless and heal. Bless is important for more accuracy, and heal is used to save you pots while training (You probably NEED a priest while training at a place like..himes)
Dragon Knights: HB is a useful asset for a crusader. Combine this with Power guard + our high base HP, dying shouldn't be a problem anymore. Dragon knights also make great attackers on mobs of 2-3 (Maps like gobies). PA DKs are good for 4-6 (Maps like himes).
White Knights: If you can get a WK to train with you using Ice charge, it'll definitely make things a lot easier for both of you. One, neither of you will use pots. Two, ice charge doesn't do a whole lot of damage for a WK, and so you the crusader will be the one that helps the WK kill a lot quicker. Three, both of you have similar attack reach and for this reason you will usually attack the same monsters as eachother. This is unlike mages with Ice strike, where the freeze can get a little messy.
Hermits: Haste. Useful for maps like himes. They also are fast 1 monster killers, and their mobbing skills aren't that bad either.
IL Mages: Multi freeze is nice, however unlike a WK, the mage attacks a little slow and is unable to focus all of his or her attacks towards one group of monsters. Train with IL mages for pot conservation, not really for exp.
FP Mages: As a crusader, you'll probably get only leech exp when training with a poison misting mage. However if executed properly, the exp can be faster for both of you. While the mage mists all the things on the top, you kill the pre-misted things on the bottom. Then the mage comes back to the bottom to mist the monsters while you go up to the top and kill the monsters already misted.

CBs and Bowmen aren't really the ideal classes for a crusader to train with. They are great in multi attacker parties, but they don't support a crusader very well as ONE attacker.

======Crusader Strategies======

Always keep Combo, Booster, Power guard, Attack Buff (rage) activated while training.
If you want to save pots, try to mob less. When you mob, you end up taking touch/magic attack damage a lot more often.
Always try to use map shortcuts. Because we move slow without haste or speed equips, try to use teleport spots on a certain training map. Or, if you are training in leafre/Ludi/El nath, there are several maps where if you went into your cash shop at the bottom of the map, you'll appear back up at the top. This is useful for cutting down time spent on climbing ladders.
If you need a quick stun, use coma even if you only have one or two orbs. The success rate of stunning the monster is still the same. This will help you save pots.
Use shout only when you're surrounded by an angry mob. Otherwise just use coma to stun monsters that are in front of you.
It's always best to use your finishers at 5 orbs, however try not to overkill with your finishers. EX: You're fighting a ghost pirate which has 30k hp, and you already had one orb charged. If you attacked 4 times to attain 5 orbs, in the process averaging 6k per hit, don't use panic just because you've gotten that 5th orb! Just power strike the ghost pirate once more and save those orbs for another monster. The same can be said for Coma.
Panic at 4 orbs works fine in certain situations. For example, if you absolutely need to kill a monster as fast as possible, then using panic with a lower orb count can be an alternate solution. Say you were at gobies, and an annoying bonefish was hindering your training. Bonefish have ~43k HP, and say that your 4 orb panic did an average of 23k. If you already had 2 orbs, and you attacked twice for an average of 10k each hit, then simply panic with 4 orbs to finish off the bone fish. This way you'll kill the bone fish one attack earlier.

=====Pot Conservation And Knock Back--This is probably the biggest problem that hinders a Crusader's success=====

Knock back problems at early levels, and pot roasts: Knocking back a monster is crucial in pot conservation. If you don't meet the minimum damage requirement to KB a monster, then you'll end up using a lot more pots than necessary. When you fail to KB a monster, the monster doesn't flinch and will keep proceeding towards you. This usually leads to you taking bump damage.

How can touch damage be avoided from a KB failure?
Naturally you'd want to find a way to meet the minimum KB damage requirement, whether you have to upgrade your equips in the process to raise your minimum range. Weapon attack raises your minimum damage range more than STR or DEX. Remember that a crusader's damage is unstable because we are always rotating through orbs. So just because you always KB using PS on 5 orbs doesn't mean you'll always KB period, because your damage from 0-2 orbs is in actuality quite a bit lower than your damage at 5 orbs. So be careful when determining if you will always KB a monster or not.
Don't miss. Get more accuracy. A lot of KB failures occur because people simply "miss," therefore the hit doesn't register and the monster still proceeds as if you haven't attacked in the first place (and your character will be frozen from the swing + follow through).
If you don't meet the damage requirement, then I suggest that you try to keep as far away as you can from the monster. Even if you fail to KB, you'll still have a little time to move back and reposition yourself before that monster reaches you. One handed users aren't exactly capable of doing this, since they have to attack much close, therefore having less time to react to a failed KB.
Like I said earlier, don't mob. Slash blast has a low KB rating, and that's not to mention that FA with SB is probably an automatic KB failure. Just attack each individually. But if you want fast exp, then mob as much as you want. But the two can't go together hand in hand, it's always either one or the other, unfortunately.
Use shout and coma frequently. The idea is to not give the monster time to attack you. If you keep all the monsters at bay with shout and kill the ones closest to you first, and repeat this process with the monsters further away from you, then usually you'll be able to kill all the monsters while getting bumped only 1-2 times (due to shout's slow casting speed).
If you are using a normal speed weapon, then don't use booster. Fast speed weapons (normal + booster) attack too quickly for a monster to recover with FA, resulting in a failed KB even if you did all the damage necessary to KB. However I'd just say that keeping your distance from a monster would be an easier alternate solution to this problem..

On monsters with magic attacks-These things hurt
Those you can see: Get shoes for jump (you should have these for dex anyway). With perfect timing, you can jump over projectiles. Or, I guess you can duck (Like at vikings).
Those you can't see: Usually these have unlimited horizontal range. So if the monster begins to use it's magic attack that has no animation/projectile, you're basically screwed. What I do is, I'd just walk into the monster with PG. You take a lot less damage that way. However if you are too far from the monster to do this, then Panic that monster immediately and hope that you kill it. If you don't have orbs, then just PS it, as you'll get hit anyway (running won't do anything).


As you move on from the conventional crusader to the classic hero, you will notice several different things. A Hero gets a new variety of skills. The most important of these skills are Brandish (your new attacking skill), Advanced Combo (Modifies Combo %), Rush (Compacts monsters into mobs), Stance (No KB for you 90% of the time), maple hero (+5-10% bonus stat), and enrage (+26 w. atk). There are others, but those are the most important ones. You'll also notice that upon advancement, you get only 3 skills (+ 1 storybook from advancement)- Maple hero 10, Brandish 10, Achilles 10, and monster magnet 10. In fourth job, you have to find your skills on your own, unlike in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd jobs where they were given to you.

====General Info RE: Fourth Job Hero====

2 Ways to Advance after talking to Tylus regarding 4th job (you'll get a letter from him):
Go to ludi, Eos Tower 44th floor. Talk to that machine there and buy the secret coke solution for 10 mil and talk to chief tatamo in Leafre, then your fourth job warrior instructor.
Fight manon and griffrey for Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon, combine them to forge an item needed to advance. Take this item to your fourth job instructor. The spawn rates of manon and griffrey are 4-5 hours, so finding one could be a problem. Of course, however, you'll spend much less than 10 mil advancing this way.

First youíll have to know the difference between a story book and a mastery book.
A skill book is what shows up on your skill listing for fourth job. In order to activate a skill book, youíll need to first find a story book, then the designated mastery books.
A story book is the 0-10 SP book [Lv. 10] for a certain skill. It works with a 100% rate.
A mastery skill book is the 11-20 SP book [Lv. 20] and the 21-30 SP book [Lv. 30] for a certain skill. The level 20 mastery book has a 70% chance of working, and the level 30 mastery book has a 50% chance of working. A failed mastery book means that youíll have to search for another one.

Skill Book Locations:
Monster Magnet: 20 - Pianus, Nest Golem | 30 - Pianus
Achilles: 20 - Skelegon, Skelosaurus | 30 - Manon
Power Stance: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook - Crimson Balrog ["Crimson Balrog's Plan"]) | 20 - Papulatus | 30 - Zakum
Rush: Skillbook - QUEST (Storybook - Taurospears ["The Unreadable Book"]) | 20 - Cornian Dark | 30 - Right Pianus
Guardian: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Skelosaurus | 30 - Manon

Brandish: 20 - Dark Wyvern | 30 - Papulatus
Adv. Combo Attack: Skillbook - Zakum | 20 - Nest Golem | 30 - Guild Quest, Skelegon, Skelosaurus
Enrage: Skillbook - QUEST | 20 - Zakum | 30 - Horntail

Power Stance 10: El Nath PQ
Rush 10: Find the Indecipherable book from Taurospears, talk to Manji, then kill 200 Taurospears in a secret room with another fourth job warrior.

Guardian 10: Go to Leafre : Forest Crossroad, talk to the NPC at the top. Equip a shield and talk to that NPC again. He'll tell you to 200 kill black kentauros with the shield equiped (Meaning you'll need a 1h weapon). Do this and you're done.

Enrage 10: Talk to the librarian in helios, and he'll give you a blue book to give to chief tatamo. Then chief tatamo will tell you to hunt griffrey for Sayram's Necklace. Once you get it, chief tatamo will tell you to find the insignificant being in sleepywood dungeon (outside the DMT). He'll tell you to get a shield and key. Once you get the key from a jr balrog, go to sanctuary 4 and enter the middle portal. Find the shield, then return to the librarian in helios tower.


As a Hero, this will be your main attacking skill for both single monsters and mobs. In fact, this outdamages PS/Panic per minute at level 8. There are several components of brandish that a hero should know.
Brandish has 150% range both horizontally and vertically. This helps A LOT if you want to jump attack (very efficient means of killing with range).
Level 1-10 hits only one monster. Level 11-20 hits 2 monsters. Level 21-30 hits 3 monsters. Unfortunately the drop rate for level 30 brandish isn't very high, so getting a 3 monster-hit brandish could take a wile.
Brandish at maxed level consists of 2 swings, both dealing 260% damage each. Therefore, the combined total of brandish is 520% with ZERO orbs.
These swings count as 1 slash and 1 stab in terms of damage calculations. Therefore, axe users are shafted, and they move from -108% to -112% behind sword users in terms of DPM.
With advanced combo maxed at 10 orbs, brandish deals 988% damage.
Brandish has 80 attacks per minute with a normal weapon, 88 attacks per minute with a stonetooth, and 96 attacks per minute with a red katana.

====Advanced Combo Attack====
This is the Hero's 2nd most important skill, for it works as an additional bonus for regular Combo. Main components:
Allows a hero to charge 2 orbs 30% of the time at level 1, and 60% of the time at level 30.
A hero can charge up to 10 orbs with a maxed advance combo. Level 1 allows you to charge up to 6 orbs maxed.
Brandish can only charge 2 orbs max, not 4 orbs (counts as only one swing).
Adv. Combo modifies ALL combo percentages:

Level 30 Adv. Combo:
0 orbs: 100%
1 orb: 150%
2 orbs: 155%
3 orbs: 160%
4 orbs: 165%
5 orbs: 170%
6 orbs: 174%
7 orbs: 178%
8 orbs: 182%
9 orbs: 186%
10 orbs: 190%

the exact advanced combo multiplier table by SP level can be found on page 1 of this thread in the response section.


Combo% * (listed panic/coma dmg/2) * # of orbs (Maximum 10 orbs = Reg combo + 5)

10 orb panic - 1662.5%
10 orb coma - 950%

10 orb brandish lv 30: 988%

Rush is a very, very useful skill. If there is at least one monster in front of you, you can use rush to push it aside. If there are multiple monsters, rush will combine them all into a compact mob.
Rush's distance increases with the SP level.
You can't spam rush twice in a row. There is a 1.5-2 second delay.
Rush can't move over cracks on a map. It basically can't teleport you from one platform to the next (when they are split up).
Rush can evade magic attacks if used right before the monster casts one.
Rush can only gather 10 monsters at max.

With a certain success rate, you wonít get knock backed whenever a monster bumps or magic attacks you. At maxed level, this skill prevents KB at a 90% rate.
Good for staying on small platforms for bosses. Also good for jump attacking and rope hanging.

Consumes 10 orbs and adds 26 w. atk once maxed.
Level 30 masterybook drops from horntail only, so most hero's will have level 20 enrage for a while (+20 w.atk).
Cooldown time: ~8 minutes

When maxed, monsters do 15% less damage to you. Works on both physical and magical attacks.

When maxed, if you equip a shield (meaning you'll have to use a 1hand sword), you have a 15% chance to completely prevent any damage taken.
Stuns monster for 5 seconds upon success.

====Maple Hero====
Level 10 adds 5% of your BASE stat. Dexless users won't get any dex bonus because they will only have 4 base dex.
Level 20 adds 10% of your BASE stat. Only drops from horntail.

Mainly used for horntail. This skill awakens you from chaotic state (where you have no control over your character).

====SP BUILDS=====

SP builds vary A LOT. Feel free to post your own opinion on different SP builds for the Hero.

The most efficient build that I can think of:
You may not find all the skills by the time this build says to max them. Simply save SP or place in other skills that you'll max next.

Optimum attack build (Attack and % modifier skills first):

Advancement--> 120
+1 brandish
+1 AC (Adv combo attack)
+1 rush
+29 Brandish
+29 AC
+30 stance
+30 enrage*
+29 rush*
+20 Maple Warrior*
+1 Awakening*
+30 Achilles
+30 Blocking
+12 Monster Magnet

=243 SP

Balanced Build (Some stance before AC):

Advancement--> 120
+1 brandish
+1 AC
+1 rush
+29 Brandish
+9 stance <--Helps for training stability
+29 AC
+21 stance
+30 enrage*
+29 rush*
+20 Maple Warrior*
+1 Awakening*
+30 Achilles
+30 Blocking
+12 Monster Magnet

  • indicates that these skills are interchangeable. If you use 12-20 attack pots, then forget enrage and go all into rush after stance. You can't get enrage 30 unless it drops from horntail, anyway.

Ideally, you'd want to get 1 advanced combo ASAP because of that chance to charge 2 orbs in one strike (+ that 6th orb). Then comes rush to make mobs for your coma. Then you'd want to start maxing brandish right away. Once brandish is maxed (or level 20 if you can't find that lv 30 mastery book), finish up the last 29 SP into advanced combo. Next would be stance. Stance is useful for training and bossing, for it allows you go get hit without being knocked back. This greatly improves your damage per minute because you waste less time repositioning yourself after touch or magic damage dealt by the monster. Then you'd want to max enrage for that 26 w.atk (or 20 with level 20 enrage, since level 30 is from hornedtail). Unless you apple all the time during training, 20-26 w.atk makes a huge difference in terms of damage (compared to 10 or 12). Then you'd want to max rush for that additional reach in gathering mobs + slightly higher damage %. Awakening should come after rush, because at this point you're around 160-170, the appropriate level to HT. Maple hero comes late because most of the time, you're partying with either a bishop or a nightlord who would already have Maple hero. I guess you can put 5-10 points earlier if you solo train frequently. Then you'd want to begin maxing Achilles, which saves you a lot of pots because ALL attacks are reduced by 15%. Then comes blocking for in case you switch to a katana/sparta, then with your remaining SP max monster magnet.

Once you max brandish, AC, and stance, the rest of the skills are interchangeable. You may even want to put ~10 stance before you begin maxing AC because of that no-KB ability (70% success rate). But after those three skills are maxed, alternative builds are arguable. For instance, you could say that enrage really isn't worth getting till later because of the release of a certain attack pot, therefore rush or maple hero should precede it. Or you could also say one who horntails earlier than 170 should just use that 1 SP in awakening much earlier. Or, maybe you have no need for blocking because you plan on going 2 hand forever, and so monster magnet or some other skill may fit you best. It's really up to you..


Basically, if you want to level you have to get into a training party. These are very easy to get into as a hero, especially himes and nest golems parties. Skelegons- you'll need some connections to get into these. Party with bishops as often as possible to earn the best exp.

Gobies, Wyverns, Himes, Jr Newties/nest golems are good monsters to train on.
Once your brandish is level 30, don't coma the gobies anymore. You should be strong enough to deal 17k+ damage at 6 orbs or more, meaning that all gobies will be easy 1hkos.
At himes, it's usually best to rush once then kill the himes that you've mobbed. Rush isn't spammable, and sometimes the himes aren't compact enough where brandish can reach all of them (it is, after all, a large flat map).
Nest golems are really annoying. The golems implanted in the ground shoot at you even when you haven't attacked them. Therefore, on this map it's not safe to AFK on ropes or most platforms. It's also a good idea to get some stance while you're maxing AC (probably around level 134, get 5-6 points in stance if you train here frequently). It helps a LOT. The exp is similar to that of himes (except when you're partied with a bishop, where it's really, really high).

Crimson Guardians, Nest Golems, Himes, Skelegons, Skelesaurous provide good exp.
Skelesaurous/skelegons are the toughest monsters in the game at this point. Lucky for you, nearly all platforms have easy 2-3 monster mobs after a simple rush. The middle platforms in both skelegon maps requires a couple rushes in order to mob all 6 of them, so just rush once and kill ~3 at a time. Use rush to evade their magic attacks to conserve pots (more detail below).

There are more, but those are probably the best exp wise.

====Strategies for the Hero====

Rush-Coma:Because rush charges up to 2 orbs with advanced combo, you can rush-coma repeatedly to create a larger mob without using many potions. Rush cannot be spammed, however you can use another skill while in this "cooldown" period. Coma can take the place of rush's cooldown time, so by the time rush can be used again, coma will have just finished and therefore almost all the monsters would be stunned. This prevents them from using their magic attack against you, so along with dealing decent mob damage, it can also save potions. However, if there are less than 3 monsters in that mob then just use brandish. This is because using the rush-coma technique could take a LOT longer than just spamming brandish.

Ex: Skelegons and Skelesaurous have those annoying "blast" magic attacks that deal 3k+ damage. So right when the skelesaurous charges up, use rush to cancel it's magic attack (the attack ends up hitting behind you). You may take touch damage when rush is level 1. But when rush is level 30, you push the monster at such a distance that a regular PS/SB won't even reach (brandish will, though).

Jump-Brandish: A forward lunge makes full use of Brandish's vertical and horizontal range. Before with power strike, FA may activate therefore a jump attack was not a wise choice. Plus, you'd have to jump dangerously close to the monster in order to hit it. With a jump-brandish, you can attack from further away and attack while still "moving." Additionally, brandish is naturally timed perfectly with each jump; by the time you return to the ground from a jump-brandish, it would have just finished (meaning you can keep doing this repeatedly without hindrance or waiting).

Don't use finishers in fourth job: Just spam brandish as it's much more efficient on both 1 monster and even 6 monster mobs. Using a finisher such as coma can be appropriate depending on the situation (monsters have either really low or really high HP (45k- or 95k+), however most often that charging period (where you do less damage) does not make up for it. Panic is nearly useless because of the damage cap (you can't go above 99,999). EDIT: okay I realize that now the damage cap has been raised to 199,999. However that is still not enough for a 10 orb panic rotation to outdo a spam-brandish routine overtime. Ask Senyain for details, if he's still around. He's brilliant with those kind of calculations.

There are more, let me think for a min.

==========A Hero's Conclusion and Words of Inspiration==========

You don't just become a crusader/hero without hard and seemingly tedious work. That never happens, not even in real life. There is a definite process in working to become a great crusader or hero.

The Three P's and nothing can go wrong: You always want to be persistent (Don't give up), prolific (be productive in your training), and proficient (be skillful and make good decisions).

If you've done everything correctly, getting to 120 shouldn't be too difficult. And if you have 2x exp, then you'll get there in no time. However, like I always have said, the main thing that you absolutely must do is to keep persisting. You can't give up. Ever. You were a fighter, and you're still a fighter now, and fighters fight until they get bored of fighting.

Make a goal. A good example of a goal would be... train 4 hours a week and/or get at least 40%/week. Save money for an equipment change. Spend more time PQing/helping out guildmates/training with friends. Whatever your goal may be, I am (and always have been) a firm believer that goals lead you to success. According to the Oxford English Dictionary (the only legit dictionary in my opinion), a goal is "The object to which effort or ambition is directed; the destination of a (more or less laborious) journey."

Sorry to state it so bluntly in such technical terms. But figuratively speaking, a goal is kind of like an enzyme. Enzymes catalyze reactions by lowering the activation E. In a similar way, goals are meant to guide you, and they do exactly this by keeping you organized and focused on the task at hand. So in a way, you'll spend less time training or doing something aimlessly; the goal catalyzes the maplestory reaction in which you're so vigorously engaged in. And in the end, you'll be much more satisfied with the result.

So basically having a goal in mind helps you know what exactly it is you are striving for, and later it also helps you figure out exactly how you plan on achieving it. Write your goal down!

Lastly, don't be a zombie. Okay honestly, I can't tell you what you should do. I can't tell you whether or not to buy better equips or whether you should get married for apq, etc. Because it's not my decision to begin with. It's YOUR character and YOU have the power to make YOUR own decisions. I can only guide you so that hopefully you make the right ones. It's funny, I just thought of something my vars tennis coach used to say to me. He said, "You can lead a donkey to the water, but you can't force it to drink." We were all donkeys at some point.

This guide, hopefully, has taught you what you should do, and now you have to do it. It's your choice.

YUP that's all, folks!

Request from the author (not fighter/crusader/hero specific) [7/2/2009]

Hello everyone--

I'm going to college in a few months, and over the summer I'll be too busy cruising/working that I often won't remember to check this guide. I also know that in college I will rarely update this guide despite the freedom that it may bring. Sorry if it doesn't get updated on a regular basis, although you can help me out a lot by listing/pming new patch info or training places as applicable to fighters/crusaders/heroes so that every time I check basil I can update it without too much excess work.

I guess I owe you all another apology for not being the best guide updater or the best mentor, and now that I look over it again all I see are the mistakes and loopholes that I failed to correct (like training, equips, GRAMMAR~arghhh). Hopefully this guide remains here long enough to a point where it can attain atonement on its own accord. The truth is that I have lost interest in MS, and although I may remember the weathering factual evidence and proofs from ages ago, neither have the will nor the resources to actually go out and discover the changes that are made by and by with each patch.

Thanks everyone and happy mapling. But above all, study hard--it'll do you good. At least that's what all the old, wise folks used to say. I hated studying till I realized its importance with respect to college admissions and job applications, hah. And remember to have fun in the process, alright? It's healthy. Well, I guess that depends on your definition of bp, for instance, is fun but it definitely isn't healthy. Crap, sorry to go off tangent a bit.

Don't forget that I'm always open to PMs if you have any concerns/questions/advice/whatever. I hope this note doesn't put you down in the dumps. Just remember that if you have made it to a crusader, you've made it to where most have never been. Don't let it get you down.


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