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Merchanting Guide

General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general

Bunnie, the creator of this guide, deleted her Basil account, and with it, all of her threads/posts. With her permission and encouragement, I reposted all of her guides for her. She'll be maintaining/updating these guides through me. Unfortunately I can't answer any questions about merchanting/prices, I don't know much about either. All credit goes to her of course for writing this.

Note: This guide DOES NOT give specific prices! If you need a price check, make your own thread.

Table of Contents

[s=/forum/879665/0/#SP]The Shop Permit[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#WTBS]What to Buy and Sell[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#WHTB]Where to Buy[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#HTB]How to Buy[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#HTS]How to Sell[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#PC]Price Checking[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#SCAM]FM Scams[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#7TH]7th Day Market[/s]
[s=/forum/879665/0/#TIPS]Additional Tips[/s]

[header=SP]The Shop Permit
Merchanting is extremely hard without a shop permit. The only other option that you have if you don't have one is to spam your items in the Chan 1 FM entrance. That takes up a lot of time, the lag is terrible and it always gives me a headache after a while.

There are several different types of shop permits. The most worthwhile are the regular shop permit and the Christmas shop permit, each lasting for 90 days and costing under 5 dollars. If you are just starting to merchant, the regular permit for 1.8k NX is your best bet. It gives you 16 slots to fill with things you need to sell. If merchanting eventually becomes a major focus in your gameplay, then go with the Christmas Shop Permit. It gives 24 slots for items.

The other shop permits are special permits in which you can leave your store there, and a hired merchant will sell for you for a certain amount of time, i.e. 1 day. You don't need to be in the FM or even signed on for your shop to be there. However, the time span of these are very short compared to the regular 90-day permits, and therefore not suggested unless you D/C a lot or have plenty of NX to spare.

If you are just starting merchanting, I suggest the longer-lasting, cheaper permits. These will allow you to adjust to prices, take your time shopping, etc. without any worry of wasting possible "sale time". Mushie houses should only be bought if you have a lot of stuff (and usually, multi-million meso stuff) you need to sell at once. (TY Dracolix)

Your best bet is just to set up a shop and minimize MapleStory while you are away.

[header=WTB]What to Buy and Sell
Everything that can be sold is potentially profitable, however some things are naturally better sellers than others. I will try to list them according to the amount of mesos you have. Of course you can do stuff from a lower category even when you have more mesos. Profit is profit.


What you should consider reselling with:

Less than 500k
Try to PQ or something to get some money. Or you can collect leathers to make Work Gloves, do the Eos Scroll and Orbis Scroll quests everyday, and collect iron pig hooves to make steel plates. Train with a cleric, etc.

Ores and plates/jewels
A key thing is that jewels and plates often cost less than the ores themselves. This is because most people already have some of the ores themselves, but not enough to make a plate.

Cheap DEF/M.DEF scrolls
If you are in Ludi, people will often be dropping or getting rid of their LMPQ scrolls very cheaply. You can buy a lot by going through the channels and then sell them in your shop for a bit more.

Clean work gloves from leathers. Snowshoes that you can buy in El Nath for 28k-30k [depending on the job] at the armor shop and sell for more in FM.

Magic rocks and summoning rocks (TY Crayola555)

Ancient Tree Sap and Drake's Blood (TY pigflys)

Exchange quest items like zombie teeth (TY Khoi5454)

1-2 Mil
You can also add diamonds and dark crystal ores to the things you can resell. One interesting thing you can make with the ores you've gathered are the moon/star rocks. You take them to Arwen in Ellinia. Moon rocks take one of each plate and star rocks, one of each jewel. You can usually get 50-100k over what you spent making them.

Stars such as icys, kumbis, etc. are good at this stage too. Eos and Orbis Scrolls are lovely if you are able to get them in bulk for about 15-20k less than regular FM prices.

If you can get some Dead Mine scrolls for cheap, they are very easy to sell.

Go to the Kerning City PQ area and buy cheap 10% overall dex scrolls. (TY NewxAge)

3-5 Mil
You can buy tobis for about 50-100k less than what they sell for in FM fairly easily. These tend to go quick. You should also be looking at above average equips of your class. If you have more than 1 char and are more experienced with equips of several classes, then that's even better. A lot of people who grind don't know when they have found an above average equip, particularly if it's a class they are unfamiliar with. So you can get fairly above average things for regular avg prices if you look at the stats of the items you browse through.

On weekends, you can go to Eos tower 101th Floor where the LPQers gather to buy scrolls from them. Due to CPQ drawing a lot of people away from LPQ, this is really only efficient during a busy hour. (TY bamface)

5-10 Mil
Red Whips, Onyx Apples, and clean Blue Sauna Robes are the best sellers here. Equips are still very good. You can even start reselling some of the more crappy scrolled items that people get frustrated with and let go for very cheap. Scrolls are also an option, of course. Glove, dagger, claw and 2-handed sword attack scrolls are particularly good profit.

20-30 Mil
Scrolls are amazing if you know the prices of them well. Don't just do the common scrolls anymore, but some of the more obscure ones as well. Steelies and ilbis if you manage to get them cheap. Just remember that ilbis have a fairly high tax, so it isn't worth it if it's less than 500k under normal price. Scrolled equips are also good at this point. The ones of your class are particularly great as it allows you to
  1. Learn more about your class;
  2. Get equips that you need personally at good prices (because you are always looking);
  3. Make profit.
Continue with this until you get to 100 mil.

100 Mil+
Nicely scrolled or even godly equips can be extremely good profit at this point. Also, iTCG items! But be warned, the prices fluctuate a lot for these.

There are no limits to reselling. The items listed above are only to start you off. Once you get familiar with prices and decide on your specialization, then go for whatever works for you!

[header=WHTB]Where to Buy
The best way to get items for your store is by browsing other people's shops and looking for sellers in the Chan 1 FM Entrance.

When browsing shops, you should know that Chan 1, 2 and 3 FM 1 prices are usually inflated. For more crowded servers, that can extend to channels 4-6 as well. One method that I use is to start at Chan 19 FM 1 and keep browsing through each channel until I hit channel 6. Then I go to Chan 1 and start from FM 8 to all the way to the last FM in the top right corner. Finally, I go to channels 2 and 3 to look in the FM 2 and 3 of each.

If you are buying things, such as scrolls in FM entrance, you have to make yourself seen. One way is to put 4 @ signs, space bar, then another 4 @ signs until you fill up the chat bar. This will appear as a column of @ signs and bump your message above others. Shorter messages are the best because Chan 1 FME is messy and crowded with horrible lag and many won't read all of it.

BasilMarket auctions often have very decent deals on equips, both clean and scrolled, though discounted scrolls are harder to find. Check the "Ending Soon" option for last minute sales and the "All Auctions" option to search for a particular item or class of items.

[header=HTB]How to Buy
No matter who contacted who first, it is always helpful for you to ask them how much they want for their item. Some people will straight-up tell you. If they give you a pretty low price, don't haggle very much with them. People do seem to be impatient and easily offended these days and you don't want to lose a big fish just to save on a worm.

If they ask you to offer, you have to evaluate the person. Give them the lowest price you can without offending them. It helps if you start off with something like: "I don't know (establish that you are exploring prices so that they don't get immediately offended), is k/mil ok?"

Offering in the form of a question is important since it doesn't make it seem like you're making a demand.

If the person gives in a little, increase your offer a little -- try to go for a similar increase to what they are decreasing (i.e. they decrease by 100k, you increase by 100k). This strategy is effective because they can only think you are giving an okay haggle since the increment/decrement is exactly what they gave you. Continue doing this until you reach the price you have in mind as the maximum you are willing to pay. Inform them of the maximum. Keep this maximum slightly lower than what you are really willing to shell out, so that if they are getting really desperate just to get a little more, you can just give it to them without much of a fuss.

ALWAYS be polite. Do not use noob-speak or chat-speak. It gives less credibility to a lower offer and will increase the chances of people dismissing you as an idiot who doesn't know prices.

ALWAYS say thank you.

Another place to find good deals is when someone smegas a sale. The smega-er might not have anything cheap, but there are always people who will open up shops hoping to leech off the group of buyers that the smega-er drew over.

Spamming "B>Scrolls" gets horrible scrolls half the time and you should instead try to trade the people spamming that they are selling scrolls. If you are really bored, you can also camp out at popular Gachapon places like NLC and Zipangu. (TY Scomomage)

[header=HTS]How to Sell
First step, you must get an FM spot. (The following may be different on less crowded servers; just go where people are and as close to the door as you can!)

Try to stick to FM 1 as much as possible as it is the first room that people usually go into.

Ideally you'll want a door spot, no matter which channel it's on or what room it's in. When I say door spot, I mean that when someone comes through the entrance portal, your shop is within their screen without them having to move. Of course the closer to the actual portal, the better.

You have to be careful when buying a spot. Don't buy if there is more than 1 person under that spot. Even when it is only the shop owner, make sure you have the item inventory open and at the Cash Shop Items tab.

Descriptive shop names will give better results than random shop names. Shoppers are more likely to visit shops with names like: -Good Equips- rather than a random title like -I like pie-.

[header=PC]Price Checking
A merchant must rely on experience more than anything else.

As a merchant, you'll simply deal with too many items to make a price check for each of them. How do you know if something is worth it? Experience.

This experience is rather tedious to gain. Here are a few times that will help you:

  1. If you want to specialize in a certain class's equips, keep a notebook of the range of the MAIN stat. You don't have to list them all out at once, but rather in the beginning you'll be checking stats a lot, so every time you check, record it. Eventually you'll know it by heart. For example, I know off the top of my head that an average evil tale has something like 73 mattk, with 78 mattk being perfect base.

  1. Make a list of scrolls you want to deal in. Go around the FM and record the prices that these scrolls have sold for. This is the best way to get to know scroll prices fast.

  1. While you are earning money from 50k to 10 mil, keep a look out for scrolled equips. These are determined by a main stat and an auxiliary stat and are often denoted as 12/104 or 104/12. The 12 is a base stat like dex, int, str, luk. The 104 is an auxiliary stat like M.ATK or ATK. Do not buy these until you have seen what they sell for first, since what may seem cheap to an unexperienced eye might be even cheaper to everyone else.

Other general ways to learn prices:
- Make friends who are merchants.
- Check Basilmarket auctions.
- Ask other people with a price check thread: make sure you state the item name, main/auxiliary stat, server, and slots left.

BEWARE OF PRICE FLUCTUATIONS: It really wouldn't kill you to take a few extra minutes to check. Due to recent events, prices have gone haywire in many servers. Not being aware of price changes (i.e. Clean SCGs went up from 70mil to 125mil over a month's period in Scania) can cost you millions of potential profit. (TY pigflys)

[header=SCAM]FM Scams
Real merchants are NOT scammers.

Disclaimer: For a more detailed explanation of scams and how to avoid them, check out [url=]this guide[/url].

There are so many of them, I'll just list the most common so you know what to [i]avoid:[/i]

  1. Item substitution: They substitute a different item for what you were intending to buy. Examples include: Nearest Town Scrolls for Dead Mine Scrolls, Clean Work Gloves for Scrolled Work Gloves. ALWAYS double-check before you make confirm the trade.

  1. Price substitution: They substitute a different price, usually same numbers but missing one 0, hoping you won't notice. Common example: people who spam "Buying Ilbis for 22 mil!" They will often rapidly trade, cancel, retrade, repeat just to get your guard down so eventually you press trade first or press trade without looking at the meso amount. In this case, it would likely be 2.2mil, one 0 off.

  1. Scams that ask you to press certain keys to copy your items etc. This will only lead you to automatically pressing trade without realizing it.

  1. Amount substitution: You think you are buying a bundle of the item, i.e. summoning rocks, but actually you are only buying one.

  1. Partner scams: One person will often spam a ridiculously high price for a certain item such as B>ilbi 22m! and some other person not far away will be selling the said item for a slightly higher price than normal, i.e. S>ilbi 15m. They want you to buy the slightly overpriced ilbi in hopes that you'll want to make a profit by buying for 15m and selling for 22m. When you buy the overpriced item they will both usually scram, or the buyer says "not interested anymore" or something of the sort. Never automatically believe anything that is too good to be true. (TY DualWolf)

[header=MTS]MTS (Maple Trading System)
Disclaimer: For a more detailed explanation of the MTS, check out [url=]this guide[/url].

The Basics:
It costs 5k to add an item to the MTS system. After it is put up, people will be able to see it, search for it, and bid on it. You can end the listing anytime you like. If you sell something, you will be taxed a bit of NX from the sale price. You can also sell your items by looking at the "Buying" listings. They usually have an item with the amount of NX they are willing to pay. If you have the same item and are willing to sell for the price listed, click on the listing. The item is placed on the for-sale category for the buyer to decide when they sign on. Remember that the MTS is cross-server. That means the prices are not restricted to your world only.

How to get started:
If you are starting off with little or no NX, the first step is to obtain NX. Use mesos to buy easy-to-sell things that everyone needs. Throwing stars cannot be sold through the MTS, but things like Work Gloves can. The goal here is to convert as much of your mesos into NX at the best ratio possible. Cheaper things often have a better meso-to-NX ratio, sometimes even reaching 2mil mesos per 1k NX. However, there are two things to consider: you need to sell a lot of those cheaper items in order to get a decent amount of NX, and you also get charged a basic tax that is not percentage-based. I believe it is currently 100 NX + 10% of selling price, so it makes selling things worth 250k for 250 NX kind of pointless. The best alternative is to sell mid-range items: clean 1-2 attack PACs, 8-11 attk WGs, etc. These go for a decent ratio (about 2mil-2.5mil mesos per 1k NX) but it gets you into the MTS business quickly.

Once you have NX:
As your NX amount increases after the first few K's, start spending more and more time checking the most recent listings. You don't have to have a lot of NX in order to do this, as people have found great items for very cheap. However, if you don't have much NX, your focus should be getting more rather than already starting to buy things. Not saying you can't, but it shouldn't be the focus. You have to find a balance between the time you spend searching for items that can be easily converted to NX and searching the listings to find deals you can buy with NX. Obviously if you have less NX, you do the former more and if you have more NX, you do the latter more.

The Conversion Rate
The conversion rate depends on the price of the item. For the cheapest items (i.e. under 1mil), the conversion can be as good as 2mil = 1k NX. Once you get into the lower millions (2-25) it begins increasing from 2 mil = 1k NX to about 2.5-3mil = 1k NX on average. Higher than that, it becomes 3.5-4 mil+ = 1k NX.

The obvious reason is because people still think of NX in terms of real money rather than mesos. Where as most people would not think very much of paying 25 cents for a 250k item they couldn't otherwise afford, few people will want to pay the equivalent of 2000 dollars for a 2bil godly item they couldn't otherwise afford. Yet the ratio between 25 cents = 250k and 2000 dollars = 2bil is EXACTLY the same.

How To Make Money
If you haven't figured out from the previous sections, the best way to make money is to take advantage of the different ratios of exchange offered by the price ranges. Thus taking cheap or medium range items and changing them into NX, and then using the combined NX to get godly items that sell for maybe 3-4 mil per 1k NX can be amazing profit.

Another way to make money is to snipe good deals. Though this may decrease as people get more familiar with MTS, there will always be people who put great items in for very little NX.

Finally, as mentioned, MTS is cross-server. Take advantage of the server you are in as much as possible. If your server has certain items for extremely cheap prices compared to other servers, buy them with mesos and sell them on MTS. If something is particularly expensive in your server but not at all expensive in other servers, buy the cheap ones that people in those servers listed on MTS and then sell them in your server.

[header=7TH]The 7th Day Market
Where is the Seventh Day Market?
There is a Mimi NPC in almost every major town on Sundays. The one in Henesys is right beside Jay. It's only accessible on Sunday.

Where's Abdullah?
He's available from Monday to Saturday. In Henesys, he is next to the market entrance.

What do you do there?
It's like the stock market. You go in, buy items from the NPC merchants, and then throughout the week you can sell them to Abdullah as his buying prices vary up and down.

What items can you buy there?
From NPCs:
Crow Feather Hat
Taxidermy Shark
Unagi (Not the one that you can use as a potion)
You can also visit user shops set up there.

What do the items do?
Nothing in particular. They do NOT stack -- 1 per slot in your Setup Inventory. They can not be sold to Abdullah after 1 week, so you basically have 5 days to pawn them off to him. They cannot be sold to other NPCs.

How do you make money?
Abdullah's prices for buying the items will fluctuate, according to the NPC, sometimes hourly. The prices at which the NPC sells the items also vary.

Can you use it like a normal FM?
Apparently yes, you can open up your store there. But since it's open for only one day, it's worth less than a spot in the normal FM for those who plan on setting up for a long time. You can set up over the NPCs.

I honestly do not find the Seventh Day Market worth the effort. But if you are a complete newb at merchanting, you can give it a try. The profit you can make from it in a week is minimal, but it does reflect well how buying and selling prices of items can change, so it's good practice.

[header=TIPS]Additional Tips
Tax Reduction
Did you know that stores charge half the tax that trades do? So if you're selling a very expensive item in which the tax will be significant, go to an empty FM and ask your buyer to buy it out of your store instead of in trade!

Take advantage of events that give items or release new items. For the first few days, the new items will be very easy to obtain for cheap and sell for ridiculously high. (TY megami)

HP Scrolling
It has been pointed out that HP scrolls are very cheap. But since many many priests and bossers need these equips, they actually sell for quite a bit if scrolled well. (TY deathmage122)

I recommend buying PACs and other equips, not mainly scrolls and iTCG. Equips usually go easier then scrolls, because most people know scroll prices, but only good merchants are good with equips. Merchanting scrolled equips is the easiest way to make profit. I bought a 13 atk SCG for 220mil and resold for 300mil. I saw another deal where I coulda bought a 12 atk shield for 150mil and resold for 200mil. Equips are the best! (TY XXicycoldXxX)

Good Luck reselling!

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thxxxx alot its a noce guild i phail ay merchanting tehe i hope this will help
Jul 16 2009
Lol @ S> iilbi 15m and some other kid b>22m. That's actually good. Works better with back to back spots.

Also, fm1 chnl1, ts almost essential to have a mushie. You cannot be bothered with FM dc'ers, FM ac'ers, and people spamming you or trying to make you lower a price so they can steal your spot. Mushies are good if your going big. Mastery books can also be merchanted. The level 20 books are the best to merchant. Also, SoK'ing zhelms, selling for 50~150m in fm spots and rebuying for 35m in a run or getting it for free if you are an attacker. Easy weekly profit.
Jul 16 2009
lol wonder how long this is gonna take
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winterfresh Level 127 Scania Cannoneer 4
how many times has this gotten reposted?
Jul 23 2009
Here is a little guide to merchanting:

We're here to tell you about how to merchant.

Common Sense.

Use your common sense.
Jul 23 2009
very nice guide ^^
Jul 25 2009
Another good idea is glove att10%'s from basil
they go for like 1 - 1.5m on broa here, yet the sell in game for like 3m.
Aug 05 2009
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