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The New MapleStory FAQs

General MapleStory Forum Talk about MapleStory in general

Bunnie, the previous threadstarter of this guide, deleted her Basil account, and with it, all of her threads/posts. With her permission and encouragement, I reposted all of her guides for her. All credit goes to TinDragon and jestervii for their respective work on compiling the info present in this thread. If you'd like to contribute any FAQ, myth, or misconception to this guide, please post it here or PM me.

Table of Contents

[s=/forum/879679/0/#2]General FAQs[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#2.1]How to Get Married[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#2.2]How to Get a Mount[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#2.3]Zakum-Related Questions[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#2.4]Calculators[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#2.5]Additional Sources[/s]
[s=/forum/879679/0/#3]Myths & Misconceptions[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#3.1]Skills and Stats[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.12]HP and STR[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.13]The Effect of HP on Heal[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.14]Fame and Drops[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#3.2]Scrolling "Tricks"[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.21]Sacrifice Scrolling[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.23]Dark Scrolls[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#3.3]Quests and Party Quests[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.31]"Forcing" Quest/Gacha Rewards[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.32]King Slime[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.33]Amoria PQ[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#3.4]MapleStory Terms of Service[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.41]Wizet and Nexon[/s]
--->[s=/forum/879679/0/#3.44]In-Game Legitimacy[/s]
  • [s=/forum/879679/0/#3.5]Miscellaneous[/s]

This thread is a combination of both the MapleStory FAQs and the Rumors and Myths threads, both of which have not been updated for some time, and are now deleted. Content-wise, I accept no credit for the information presented.

If there is information that is incorrect or outdated here, please inform me with sources and I will change them as soon as possible. Similiarly if there is a common question that you feel should be addressed by this thread, let me know and I may add it.

This thread is meant to give basic answers to the most commonly asked questions, and provide links to sources that cover the problems in a more in-depth manner.

[header=2]General FAQs
Just a few answers and a lot of sources to questions that I see asked again and again in the General section. Since the answers are very condensed, links are provided for further research. All credits go to the sources and particularly TinDragon, whose links I have copied in the Calculators and Patch Info sections.

[header=2.1]How to Get Married
  1. The male character goes to Amoria to talk to Moony.
  2. He must collect four proofs of love from the Nana fairies, found in Ellinia, Perion, Kerning, Henesys, Orbis, and Ludi.
  3. Go back to Moony to select a ring.
  4. Propose.
  5. Buy your wedding ticket from the Cash Shop. If you buy a Cathedral ticket, proceed to step 6. If you buy a Chapel ticket, skip to step 8.
  6. The female character goes to Amoria to talk to High Priest John. Then she goes to see her parents at their house, one map above HHG2.
  7. Do two proof of love Nana quests. Bring them back to the parents and then go to High Priest John in Amoria.
  8. Send your invites and make your wedding gift wishlist.
  9. Talk to the assistant and get married.

[Credits to GL1TCH3D for the reminder that Nana can be found in Ludi]

Details, with pictures of the rings located here:

[header=2.2]How to Get a Mount
This page provides a very condensed and helpful guide:

How do I protect the hog?
If you're having a really hard time killing the aliens, one strategy is to restart the quest over and over until the hog drops 3 pheromones within the first minute and a half. Then protect the hog until it drops the two remaining and abandon it completely to get the boxes and hopefully get out before it dies.

What if I miss?
You just have to be near the hog to catch it. The easiest way is to hit it once and then walk to a corner and wait for it to run into you.

[header=2.3]Zakum-Related Questions
Buying the Helmet:
Check Sleepywood to see if the guild is on their list. If not, no matter how cheap they are offering the helm to you, you run a greater risk of being scammed.
VIP - Means you are bumped to the top of the buyer list, after other VIP customers only.
REG - You have to wait for your helm. Most guilds allow you to buy in advance so that hopefully by the time you are ready, you're already quite far up the list.

Basic Requirements:
  • Level 50
  • At least 1950 HP unless you are a mage, in which case, you'll be fine as long you maxed Magic Guard.
  • 75% HP/MP recovery NLC pots for mages. Melted cheese for other other classes. All-cure pots are also suggested. Number depends on the guild taking you.
  • Knowledge of where the wall is, and how to hug it. Zakum is not a wall. Do not hug him.

HP Equips:
  • Ribbon Pig Headband
  • Emergency Tube or Versalmas Cactus
  • HP top and bottom
  • HP scrolled shield (usually a stolen fence)
  • HP gloves (Work Gloves)
  • HP cape (usually Old Raggedy Cape or Yellow Raggedy Cape)
  • 90/90 Speigelmann Necklace or Deputy Star Pendant
  • HP Rat Mouth or Branch Nose
[Credits to Guiayaisla for the reminder to include the Versalmas Cactus]

Jump Quest Video:

Frequently Asked Questions:;highlight=Zakum+helm+sellers

General Zakum Guides (Quests Covered):;sid=5f230f2f990faaa8a594cfdb92b6db9c

Accuracy Calculators
[url=]Jymbo[/url] | [url=]Maoserr[/url] | Orezplz
[Credits to smartguy11 for 3rd link]

Damage Calculators
[url=]All Classes[/url]

Bowman | Bowman
Thief | Bandit

[header=2.5]Additional Sources
Patch Info:
[url=]MapleStory Global[/url] | [url=]MapleStory SEA[/url] | [url=]MapleStory Europe[/url]

Hidden-Street Global / SEA | MapleTip | MapleWiki |StrategyWiki


[header=3]Myths & Misconceptions
Originally created by jestervii, this section is for the rumors and misconceptions that fly about MapleStory. I really enjoyed his format, so I'll try to preserve it as best as possible. However, I have edited out some less relevant issues with some more recent concerns that people have regarding the game. All credits go to him and other respective sources who contributed.

[header=3.1]Skills and Stats
Myths and misconceptions in this section include:
  • The utility of hands
  • The effect of STR on HP
  • The relationship between HP and Heal
  • The use of Fame

Myth One: It helps you stay on ladders.

Proved to be false, as lower-level characters with less "hands" stay just as well on ladders. The difference is that higher-level characters tend to get hit less, and for less damage, but neither have anything to do with hands.

Myth Two: Hands is magic accuracy.

Magic accuracy is determined mostly by INT and level. Hands has nothing to do with it. However, since "hands" is a summation of the other stats, it may appear that higher hands = higher magic accuracy, but only because your INT, LUK, and level is higher.

Myth Three: Hands improves drop/pick-up rate.

The only difference in pick-up rate between characters is based on how laggy your computer/internet is. Otherwise, your level 200 character will pick up things the same speed as your level 1 beginner. As for the drop rate, higher levels (and therefore higher hands) simply kill more monsters within a given time, and therefore end up with more drops.

What is the real use of "Hands"?
In GMS, it currently has no use. It's simply an arbitrary number that denotes the sum of your DEX, INT, and LUK. But in JMS and KMS, there is a use for it. You can unlock a Beginner skill, called the "Maker" skill, that lets you forge items and customize their stats with different processed minerals, jewels, and crystals. Whenever you forge an item through the Maker skill, there's a % chance that it will fail or that the item will break. Something like that. The higher your Hands stat is, the lower the chance of the forging process failing.
[Credits to Kazoothebat]

[header=3.12]HP and STR
Myth: STR increases HP.

STR actually does not affect HP in the manner that INT affects MP increase. More STR does not mean more HP gain every time you level. For warriors, the big HP boost comes from the first job skill that increases max HP gain per level, while the little bit of additional HP that thieves and archers have over mages simply comes with the class.

[header=3.13]The Effect of HP on Heal
Misconception: Level 30 Heal will recover 300% of your HP for the party.

If you look at the heal description, the 300% describes the "recovery rate" thus leading many people to believe that heal is somehow affected by the cleric/priest/bishops' HP. However, it has been proven repeatedly that "blood" clerics are very ineffective healers, barely able to recover half their HP, never mind 3 times the amount. The recovery of heal depends on INT, M.ATK and the level of the skill.

[header=3.14]Fame and Drops
Myth: Fame increases the number of drops you get.

Fame was first introduced as a way to reciprocate respect (or lack thereof) between players. It has no effect on the amount of drops that you get, since the chance of drops is predetermined.

The only active function of fame within the game is determining whether or not you can wear certain dark equips, i.e. Dark Moonlight, which require 20 fame.

Myths and misconceptions in this section include:
  • Sacrifice scrolling
  • Skullcaps, etc.
  • Dark Scrolls

For more on scrolling, refer to this exhaustively researched thread:

[header=3.21]Sacrifice Scrolling
Misconception: If you fail a bunch of cheap scrolls, the chance of a good scroll working is increased. This is known as gambler's fallacy.

To explain why this is false, the concept of probability has to be separated into individual probability and consecutive probability.

Individual probability is the chance of the scroll working on the slot you drop it on. It's independent of what occurred previously. That is to say, on one coin toss, the chances of getting heads instead of tails is 50%, no matter how many heads you got before. Similarly, scrolling 1 slot on an item is considered ONE event, and therefore 60% scrolls will always have a 60% chance of succeeding.

Consecutive probability is the chance of several events occurring in a row. That is to say, the chance of five 60%s landing in a row is far smaller than the chance of one 60% scroll landing. This is because this type of probability measurement depends on previous events. To take a coin toss analogy, the probability of getting two heads in a row with two coin tosses is 25%, because you have a 50% chance of getting heads on each toss.

People who sacrifice scroll think that repeated failures mean that future scrolling successes are "due to occur". There's no such thing as "due to occur", probability is constant, and not changed by past results.

Myth: The location of your character, the contents of your inventory, your equipment, etc. affect your scrolling.

The following superstitions do not seem to have any provable effect on the chances of a scroll succeeding, despite claims otherwise:
  • Wearing a skullcap.
  • Scrolling in certain channels or FM rooms.
  • Being near Bob the Snail or having his shell in your inventory.
  • Changing the way you apply the scroll to the item, i.e click-drop.

[header=3.23]Dark Scrolls
Myth One: You are better off using 70% scrolls than 60% scrolls.

It's amazing how some people would risk a 15% chance of an item exploding for an extra 10% chance of the scroll working. When 60% scrolls are available, they're usually, if not always, more expensive than their 70% scroll counterparts because of this very risk. 70% scrolls are popular mostly because of their lower price and availability compared to 60% scrolls, especially when 60%s are very rare or non-existent.

Myth Two: The chances of a dark scroll exploding your item is 50% for 30% dark scrolls and 30% for 70% dark scrolls.

If you read carefully, the percent chance of an item exploding is applied to IF the scroll fails. That means that the scroll has a 50% of exploding the item if it fails first. Therefore, 30% dark scrolls have a 30% chance of succeeding, 35% of failing but not exploding, and 35% chance of exploding the item. 70% dark scrolls have a 70% chance of succeeding, 15% of failing but not exploding, and 15% chance of exploding the item.

[header=3.3]Quests & Party Quests
Myths and misconceptions in this section include:
  • "Forcing" Quest Rewards
  • King Slime
  • Amoria PQ

[header=3.31]"Forcing" Quest/Gachapon Rewards
Myth: For Gachapon tickets and quest rewards that include items of several different inventory types [i.e. scrolls, ores, equipment], completely filling up any of those inventories will guarantee rewards from the others. Ex. if you fill up your equip and etc. inventories, you're guaranteed to get a scroll.

"Forcing" quest/gacha rewards doesn't work. If you don't have a slot of each applicable type open, the quest/gacha will simply tell you that you don't have enough room to accept a reward. The Maple Claws exchange quest during Christmas '07 was the only one time it's ever worked, and it only applied to Maplemas Lights. [Credits to Dweomer]

[header=3.32]King Slime
Myth: If you don't kill the slimes that spawn after King Slime in KPQ, your rewards will be better.

Repeated tests have shown that this theory is pretty unfounded. The chance of a 10% overall DEX scroll depends solely on your luck, like every other party quest; not on random, trivial factors.

[header=3.33]Amoria PQ
Misconception: Nexon recently announced that APQ has been opened to everyone for this month.

No, they didn't. Nexon simply made it so that on certain days, married players can APQ three times in a row without the 6-hour wait. The announcement can be found here:;mode=view&uid=234&bbsidx=1388
The statement "During these dates, you can enter Amoria PQ three times a day!" only applies to married players. [Credits to Vysper]

Myths and misconceptions in this section include:
  • Wizet and Nexon
  • Glitching
  • Leeching
  • In-Game Legitimacy
  • Off-Rankings

[header=3.41]Wizet and Nexon
Misconception: Nexon created MapleStory.

Jestervii puts it best: "Maple was created by Wizet and Nexon is the company that published it. Please note that Wizet was initially the publisher for GlobalMS. As of right now, Nexon is the official publisher of GMS." Other versions of MS have different publishers. For example, MapleSEA is published by AsiaSoft, not Nexon.

Misconception: Glitching is not against the ToS or should not be because "it's Nexon's fault there are glitches, and not our fault we take advantage of them."

That claim is absolutely false. Simply put, when you signed the ToS, you agreed to the terms that were listed and gave them permission to terminate or suspend your gameplay if the terms were in any way violated.

To quote the ToS:
"We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to take any actions we deem necessary and appropriate to preserve the integrity of the Service and Software. We further reserve the right to determine what conduct is outside the 'spirit' of the Service and games provided therein. While using the Service, you agree not to:
...Exploit errors in design, features which are not documented and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage;"

Misconception One: All leeching is bannable.

Buying and selling leech with real life money or NX Cash is considered power-leveling, while providing leech for mesos or for free is not.

Misconception Two: Only leeching from archmages/bishops is bannable.

The bans issued around the time of the Bigfoot glitch seem to be associated with above-average leveling rate. Archmages and bishops are the ones who most often sell leech and produce an abnormally high leveling rate. Thus, "power-leveling" bans which referred to Bigfoot glitching were often mixed up with bans for leeching.

[header=3.44]In-Game Legitimacy
Misconception: Violating any terms listed in the Terms of Service makes your character "illegit".

People who say this are being extremely technical about what the Terms of Service state. It is important to differentiate between the rules of gameplay and the rules of behavior within the community.

Breaking a rule of gameplay would make your character illegit, as it involves cheating some aspect of the game rules to gain an advantage, i.e. glitching or hacking.

Breaking a rule regarding behavior in the community, i.e. KSing, swearing, etc., can still get you banned, but does not affect the legitimacy of your character.

To use an analogy: If you're in a monopoly tournament, and you advance extra places whenever your opponents are not paying attention, then you would be disqualified as an illegit player. If you arrive at the tournament with no clothes on and screaming profanities, you'll be forced to leave as well, but it has nothing to do with the legitimacy of your gameplay.

Myth: Only hackers are permanently removed from rankings.

This rumor started from a quote by NXJoe awhile ago, but has then since changed. You can also be permanently removed from the rankings nowadays for serious offenses like NX fraud.

Myth: You can take like 1000 dmg from falling far enough.

Fact: The damage cap from falling is 37. I have tried many times to exceed it with no luck.
[Credits to uPhaze]
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