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Magatia Party Quest - Romeo & Juliet PQ

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Before you read...

This is my first guide ever! I made this guide for those Basilers who are too lazy to look elsewhere for certain updates on the game. In this case, it is the Magatia Party Quest. If you know any more facts about this party quest, please PM me, I will credit you and add it to this guide.


[i]Thanks for the Quests and Party Quests section sticky, Mr. basil! [/i]

Welcome to the Magatia (Romeo and Juliet) Party Quest guide!

  • [url=]The Magatia Party Quest has been confirmed to be released on patch v .64 of January 21[/url]


  • For those of you who had no intention of checking out Magatia after patch v .63, head to Ariant. After that, go to the SECOND to the rightmost portal in the main town. Enter the portal, click on the camel or walk, then viola!

  • NO, THERE IS NO POISON IN THIS PQ! Frankenroid is the "poison" himself... you must save Romeo or Juliet from this... poison...

Sorry for the inaccurate description of the monsters on each stage. I still have to edit them.

[url=]Here is a small video I found on youtube about Magatia PQ. [/url]

[url=]Here is a video tutorial for those of you who haven't tried the party quest yet.[/url]

In this guide, I will explain the basics of the party quest.

Here is the basic outline for this Party Quest:

  • Six stages, excluding the boss stage
  • One boss, which can take up either one of two forms (One form being stronger than the other, of course)
  • A fair bonus.. the prizes for saving Romeo or Juliet are:
-100k exp
-Stone of Alcadno OR Zenumist
-Random scroll or potion (Not sure)

Here are the basic requirements for this Party Quest:

  • You have to be level 71-85 to attend this PQ
  • A thief with maxed haste is mandatory (Or 120% jump. If you can obtain 120% jump in any way, then you're set.)
  • A mage with maxed teleport is mandatory
  • You have to have a party of EXACTLY 4 people to enter the PQ


There are TWO versions... yes... TWO versions of this party quest. That means that it will be easier to access the party quest, even with all those excited maplers trying out the party quest for the first time. The Juliet version is located in the Alcadno lab and the Romeo version is located in the Zenumist lab. If you are going to take on the Juliet version, you will be protecting Romeo from Frankenroid (the boss), and vice versa. When you save either Romeo or Juliet in any version, the couple will re-appear in the center of the boss room as a happy, united couple! (AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE REAL STORY... >)
The bonus, of course, will be explained later.

I BELIEVE this PQ has a time limit of 45 minutes. Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

Starting the Party Quest

Head to either lab, as explained above. Enter the labs, head to the top portal right above whichever president's room you're in (there should be a door in the foreground you couldn't access earlier in patch v. 63).

  • [url=]Zenumist entrance to PQ (Romeo)[/url]
  • [url=]Alcadno entrance to PQ (Juliet)[/url]

In these rooms, you will meet either Romeo or Juliet, your party quest NPCs. These two actually look pretty cute... ... ... O_o ...

To start, make sure your party has met the specified requirements. When you are ready, you will be transported to stage 1 (Duh).

MPQ~ Stage 1

Monsters: None

Easy as poop. Have EVERYONE start clicking on the random books scattered throughout the map to give the impression that everybody is reading through the books like real bookworms. Every book gives out an identical message. Of course, one of these books reads a different message, and when your leader clicks on it, he/she should tell everybody to prepare for stage 2 (because your done with this one, dur).

Reward: None

MPQ~ Stage 2

Monsters: Site, Homun

Ack. This pq is probably one of the many pqs known for being darkitty-dark-dark. Have everyone click on the books, just like in stage 1. However, this time, your party is required to eliminate every monster in the room in order to proceed. No biggie, unless you were real scared of the closet like I was when I was little...

Reward: 10,000 experience

MPQ~ Stage 3

Monsters: Homonculous

More monsters. Oof. This stage isn't too hard, but you might want to be careful, because those glass bottles leak. Oh, I'll get to that in a sec.

DON'T kill the monsters. Just kidding. Kill them and they will drop green liquid bottles you will have to drop on those giant empty bottles I mentioned just now. Oh! The bottles are leaking! That's right, you have a limited time to drop another green liquid bottle before the giant bottle loses some liquid. Repeat until you have completed this stage.

Reward: 20,000 experience

MPQ~ Stage 4

Monsters: Neo Huroid

Probably the hardest stage. Anywhoo...

Start killing those robots! Once they drop a Card Key item, have ANYBODY either drop it in front of the right door or the left door. Remember the mage with the maxed teleport or the thief with the maxed haste? This is where they come in. If your party drops the card in the left door, have your thief do the ... jump quest ... *EVIL LAUGH* ... (we know how you hate them) ... and hit the box at the end for an Alcadno Document. Sorry mages, but you're gonna have to do a ... jump quest ... *EVIL LAUGH* ... too. Have the key card dropped in front of the right door, and have your mage walk in and do the ... jump quest ... *EVIL LAUGH*, hit the box, and obtain a Zenumist Document. Alright! You're done! Click on Romeo or Juliet to rid this place of monsters and proceed!


Several side notes on this stage. First off, you should REALLY treat your mages and thieves with respect, because they will lose 100 hp every THREE seconds inside the rooms with the jump quests (Except you, clerics. >:]). Second, have AT LEAST one person ouside the rooms to drop the card keys, because those doors can only be opened from the outside. Yah, be careful. (Knowing you guys, I don't think you'de want to lose 100 hp every 3 seconds).

Reward: 20,000 experience

MPQ~ Stage 5

Monsters: Mithril Mutates, Reinforced Iron Mutates



Reward: 20,000 experience

MPQ~ Stage 6

Monsters: None

This is like, the fanciest combo stage in any PQ I have ever seen. So, there are only four doors. At least one person should do each room.

Enter these doors. OOH! PLATFORMS! Wait.. OooOof... yeah, ya gotta start climbing baby. Drop 10 mesos or something on each correct platform in YOUR room to remind YOURSELF which platforms are correct. Now, there are 10 levels of platforms you must climb. Whenever YOU come upon a correct platform, be sure to tell your teammates which platform was correct in YOUR room, for example, "L1: 2," meaning that on level 1, the second to the left (usually) is the correct platform for YOU. Now, this is important, because whichever platform on whichever level is correct for YOU, THAT platform is INCORRECT on the SAME level for the rooms in your teammates' rooms. Do the rest.

And yes, the combinations reset every PQ.

~~~Stage Alternative~~~

Just do your own room. Say your numbers in party chat to remind both you and your party members what the numbers are. Another member, or even you, can take advantage of the numbers spammed to figure out, or at least eliminate, wrong platforms on your level. For example, if you see 12334, 41212, and 33141 in the chat bar from two other people, and you are on the fourth level, you know that platforms 1, 3, and 4 are incorrect for your level, thus platform numer 2 on level 4 of your room is correct.

Reward: 20,000 experience

MPQ~ Final Stage: Frankenroid/Angry Frankenroid (I coulda sworn it was "Lloyd..." O_o)

Monsters: Frankenroid/Angry Frankenroid, Mithril Mutate, Iron Mutate, Neo huroid

Boss stage. Big giant Frankenstein sitting in a robot waiting to eat people. Yar.

Anyway, if you are doing the Romeo version of the PQ, you will be protecting Juliet, and vice versa for the Juliet version. Blargh. Here is the info of Frankenroid/Angry Frankenroid...

Frankenroid- level 81

  • HP: 660,000
  • MP: 2,500
  • Knockback: 6000
  • Avoidability: 28
  • EXP: 12,000

[url=]His ugly self. [/url]

Angry Frankenroid- level 84

  • HP: 850,000
  • MP: 2,500
  • Knockback: 6,000
  • Avoidability: 33
  • EXP: 25,000

[url=]Bleh. >[/url]

By redoing (in other words, re-clicking) the books on the first stage, you will get a note that is SOMEHOW related to summoning Angry Frankenroid. Some facts are still missing.

To take on Frankenroid, first, summon yer pikachu. Have it do THUNDERBOLT, then follow up with a FALCCCOON PAWNNCH! While the robot is supposedly upside-down, quickly jump on it and start farting in his face.

Just kidding.

Click on the mad scientist that was supposedly copied from the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. He will laugh at how pathetic your attempt was at reaching him (and mabye even how you look), and summon Frankenroid. He jumps. He punches. HE GIVES YOU WEDGIES. SAVE YOUR NPC'S SPOUSE, all I have to say. Have an Ice lightning mage, a stunner, or anybody that can stop those roids from touching Romeo/Juliet in enough time so you can get that bonus. To be more specific, he has a boxing glove that comes out of the robot he is mounting on to sucker punch you as a 1/1 attack.. He jumps and causes earthquakes, similar to mushmom and King Slime. Frankenroid's touch damage ranges from 1200-1300 damage. His Magic attack ranges from
1300-1400 damage. Not sure for Angry Frankenroid, but a bit higher, yes?. His faithful Iron Mutates and Mithril Mutates know super weapon defence and super magic defence and deal around 400 touch damage. He also has a warp ability to warp you out of the room, so have anybody else get ready to protect Romeo/Juliet.. Annoying. Beat him up and win, that is all there is to any boss stage, yes?

~~~Summoning Angry Frankenroid~~~

Anyways, after you finish the neo huroid stage and give the letter to Romeo/Juliet, when the door opens, have one of the party members go in and be cautious aboutl not tripping the spawn point as Yulete disappears if this happens. I advise that you select one person to do this and have everyone else stand away from the door to avoid their natural pqing instincts. Anyways, have the party member in the room with Yulete walk over to him and when you can see at least part of him, apply regular NPC techniques (double-click, as space bar does not work here) to hear him rant about Alcadno and Zenumist. If done right, the party members outside the room should hear "Yulete can be heard mumbling to himself" in blue text. That is the rest of the party's cue to come in the room and finish the rest of the pq as normal. If done correctly, you'll have a stronger, redder Frankenroid. Before you fight the boss, choose the second option. Enjoy!

~~~Tips on saving Romeo/Juliet~~~

The only classes I reccomend for saving an NPC are stated as followed:

  • Ice Lightning Mage- Mob and freeze the robots in place slowly but not too fast
  • An outlaw for stunning the robots in place
  • I discovered this method: A ranger with a decent level puppet to lure the robots away from the NPC and stunning them with arrow bomb (Sniper can do this too, but they will need a better puppet, since they have no stun skills)
  • Er, marauders for.. just protecting.
  • Chief Bandit: See below.


If you feel your party is THAT strong, go ahead and mash that frankenroid before the NPC dies. Chief Bandits, you come in here.


And poof, again, no bonus, just like Herb Town Party Quest. HOWEVER...

Romeo and Juliet~ The aftermath

If you managed to save the alternative NPC in your party quest, you will recieve a total of 115,000 experience, an Alcadno Marble or Zenumist Marble, depending on the version of your party quest, and a random item, like a scroll, a batch of potions, or certain quest items. (Confirmed by UseTheForce)

If you manage to FAIL saving Romeo or juliet's life during the fight with Frankenfreakazoidamajiggity, you will only (Or still, in some of your eyes. ) recieve 90,000 experience and ABSOLUTELY NO bonus items.

IMPORTANT! (Information about the famous "Eye of Horus"
The stones you recieve from the "bonus" are used to create the [url=]Eye of Horus[/url], a pendant that offers +3 to every stat. To make this pendant, you have to have 35 of each marble (Dam you Nexon ) No, it is not better than the deputy star in terms of stats, BUT...

An item called the Rock of Wisdom (origins currently unknown) is used to scroll the pendant, similar to MCPQ's Speigleman Marble. This "scrolling" gives an additional 70 HP and MP to the pendant. This means that you can have UP to 210 HP/MP extra, which could be EXTREMELY handy.

Not too flashy, not too shabby.

~~~Getting the Pendant~~~

In order to get the pendant, you HAVE to complete Magatia PQ with Angry Frankenroid. By doing this, you save Yulete, and he decided to start out new. You can enter his lab after this, in the sewer right under the storage person in the main city. Do all his quests, and after that, you should be able to make an Eye of Horus with 35 of each marble OR make a Rock of Wisdom with 10 of either marble.

"Is this PQ good for exp?"

ARG! GUYS! It REALLY depends. How much % will 195k/180k every 20 minutes on average give you? Think about it this way; how does earning around 600k exp per hour sound to you? If this is fast, then yes, this PQ is good for EXP. However, if you still want to grind because you can and its free, help yourself.

Personally, I reccomend DOING this party quest, because you don't really have any more party quests to enjoy after level 85. In my opinion, this party quest is decently faster than Ppq.

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. I really suggest you people put in just a BIT of effort to earn the bonus, because some of you are forgetting that you get NOTHING but exp if you fail.

Side Quests

Currently unknown for the time being. These quests definitely relate to Angry Frankenroid and certain monster drops from inside the Party Quest.


  • So far, me, Porkky of Basilmarket, the successor of BoonhowX's comics.
  • Kazoothebat for first-time guide making tips. (Thanks, buddy! )
  • Mr. basil for obvious reasons.

Side Credits

* Thank you Ifelix for correcting me on the storyline. I completely forgot about the marriage in the storyline.
* Thank you UseTheForce for bringing up the pendant and elaborating on the reward!
* EXTRA credit to UseTheForce. Thank you so much for helping me out with this guide. You are like my little helper, yah.
* Thanks... uh... qaovxtazypdl.. O_O... for the info on Angry Frankenroid...
* Thank you WeatherReport for the information on scrolling the Eye of Horus!
* Thanks LordSin97 for reminding me that haste adds jump (And the 120% jump requirement).

Correction credits after the patch. (Lol@Nexon)

  • Thank you BBD for the info on the boss warping and stage 1
  • Er thanks FrozenInSilver for linking my guide to the discussion thread.
  • Thank you mesterious "BoredStiff" for adding the info on summoning Angry frankenroid.
  • Thanks for posting yer thread on the Eye of Horus, SuperMoutonz

I will credit you if you can help me fix any errors in this guide or elaborate vague/missing parts of the Party Quest. THANKS GUYS!

(Now I hope you can stop asking about the party quests and just look at this~ >:] )
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Snipers protect better than Rangers. We don't even NEED Puppet, we can just 100% freeze with Blizzard.
Jul 21 2009
im pretty sure its only 25 marbles.

and to darknight, ranger and sniper dont need stun nor freeze to protect. A pro archer that has at least 6 puppet can go to ledge and pkb robots to the open side. then you just puppet at the far right wall, and the robots will just walk like idiots without hurting romeo/juliet. :]
This way you can also help your mates kill frank while protecting.

unless of course your lazy, then just go to ledge, puppet, and sit instead of recasting blizzard all the time
Jul 23 2009
Great Guide, Really Helped, ++ These ppls posts are ALREADY giving great info to update it with.

Keep it coming
Jul 24 2009
Is it worth doing magatia PQ if you want to level fast?[/quote]

Not now but before the hacks, yes. MPQs generate a mini-community if you ask me.
Aug 05 2009
It's 25 Marbles. Now people just glitch Magatia Party Quest. By the way, you dont finish Magatia PQ in 20minutes, it should be 30-40ish, unless ur epic pro.
Aug 12 2009
by the way, you don't need max tele. you just need it at level 18. tested it myself.
Aug 13 2009
I got permanently banned cause a hacker entered our map and glitched/hacked.
Aug 15 2009
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