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Guide to CPQ tactical winning

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RJustice Level 135 Windia Demon Slayer 4
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  • Cygnus Knights
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(Last update- June 17, 2009)

Hello everybody this guide is an attempt at making a CPQ guide which focuses on winning by the use of proper tactics.

I'll start now.

If you read this guide please post below on what you think I can add or take away.

Table of contents.

[s=/forum/931455/0/#base]Basic information[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#allc]All Classes Pros and Cons[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#comm]Common strategies[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#rm12]Rooms 1 and 2[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#rm34]Rooms 3 and 4[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#rm56]Rooms 5 and 6[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#trwi]Trade winning[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#coin]Coin farming[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#mast]Master chronos rush[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#emote]Emotions in CPQ[/s]
[s=/forum/931455/#extra]Extra information[/s]

[name=base]##Basic information

CPQ is a new Party quest (pq). CPQ stands for carnival party quest.

CPQ consists of 2 parties entering the battleground, and hunting the monsters summoned by the other party. It's a combat quest that determines the victor by the amount of Carnival Points (CP) earned.

Once you enter the Carnival Field, the task is to earn CP by hunting monsters from the opposing party, and use those CP's to distract the opposing party from hunting monsters.

There are three ways to distract the other party: Summon a Monster, Skill, and Protector.

Now I won't be going into the details of what you can summon as this is a guide on tactical winning, not a general CPQ guide.

[name=allc]##All Classes CPQ Pros and Cons (credits to BrickTheHun)


-Efficient mobbers in maps 3 and 4
-Fighters and Spearman are liked for Rage and Hyper Body, respectively
-High damage

-Miss more often than others until late 30s
-Short range hinders their attacking abilities in maps 5 and 6, and 1 and 2 to some extent


-Have mobbing skills, which help them in 3 and 4 if used correctly
-Bow-whacking stays a problem, even with low leveled PKB at level 50


-Haste helps a lot
-Fast attackers
-Good avoidablity

-No mobbing
-Bandits have a bit trouble in room 5 and 6 (if not attacking rombots) and also a little in 1 and 2, just like warriors.


-Who doesn't like Heal?
-Thunderbolt is very useful in 3 and 4
-Can attack even when other team uses Cancel W. Atk

-Clerics' damage is not too pleasing without Heal-weak monsters


-Good attacking speed
-Have mob even at low level

-Low accuracy
-Slow attackers (brawlers)
-Less damage (gunners)

[name=comm]##Common tactics

These are tactics that you should be using in every room and you probably know already but I'm posting it down anyways.

  1. Try not to die because you can lose upto 10 cp

  1. Always use the CP ups, stunners, and mini/large cube of darkness as they are also a good way to get winning but if your already in a lead it doesnt matter.

  1. Take some time to check out your opponents team. See if they have a majority of mages, sins, warriors or archers. That way you can build your strategy.
Now some people will say we only get 10 seconds to see our opponents. I'd say: Ask your opponents team for some time to build a strategiy. I always do this
and they agree to give me a minute or two with my party outside the waiting room.

  1. To build your strategy you can use any of the tips in the other sections of my guide. If the opponents have a majority of 1 class skip down to Anti-strategies.

  1. Pick up the items!

  1. Avoid works on mages even up to the lvl 50. Something you should consider. Another thing is combo pairing. If you are fighting against a magical+high accuracy attacker (sin/bowmen). It is more difficult to stop because avoid does not stop the bowmen/sin. Requiring both cancel weapon and cancel magic attack to completely stop the pair. It is easier to stop two warriors because avoid = GG for the warriors.

[name=rm12]##1st and 2nd rooms

In these rooms both parties can clearly see eachother and eachother's monsters. In this room only 2~4 players can be of each team.

Firstly, this room is recomended for lvs 30~40 as its very difficult to get a B or A rank here.

Also, the summon limits for this room is 7.

The Tactics

Get a party of 2~4 players each.

The major constituents should be A dit, any mobber {warrior or I/l(i havent added bowmen as they have a problem with the bow-wacking)}, and if a 3rd or 4th choice go for another of the mentions or a Cleric/FP as they work in any field. If assassins are well funded or have a level 10+ haste they are useful in this rooms. They can jump over the monsters and and climb the ladder then attack the monster from behind.

Note: [i]Sins and Archers are not preffered here because they have a hard time hitting the monsters. Sins need to jump to attack most of the time and while jumping they miss the teddys that are nearby and when they dont jump they just do a Claw-shot (like bow whacking). For archers, when they do bow whack they sometimes KB the monster to a distance which is good but is also very time consuming to just wait for the monster to go to a distance. Though normally archers fare better in these fields than unfunded or lower level assassins. If you say that Your sin or archer does it this way or that way, then I must say you are not the majority of the Sins or archers.[/i]

  1. Once inside with a good team you should start killing like theres no tommorow. In this arena theres not much tactics but you could always use Avoidability Ups with Speed ups and summon Trojans or Master chronos depending on your opponents team.

  1. Summon Trojans if they have bowman/sins and Master chronos works for everybody (but if mostly mages or even 1 cleric don't summon these).

All of the protectors work well with the Master chronos cause they use their m. atk to knock you off the ladder while going to the protector.

[i]End of Rooms 1 and 2[/i]

Any more tactics are welcome just PM me or post it here.

[name=rm34]##3rd and 4th rooms

Rooms 3 and 4 are the basic rooms for lv 40+ though lv 35+ deserve a right to fight here too as they are useful as well.

Here getting a B rank is common and A rank can be obtained with a good party.

this rooms summon limit is 7 as with the previous rooms.

The tactics

Get a party consisting of 2~4 members (correct me if i made a mistake here)

Mostly you should be looking for a mobber(same as room 1/2), A dit, A cleric(for killing those M. chronos), And Possibly an FP cause they r good anywhere they just dont have any Extra help like mobbing,healing, etc. Sins and archers do fine in this room if used properly with mobbers.

  1. If you are a sin or archer, let the mobber mob up all the monsters in the center of the screen while you should stay a bit away from the mob and spam your main attack (archers can mob from a distance so that they mob and still dont have 2 worry bout whacking). This way, you won't be doing 1's and you will still be getting CP.

  1. the best way to use your CP is to have 1 person summon Avoid ups along with a whole bunch of other protectors. Another Person should use one of the Cancellors (both if needed). Then the 3rd and 4rth person mass summon master chronos so its virtually impossible for the other party to get to the protectors.
Note:Based on many other players' input I have found out that if the opponents have a very strong party its best not to summon and instead we should use skills and protectors to the maximum extent.

  1. After you use the above tactic make sure 1 person is always on the above platforms so that he/she can easily destroy the protectors they will summon. This person should be either the weakest or the one with least CP. This is in order to easily already be ontop of a platform withouth having to worry about being attacked by master chronos and falling off the platforms.

  1. If you are any type of archer and the opposing team summons rombots then you can climb up to the lower platforms and arrow bomb it. With this, even the other things will get affected.

User recommended tactics:

  • sins with haste +13 in room 3/4 can jump higher than trojans and hit them. However, they do get hit more but if their damage is like 500-600+ per star, and they can kill the trojans in 2 or 3 hits, then it's worth doing it. (This is mostly for lvl 44+). It works for me but maybe not everyone.

[i]end of rooms 3 and 4[/i]

Any more tactics are welcome just PM me or post it here

[name=rm56]##5th and 6th rooms

These are the final, the ultimate, the Extravagent, and the Best rooms in Cpq.....(OK maybe i got a little carried away)

These rooms are also like rooms 1 and 2 where you can see eachother's parties the only difference is that their are now COMMON enemies-the robos.

In these rooms you can have 3~6 people in each party.

In these rooms you can summon upto 16 monsters.

The tactics

First off dont try this room unless you have a majority of 40+ in your party.

  1. For this arena you should try to get mostly long ranged attackers as it is easier for them to attack in this map. It is a good choice to have a mage/cleric, sin, and a hunter/xbowman. The reason why closed range attackers are not as good at this map (unless higher 40s) are because they kill less monsters over a period of time. If they attack rombots they will get killed pretty easy because Touch damage and m. dmg will kill them. Also, against robos they kill the robos fast but it takes em a long time to travel to the next robo whereas a sin or hunter could just stand on the sniping spot and destroy 4 robos in the time a dit or warrior would take to kill two or three.
So its not really the problem of damage its actually the time being consumed. (dont beleive it? Get a sin lv 45 and dit lv 45 in ur party make them only kill robos and see who gets more CP in the end)

  1. Split into two groups. This is very important if your going to win here. Get your party to divide. The strongest person in your party should kill the rombots and the rest of them should go up against the robos. This is because if two high levels kill rombots they are merely KSing eachother for the 6 cp. Also, a cleric should stand ontop of the middle platform and spam heal if the other team summons master chronos. If you have a cleric give him this job no matter what level so that he can kill them with Heal.

  1. say u have 4 people. 1 guy will summon a whole bunch of protectors (avoid up and speed up is a must though). 2nd person should summon the cancellors. 3rd person should mass summon master chronos (if they have cleric then summon rombots). 4th person should summon stuns because stun=no movement=no fight=no CP=waste of time=annoyment=not able to destroy tower. Just remember 4th person should always do the skills! If there r more people you can always use the skills or MORE protecors. The reason to summon so many protectors is that they dont no which one to destroy to continue attacking. that is if theres 10 towers they gotta destroy all 10 before they no which one they need to destroy for the canceller (sorta confusing but i hope u get me).

Remember:- a good combination of monsters and protectors can give you a great lead in the battle.

  1. If you have a dit lv 45+ make him go for the rombots. If you have him in ur party make sure everyone else fights robos because the dit 45+ will pawn the rombots.

User recommended tactics:

  • Basically, what everyone said was to summon master chronos, protectors, pick up stunners/cp ups/ etc, and keep on attacking the robos. Assuming they have a cleric, you'd want to summon rombots. If your party can not afford rombots, then either save up or summon trojans.


Here are a few good anti strategies. All credit goes to Jetpilot55.

Anti-Ranged: If your opponent's team is heavy on ranged characters (Sins and Archers), a good way to neutralize them is by summoning all Trojans, Speed up, and Power Up. This only works on fields 1-4, as field 5/6 have spawns on multiple platforms. However, this combo means that a ranged character will be perpetually hit and KB'd by monsters, stuck in a mob unable to get enough distance to fire a shot. Many deaths will also ensue as a result.

Anti-Warrior: If your opponents have a large number of warriors, Avoid Up and Master Chronos are the way to go. Chronos already have high avoid, and avoid up makes it fairly impossible for a warrior to land any hits. This is suitable for any map. High level warriors are probably going to be able to eat through the Master Chronos+Avoidability Up strategy. Of course, 5/6 is a different story.

Anti-Mage: Against mages, summon Rombots, then Magic Up. They take longer to kill and can deal heavy damage. Mages are generally forced to use MG in CPQ, and a mob of Rombots can quickly drain a mage's mana. Rombots' M.ATT mobs as well, hitting all players within a vicinity. Those who choose to go MG-less will die in seconds without a cleric to heal, and even a cleric is no safeguard as his mana will be drained as well. With a mass of rombots it is often difficult to get pots to drop quickly enough to make up for the hp/mp you lose. Also, Despel works great against mages as it can cancel out their Magic gaurd and then they get whomped by the rombots you previously summoned.

[name=trwi]##Trade Winning

So alot of people in the Cpq area are shouting out "J>Trade wins@@@@" or "Trade wins 2v2 ch 5@@@"...

First of all trade wins is not against the ToS and you will Not get banned for it.

In trade wins all you basically do is take turns winning. This is done mostly by people in the 30s and also by people in the higher levels (45+).

It is an easy way to get Cp and also make friends.

Important: Do not be a fool and win twice just for extra Cp this is not cool and you will be blacklisted by everyone.

The tactics

  1. Rooms 3 and 4 generally work best and two or three people is best for killing effectively.
  2. Each party must have at least 1 mobber and 2 is preferable.
  3. Sins or archers can stand to the side and the mobber (I/L works best) and spams attacks. Multiple monsters are summoned (trojans or blotcopi are good, master chronos is there's a cleric in a party) as well as speed ups with there are either clerics or I/L. The speed ups allow the monsters to get to the middle faster and become mobbed.
  4. Two sins could work in a party, but they'd need to skip the speed ups and go for bloctos or trojans. I've easily gotten 800~1000+ CP with two low to mid 4X people this way.

[name=coin]##Coin farming AKA Coin rushing

I have got many requests to add this to my guide and so, here it is!

In coin farming you basically get a party of 2 people per party and Vs eachother in room 1.
Its pretty simple because all you have to do is summon teddys.
Since teddys are weakest they r easiest to kill and they drop the most maple coins.
These maple coins can be traded in for items to Mr. Speigellmann.

the tactics

  1. Summon only teddys cause if you dont the other party will most likely leave.

  1. The person who kills the monster keeps the coin. Either that or you take turns with the coins (depends on who your partying with)

  1. Its called meso farms cause the items you get from Spegeilmann can be traded in for mesos at a store.
Best item to sell: Gerphert sells for 150k a piece and only costs 7 coins. I sold 10 of these to the store and got a hefty amount of money (over 1 mill). This is the most expensive thing in Speigelmann's inventory (other than marbles and necklaces) to sell.

[name=mast]##Master Chronos Party

I'm not sure if this type of Pq is in worlds other than Kradia, but since its in Kradia I'm posting this as well.

This type of Pq is done by clerics (preferably in room 5/6)

Heres how it works.

  1. Get party consisting of mainly clerics and other people for attacking rombots, this way the team can gain CP to summon master chronos.
  2. Both parties summon only master chronos and the clerics heal kill them.
  3. The way to get fast exp here is by standing on the ledge in between all 4 surrounding platforms (this place is neutral to magic attack).
  4. It is good exp for both the clerics and the attackers.


  • Good exp
  • Easy leveling for clerics
  • Not to hard to do


  • Difficult to find many clerics for this sort of PQ
  • It isnt very common so most people don't no what it is and wouldnt want to join it.

[name=emote]##How to make emotions/faces in the Cpq.

In cpq, as we all know, we can not really make emotions as the pq requires the use of the predefined buttons (f1,f2,f3,etc)
To make emotions in the Carnival pq it is actually quite simple,
  1. Open up your keyboard (either from the quick menu or by pressing '') settings
  2. Click and hold on the emotions you wish to use in the pq.
  3. Drag them to any other key on your keyboard. When in the PQ if you press the key you just assigned, it will show the emotion you chose.

Another method (which works only for certain faces would be)

F1 face(hit)-Get hit by a monster
F2(smile)-Type 'hehe' or 'haha' on your keyboard
F4(cry)-type cry on your keyboard.

[name=ques]##Question and answers

Q. What are level limits for Cpq?
A. level 30~50

Q. What to do with maple coins?
A. You trade them to speigelmann for items. The coins are untradable to players.

Q. What is summon limit?
A. It is the maximum amount of monsters you can summon in an arena

Q. Do you like cookies?
A. Yep. I like cupcakes too~

[name=extra]##Extra Information

This guide would not have been properly finished without the following maplers:


The above list is not in any order I just wrote the names in a random order.

Wanna hear sumthing funneh?

In all the rooms rombots cost 30 cp to summon but in room 6 they cost only 22 Cp!

/end funnyness

plz post in it and click " I liked it" if you really liked it.

This is very important

I have seen people posting things which are already in my guide. Please do not post things which I have already mentioned. I don't mind flames, random posts, or even just you saying "Hi", but please do not post stuff which is already in the guide. Also, to know if I have added your tips into my guide just go to the extra information section and its right on the top. Thanks for your cooperation. I hope you liked my guide.
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Guy 1 : Hmm, I wonder if F11 does anything...
Other Team : OH SH-
Tactical Nuke
Dec 18 2009
At lvl 34 you shouldnt cpq unless you have godly scrolled equips, and yes you would miss alot on rombots[/quote]

Ok, thanks. Made it to a level 37, I got 92 Acc and I don't miss
Dec 19 2009
Just a word of advice, it might be smart to add a 'rombot rush' part to the guide, it's what I've been doing since level 42. If even you don't know what it is:
In rombot rush, both parties max rombots (usually in room 3/4) and optionally speed, the rombots give great exp, and it's a great place for warriors to mob. most people do tw while rombo rushing, as a level 48 aran as I speak, I usually solo about 1.5k, 1k if I'm with a good partner.

Just add teh part x3
Dec 19 2009
maybe it's just me but i was kinda expecting more out of this guide after seeing the name

btw, please edit the "Anti-Mage strategy" thing.

i know tons of blaze wizards who ask for rombots in tradewins due to their mob attack's damage and rombots give a heck load more CP
Dec 19 2009
DarthVader7 Level 170 Windia I/L Arch Mage
How can a gunslinger have LOW ACCURACY?
I for one have a level 50 gunslinger in khaini and certainly have high accuracy
Dec 26 2009
People mostly just do Trade Wins now.
So it's one team's win.
The other team summons whatever monster and speed.
Vise-versa for the next round.
Dec 27 2009
Starblitzkrieg Level 161 Kradia Shadower
You should mention something about how king blocktopus=king block golem. Less cp to summon for anti range. They are also a good rombot alternative in 34 tws. A little less xp, faster summon time, and less damage.
Dec 27 2009
good guide gonna help, gonna make a luk bandit
Jan 01 2010
in "How to make emotions/faces in the Cpq." for F2 you can type hohoho to do it to, not much of a difference but you can add that in
Jan 04 2010
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