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JohnnySV1996 Level 135 Elnido Wind Archer 4
I know I'll get flamed but I have never gotten past 123 on any character. And it takes me about 2 weeks to even get to lvl 100 now with all these exp nerfs how am I supposed to get to lvl 200.

EDIT: I may have overreacted well maybe now as we have many other alternatives, levels will go by faster because I won't be bored on the same place for 20 levels, instead apparently what Nexon wants is for us to change place about every 5 lvls in the lower lvls and every 20 lvls in the higher levels
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You wouldn't have survived one day of pre-bb bub. Also, if it takes you two weeks to get to lvl 100 alone, I think you're doing it wrong.
Jun 20 2013
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
Jun 20 2013
Reunite Level 200 Renegades Mercedes 4
You wouldn't have survived one day of pre-bb bub.[/quote]

^ this. I'm laughing to myself inside about people complaining about exp nerfs when pre-bb, the higher levels got ~5%/hour
Jun 20 2013
KiritoSAO Level 172 Scania Wild Hunter 4
It seems like you weren't grinding that much before anyway...
Jun 20 2013
JustAnotherUser Level 200 Khaini Bishop
Two words: Party Quests.
PQs are awesome, they get you items, they get you good exp, they get you to know the backgrounds of the game and are much more fun than pressing 2 keys during hours to level up.
Jun 20 2013
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