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has there been a KoC zrun?

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Just a question, Has there been an all KoC zrun?
Cause i feel like planning one. preferably an all WA one.
I have been looking in youtube and havent seen one
I remember something about one being done though, but might just be a lie

Thanks in advanced :]
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i think DWs have soloed, so if that counts then yea, there have been KoC runs.

but remember, no healers for the run
Oct 10 2009
Blazes just have to Flame Gear
Then Dawn Warriors Take on the arms
Breakers same
Wind Archers Same
Nights Same
So the Blazes do most of the work if
Gears does work
Oct 11 2009
With out shadow star its harder for nws to go, unless they have alot of stars.
Oct 11 2009
Got it
So they would have to have like
40 sets of stars
like 2000 Power Elixers
and Godly Items?
Oct 11 2009
Not that I know of but its not as if it really matters ck's aren't meant to boss[/quote]

Says who?
Oct 11 2009
xHearMeRawr Level 42 Bera Brawler
Gears doesnt work on bosses.
Oct 11 2009
A ck boss run will have to be done clerics and stars aren't a problem for nw's...we can have lots=]
Oct 11 2009
Cygnus arent the best at bossing, but its nice to be the first to have done something :]
Oct 11 2009
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