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how can i know whats my range ?

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i know dumb question ._O i mean i never really cared about my dmg n my nob clothes but since i saw a few i/l ArchM's doing 100k per line using max CL ;O at level 140 n im 167 n i do 59 k ._. per line with max CL can i know whats my range /dmg w.e is called ? how can i improve this ? what equips u guys would recommend me n are they any ones cheap or all are expensive 100m and up ? ...... the only good thin i have is my reverse wand ._. the rest is just normal crap.

i apologize for my bad grammar n english ;O . thnx.
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To see your damage range just press "s" or whatever key you put char stats on. You can get some cheap %int items to increase your range.
Feb 15 2012
That's an old screenshot.
Feb 15 2012
oh ._. well i guess i get thoes INT % gear ty for the tip
Feb 15 2012
rawritzcynthia Level 210 Bera Luminous 4
doing 100k per line using max CL ;O at level 140 n im 167 n i do 59 k ._. per line with max CL[/quote]

Considering they're 140 and they can do 100k per line I'd say they have about 25k range so roughly ~40% int and weapon with ~170+ mattk?
Not including possibilities of ADA, mw 30/32, pirate blessing, Mega monkey magic, potion buffs (legendary coin cake/legendary maple tree buff/energizer/banana graham pie/apple/cheese) to get themselves up to 100ks

at 167 for 59k~70k you're doing fine don't worry too much about damage. At your level all these factors listed above will help you equally as much to hit 100ks, just max Arcane aim, infinity and use them with medi. The only difference between 100ks and 59ks is that the 100k people will level faster than you. Other than that people see an i/l and go WOOW I haven't seen one of those in YEARS don't pay too much attention to the people who "do more damage"

To answer your question you can find out what your range is by going to your character stats (normally your "s" key). the first window displays your int dex str luk hp mp stuff the second window displays something like

22654 ~ 26562 or something
wep def
magic def

the number **22654 ~ 26562** is your range
Feb 16 2012
i know i just wanted to know how can they do more dmg than me at 140 ._. must be the % int gear that alot of ppl sell but well im too poor to afford one thnx for answer me
Feb 17 2012
BlizzardSwarm Level 121 Bera F/P Arch Mage
That Screen Shot is serious nostalgia, and it's Etrieys. But you would need about a 30k min range to do 100ks constantly. You can get %int equips, maybe try for a better staff? Although you shouldn't' stress about damage too much if you really can't afford it. (Like me )
Feb 18 2012

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