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how do you guys like zeros story so far?

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Critias Level 97 Scania Blade Lord
tell me your thoughts. most of you will say "why did we need story in this game so lame"

to those i say.. do you know the name of this game? like really? to the rest out of 5 stars what do you give it?
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kraze159 Level 185 Scania Night Lord
I like the tag playing thing, makes me feel like im not alone
Dec 19 2013
AlbatrossXD Level 142 Scania Wind Archer 4
So far im liking the gameplay of Zero, the Storyline concept is somewhat unique. But the down part is from 100-180 during that phrase you are pretty much a lone player. out of 5 stars i would give it a 4.5
Dec 19 2013
PhreshPrynce Level 192 Windia Blade Master
Couldnt press spacebar fast enough. By the time i got to actually playing zero, i wasnt even interested anymore so i went back to my main. I'll deal with the bs later.
Dec 19 2013
abi232 Level 209 Scania Dark Knight
Definitely overpowered once you get the hang of keeping the combos up non-stop. Beta's combos do 100k+ with the starting items and one point in the skills. L>nerfs
OT: Story is good enough to keep playing.
Dec 19 2013
5p33dI3 Level 206 Scania Kanna 4
better than Twilight[/quote]

Well, that's not saying much..haha.
Dec 19 2013
Lecarde Level 161 Windia Beginner Herbs Guild
The storyline itself is pretty good I think, but it takes forever. It took me 10-20 min ot finish the tutorial because I actually read everything they said and whatnot, and that part was really annoying, they could have implemented it better so it takes far less time. After the first chapter of the story it kind of speeds up the amount of talking though so that is good
Dec 19 2013
Lohd Level 229 Bera Bishop
I crashed right on a cutscene when he was making a funny face. So I give Zero a 5/5
Dec 19 2013
goatman0079 Level 152 Arcania Night Walker 4
I got to a bit after the ariant arc (if you want to call it an arc). So far, I found 0 to be quite fun. The combos make combat interesting, also seeing how fluidly I can control Zero. Aaand,I find the story to be interesting and the conversations to be varying enough that I actually read the entire dialogue. My only problem is that you generally have to run through dungeons 2 or more times in order to collect the items for the side quests. Sooo, I give Zero a 4.9/5
Dec 19 2013
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