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how much is 3 all stats half earrings in khani

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also i need price check on 6%luk and 6% int half earring
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@Management: I don't really understand what you're saying... you said that it shows that the auction has too high of a starting price, which is exactly what I wanted to say; because the starting bid is too high, it is not an accurate representation of the prices.[/quote]

Therefore he can use the auction price as his starting price and lower it based on market demand. Not sure how you do business, but when I'm selling something I usually start at the top end and work the price down.

This is how I've always found a price range for my goods up until recently to where I just use an Owl and look for a consensus in market prices.
May 08 2012
@Management: Work down to what? If you work down to a price that an item gets sold, why not just start at that price and not have to bother looking at the overpriced items?[/quote]
The point of selling is to make or retain your profit. Why sell something for 15 mill when you could probably get 20 mill out of it?

Besides if you're working down the price that means you don't know what the value is beforehand. Working down the price in a live market to the equilibrium point is where market price settles.
May 09 2012
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