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how much range would these equips get me on shade or cannone

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ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
Split edge perf 9 stared leg pot 70% pdr 35% boss 25% neb Bonus pot leg 12% boss
pendant ( gollux) leg perfected bonus pot 13 att
cra hat 28 attack leg
hybrid heart 24% attack 4 % all neb leg
5 star unique tyrants ( no glove )
perf gollux ring and earring
Posted: November 2014 Permalink


TricksterHoe Level 205 Windia Wild Hunter 4
is it me or this combination is very unbalanced?
Nov 24 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
i coudlnt use my whole story because the basil filters

but i would trade secondary and weap for cannon or knuckle
Nov 24 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
i would recube everything
Nov 24 2014

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