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how much time do you think until theres a meme event

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misslime Level 25 Bera Evan 2nd Growth
i mean there was a psy event in ems or somethipgn already wasnt there
how much time do you think it'll take until gms makes a meme-oriented event
just imagine
trollface hats
"epic troll" medal
Posted: September 2013 Permalink


KiritoSAO Level 172 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Maybe by 2079.
Sep 26 2013
I am shuddering at the thought of this
Sep 26 2013
good341 Level 36 Demethos Phantom 2
might as well, ems already got a psy event
Sep 26 2013
grawp77 Level 219 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
this ain't 5chan
get out
Sep 26 2013
Destitution Level 174 Galicia Blade Master
Maybe by 2079.[/quote]

Maple shutting down 2014. your logic is incorrect
Sep 27 2013

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