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how to reach 1mil dmg? demon avenger

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vastofam Level 204 Renegades Demon Avenger 1
hey guys my dmg range is 523k buffed like fully buffed and 344k when clean not. I wanna know how much dmg range i can increase from cubing and in general how to increase my dmg to 1mil. im Demon avenger
Posted: May 2017 Permalink


i3artman Level 215 Chaos Demon Slayer 4
I don't know what you have equipped but set effects is a big help for free range(re set, gollux set). Another thing I find that helps is ephinea soul, It gives something like 40% hp. Decent hyper body is also a good stat booster with 40%hp. there is a spell trace fever event soon in June. Save traces and get some base hp on your equips. As a general rule to all classes for cubing your weapon, 2ndary and emblem give the best stats for range if you can get % att. Also one of your biginner skills gives hp based on your star force so try to get that up after you scroll. If you do dojo daily and events they usually give epic scrolls so you can epic everything before you cube. Cant think of other stuff atm. You can try to go for other sets rather then ra like Sweetwater. I'm currently using absolabs set just because I don't want to invest in end game tyrants. One other thing you can use for a nice steroid buff is the wilderness buff. Search on youtube maplestory wildnerness buff and it will show you how to get it. Gives 100 att and 10k hp for 30 min, nice little boost.

Also links skills cannoneer, Kaiser, beast tamer, kanna all help.
May 24 2017
vastofam Level 204 Renegades Demon Avenger 1
thx and i have cra gear with all gollux euips
May 25 2017

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