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i have a burning hate for my brother

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nattl532 Level 198 Broa Mercedes 4
so im 17 and my brother is 19. Heres my context, at this stage in my life, i feel i am equal or should be considered equally in the family, meaning no favouritism in the household. However, my brother is one of those self centred scum bag. What i mean is this, he doesn't care about anyone else but himself, and when you combine this trait with laziness, it means that he leaves things around the house and doesn't give a damn about it. However, that's not the worst part...he eats all the food in the house, now im actually somewhat considerate, so i actually think about sharing and considering other peoples needs etc. But for him..if you don't eat the food within a day or two, he will take it, and he will do it discretely when everyone else is asleep and he would be the only one sometimes you dont even realise that its gone. A thing about me as well is, i hate judgemental people, so when im eating dinner and theres something that he wants but theres not enough of, he will judge how much of the portion i take and then he always feels the need to take just as much as me or more coz he's somehow special has the mentality of "if he's eating that much, im eating that much or a bit more coz i dont give a S***" I know some of you guys think, oh brothers always do this to each other and fight etc...but we don't talk to each other at all...once i move out of my house, i am quite certain that i will never talk to him again, if he gets married, i probably wouldn't want to go to his wedding. Seriously what do i do...
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mumbhaki Level 226 Khaini Night Lord See what games, anime & art mumbhaki is intomumbhaki
spoon/buttfvk him while sleeping...make him feel who da real alpha male.
Sep 01 2015
holydragon Level 182 Windia Bishop
You'll just have to live with it.

Some families will have siblings who are distant
Some will be close

You can cut all contact with him once you have more control over your life.

From what I've gathered purely from your text
He's an immature idiot.

In my family, I always take my younger siblings out for food or pay for outside food.
I'm just not interested in eating by myself.
Sep 01 2015
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
these plebs aint loyal. You only have to live with the plebs for a small amount of time. Become a twitch sensation, move in with sodapoppin, reckful and nmp or go and live with Mitch Jones
Sep 01 2015
deprivedchild Level 188 Scania Dark Knight
Sounds petty
Sep 01 2015
^ Agreed. It doesn't seem like a reason to hate your sibling the way you seem too. You only get one brother. There should be very little they can do short of abusing you physically that should make you hate them enough to not go to their wedding. You may not think this way now but I guarantee there will come a time you will think back to this stuff and feel like it was a dumb reason to get mad. My sister was like this and we hardly talked when we were younger. Once you get out on your own there may come a time you will need advice or help and your siblings will be the first person to go for this, even if it seems awkward to ask at first.
Sep 01 2015
allkorean Level 142 Scania Luminous 4
Why don't you just wait it out? If he is that lazy and eats everything, just waiting for obesity or letting him choke on his own vomit sounds like a better or heavier outcome in the long run, but In my opinion your parents probably have the same mentality as you do, they'll to do something about it like kicking him out or giving him a options to change his life.
Sep 01 2015
kevqn Level 200 Windia Demon Slayer 4 See what games, anime & art kevqn is intokevqn
You sound like my mom. Stop being so upset over little things, and if you don't want him eating your food, put your name on it
Sep 01 2015
colour Level 69 Bera Dark Knight
wen wil u ngz lern
Sep 01 2015
psikoxd Level 145 KradiaEMS Shadower
I'm guessing you live with your family and not only your brother.
Is it food you've bought or food your parents have bought?
If the latter, then it's not your problem, if it's food you've bought yourself, get a mini fridge for your room if you feel teritorial about it.

At age 17 it's probably normal to feel the way you do, like the rest of your family is "slowing you down" or being annoying so don't worry about it.
When you get a little older it'll be different and your brother will change.

Spend time out of the house, hang out with your friends, I mean your 17, I was never home at that age lol.
Sep 01 2015
besel Level 167 Scania Beginner
You sound like my mom. Stop being so upset over little things, and if you don't want him eating your food, put your name on it[/quote]

i doubt a name tag is going to stop him lol
Sep 01 2015
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