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i think my gf is talking to other boys

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turtletable Level 167 Bera Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art turtletable is intoTurtleTable
hey guys i have been having this problem i think my girlfriend is talking to other boys


she's not actually my girlfriend does that change anything
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xdarkshynobi Level 204 Scania Blade Master
tag all the hoes on basil.
Mar 30 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
this is so me
Mar 30 2016
windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
if you really like her then tell her. before Tyrone, Jamal, Chad or Chang get her
Mar 30 2016
ulieq Level 166 Reboot Hayato 4
I met a girl from maplestory once and we did it hard in a hotel room for 2 days. thank god she didn't get pregnant (or aborted it)
Mar 30 2016
ibrahim65432 Level 123 Bera Phantom 4 See what games, anime & art ibrahim65432 is intoibrahim65432
+1 Worst feeling ever man. If you like a girl, and you believe she will be the best for the rest of your life then marry her. Ask her for her hand. But, if she won't be the best for the rest of your life, then do not even come near her. I proposed a girl once, she never answered me back. I was probably rejected. No idea. Emailing isn't really as efficient as telling her directly.
Mar 31 2016
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