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what is this free Lgr Give Away All About ?


[quote=LittleTLK]LGRs are $100,000? Hell, let me sell mine and pay off my loans and buy a house, jeez.[/quote] houses are only 100k? where do you live wtf

Steam Trading cards


i dont recall ever getting MS cards...


[quote=lgnorant]keylogger[/quote] pretty much

Difference between occult cubes and meister?


[quote=DeprivedChild]Never know till you find out mate. Give it a shot, scroll some legendary stuff with occult.[/quote] max rank epic sorry :V

Inspiration to climb


are your friends within your reach of skill level? i climbed from silver 5 to gold 3 when my friends were all gold-plat level. just because i want to be as good as them.

My patch is stucked


give it some time, my old PC use to take 30mins to install a patch, check your internet speed, restart the patcher, if all that doesn't work, turn pc off and on again :>

How is Mr.lee now?


its ok now, the speed is slower due to mobs are spawning infinitely(except for boss maps ofc) so its not kill map, leave, kill next map, leave. you actually have to keep trying to find a boss map or a


get on your main, go SDH and get yourself some wooden tops

Anime opening question


stop smoking weed, drugs are bad

Titration Source of Error


you put a drop too much of the thing which messes up the entire colour of it blah blah human error

Magnus has detected negative energy


[quote=BowlCut]if u stay dead for too long it hapens if u need help pls chek out my hard magnus mspaint guide here[/quote] i know its probably a long guide

Dear merchants


buy perm NX like me

revamped hurricane vs rapid fire vs Mille vs needed blaster


[quote=Blackinup]Just don't play that god awful mihille class.[/quote] >mille >mihille i read that too

How to get perfected 20 attack armor


pretty much just cogs, but you can go big with icogs. im pretty sure you can go above 20 att too if you're looking to "perfect" it

Permanent Nx Items


[quote=sparksta]u tell em[/quote] i laughed much harder than i should

Shadowy Sculpture Reward Rates?


i can make a copper smelting factory

can you only do freuds training once a day


because its called arnelo's daily training. *holds in laughter*

Grins Awesome ring? how to get it?


try moving around or ccing after the time limit expires in your set-up

New Eqps that beat CRA/Tyrants?


ask him link or bs. and if you click a sketchy link. i'll laugh

Sylph Ring Help


the best way is to get 7 of your stat and 3 att cuz normally 8 of your class stat outweighs 1 att.

Was this a good trade?


can u help me solo zakum with ur new gear

What item to epic pot


[quote=Y0u19]Superior gollux piece if you're looking to make money.[/quote] he speaks the truth

Sword Art Online Pq


[quote=Zeroximus]Exactly, it only in premium that I'm having problems with. I think nexon wants you to party.[/quote] well its still possible, their attacks are very delayed so you just need to lear

Why I cant find Gleam Eye


if it makes you feel better, i fought gleam eye 5 times in a row

Petite Diablo


never have a dream wing on. when you climb a rope, it looks like the dog is just looking through some curtains or the "soon" horse thing

Sao Related Rewards/Content


[quote=ufinkok]if my japanese is correct then that first medal has 28 w/m att[/quote] good job :). and i think hairs are gonna be royal

League of legends Lp


95%? hard to baelieve.

The squishiness is literally killing me


character cards itself gives you like 2.5k

All aboard the Sao Hype Train


JMS didn't make it look very fun ;_;

Sword Art Online


i was hoping something better, but i can't complain

Ultra bubble Royal Coupon


[quote=Fallensin96x]aww really? :( Was there any instances where a certain hairstyle came out after 3-6 rotations?[/quote] you can look at past royal hair lists to check that. sadly im too lazy to ch


i lost count after 10

Help Please


[quote=kiue]Sorry.... the tempest ring is like 12-20mil Beryl is like 50-70mil clean but very hard to sell The scrolled one might only be sold at 120mil or a bit more The WABR IDK[/quote] thats if h


why do you need the lumi card ._.

Jett damage skin from monster purge


have yet to get it *shrug*


what was the exploit? explain please

how do you get out of tilt league of legends


take a break, play something else besides ranked for a good week or so. get out of that rut. and then restart again


there was a time a month or 2 ago where the pssb spat them out

Tyrant Equip


have a friend help you get novas by doing ez/norm mag. or if you can solo that

Enhancing after using a 5 star Ee


5 successes. :P you wish it was one

Xenons cant go to Heliseum?


i can do normal magnus. but then again, i did my questline last year


you're practically killing yourself while you kill other things when you play DA. how fun

Thief or Bowman for next character


bowmans are actually really fun. getting mine to 100 was fun :X

Easiest/Fastest Soul Shards to obtain?


i did hilla with the greed pendant thing from Monster park, and mixed golem familiar and i so far have gotten 2 out of 2 times

Kms vs Gms


KMS has a better anti-hacker environment, Better community, better events, better customer support, the list could go on, but i can't think of anything. pls no ban mr mod

anyone else get anything good from the rainbow box?


rainbow earrings and scrolls to boom it with. im having mroe fun than i should

Hows the elite mob event?


i have yet to get anything good :|

What bosses can/should I solo?


cwk bosses? those are able to be tackled alone now? but yeah you shouldnt have too hard of a time with easy mag. may take you 20ish minutes

Am I the only one expecting this?


not entirely nexon's fault. besides, its happened before.

Moneymaking Scheme P


90% my a$$ is correct