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Rate The Person's Look Above You!


10/10 lahv it

Drawing one cutie for christmas :3


see you should draw me bc my look is so much different than yours

Haku's new look, what do you think?


@cxter: i agree. like. the main issue with kanna's consistency was the mana regen speed and....they...made it slower......

Making a Kanna


one tip i can give is at a lower level, you can get extra hp (kaiser link? some random bs potential lines, etc) to raise your damage a bit (its like 1 m.att for 700 hp?). i honestly had like 40k hp fr

Most efficient skill use for training?


i hate soul shear tbqh but thats practically the only skill ive never used i use spirit corral literally all the time honestly

Aran/Evan get new hair in kms. What about the others?


yes, they do everyone gets like a bowlcut basically

Xenons are op?


i feel like they got stronger? sorry i havent played in a year LOL

Do you think mercedes will be buffed?


i wonder if their attacks would ever get changed, theyre basically the oldest class now

Mercedes Still Worth?


i dunno, mercedes' play style really resonated with me for the longest time. if youre willing to put in the time and money and have the patience not see some results for a while, i dont see why not.

How to make level 120 weapons drop in evo?


you have to buy a core from the evo shop, then do an incredibly easy quest. after you do that, your slots will expand to 6

Elemental Staves

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

I was considering investing in an elemental staff, but sources tell me they still require luk, and some tell me they dont. I dont see why they would post tempest, but can anyone clarify?

Kanna Links


[quote=yancieng]how abou luminous , it gives 40 int[/quote] lumis give 40 int as a character card, which is pretty amazing on top of their 10% def break link too so that'd be a good idea