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Why hasn't anyone been a victim by the headless horseman lately? His firey head gives enough warning


What did the Kanna say to the Wild Hunter at the drive through? Kanna take your order? :D

When do you usually feel happy?


I'm happy when chatting with friends, going out with them and when watching kdramas. Kdramas are just so funny. Oh. Mah. Gosh. O___O

Comment The Person Above Up You


You don't need a crown because you pretty much are born with royalty~ *points at your hair* :D

Got my BaM to 170

Battle Mage

I find I don't tele as much when training after I got my hypers, like @marilanna said.


Orange Serbet and Cream +__+ <3

New Face Emotion Commands


haha for F2 doesn't work anymore... now you gotta add one more ha so.. hahaha = F2

Are you planning to get your degree in four years?


Most tech friends (engineering/cmpt sci/design/media) I know finished in 5 years in Canada because they did the co-op program (usually 4-12 months depending on how many terms you apply for). The co-op

Vocaroo Thread




Portal is pretty good. Slender is also really good :D (warning it can be scary lol)


During a jump quest ._.

What scene makes you cry?


Guilty Crown's ending, :0 certain deaths in Gundam Seed & Gundam Seed Destiny Clannad made me teary eyed but didn't unleash waterworks because too many friends kept warning me that it will make an

Say the BasilID above you with Vocaroo


@Rtyu: *throws confetti*

Cant download Maplestory


Just go to task manager (ctrl + alt + del) and end the process of PMB.exe. Your computer probably crashed trying to open it the first time and still had it open. It should work if you try opening mapl

Describe Your Main in 3 Words


Red and Gold

Most uncommon class


Phantoms (because a lot of phantoms are getting glitch banned, including mine T_T), Mechs, and Wild Hunters.

Just some help funding my phantom


Just as a warning, phantoms are getting randomly banned for 30 days or perm ban. It's a glitch and about 40 others are listed in the below official Maplestory forum link. Official forum posting about

What is your favorite fruit?


Strawberries, watermelon, and mango! :D

Leafre Boat D/c


I'm crashing as well from Victoria to Edel and from Orbis to Mu Lung. :l My other friend is also crashing from Orbis to Ludi. The way I managed from Vic to Orbis was through Ereve. Luckily didn't cras

Whats your happiest memory or moment from 2012 ?


Meeting up with Maple friends irl (and trolling them)! :D

Rate the Characters Name above you Not basil id


For some reason I think lemonade when I read your ign xDD 7/10

the sad thread


o.o" *hands everyone a tissue and a teddy bear to hug* There there~ It can only get better.

How random are you?

Fun *ducks under a rock* >___>

The guess what language thread


Hebrew! Qui a g√Ęteau? J'ai faim.

Try to guess if the person above you is single


Single! :0

Lets try The Movie Game


She's The Man.

How should i get to 200?


You can invite your friends to a map of your choice, and remotely accept a quest (gotta pay nx for it). That's how my friends and I got to 200. Makes for a great screenshot. :D

Vancouver hangout thread.


Vancouverite meet up? :o Awesome~

P/C Android Vest and Unique Shoes


ooh o__o also curious about the p/c


Honeydew! nomnomnom~


I thought if you point at the moon to show where it is to someone, you'll die the next morning. o__o It was hard to explain where it was every time I wanted to point out how pretty it was...

How cute is the person above you?


10/10 edit: love the pink hair + eyes :D

Did your first character fail?


xD Mazille bandit. I kept dying, so I thought greater hp = less dying and put AP into hp... until my friend told me no >_>

"Remember This Song?" thread.


[url=]What A Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera[/url] [url=]Say My Name - Destiny's Child[/url]

If you could remove one thing from life


Violence. >:/