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Idk if they changed the bosses during unleashed but, you should be able to solo zakum

funding my dual blade

Dual Blade

Get a good katara before you get a good dagger because the Katara gives you extra range with mastery.


It's probably better to use Midnight carnival and Meso explosion combination.

Should i stay in my guild or leave?


If the only thing that's holding you back from leaving is your friend then all you have to do is add her to your BL.

Pros and Cons about Shads and Buccs


I have both a bucc and a shad and personally I like the bucc better. Both of them are hard to fund but if you're going to play unfunded then that shouldn't be that big of a deal to you. I'd say that a

Quick question about Inner Abilities


Yes, it resets all inner abilities unfortunately.

Basil Character Glitch


I don't think BALADE Master is an option

How to equip a Bucc?


It's really up to you, but the most common route is high atk and %str empress set.


Make both and see which one you like better because if your going to hit max on either then you might as well play the one you like.

Wanting to make a bucc, but a few questions.


I'd buy a pirate ship and become a real pirate if I had 600 million cash

100k Nx for cubes?


I find that using super cubes before legendary is just a waste of money because they don't seem to be that much better.

p/c on evan hair coupon


Do you get that from the 1 nx hair thing?

New jobs dont use skillbooks. A bit unfair?


[quote=SellCute]you must be new. marksmen's bird summon needs skill book to get that skill. same with bowmaster. both f/p and i/l need book for blizzard and meteor shower. they also need books for the

Should i wait for perm pets?


You should wait because perm pets seem to come out every 1-2 months

Scheduled Server Maintenance - December 26, 2012


I'm sure they will fix none of the things posted above :D

Are event sets of armor good for endgame?


Generally empress sets are used for endgame purposes, but it's kind of costly so event sets would do if you don't have the funding.

It dont work


The problem is that when I press play on the gamelauncher or website, nothing happens. I'm pretty sure the problem is related to bitdefender 2013 which I just got today. If anyone knows a fix for this

Will Mihiles be able to make an Ultimate Adventurer at 100?


[quote=Chubsin]@Valentino: Are you kidding me? It is entirely accurate. Nexon lowered the job advancement levels of Mihile. The sheer fact that Nexon acknowledges the existence of Empress' Grace for M

Surprise style box equips


Can you transfer them on an adventurer after you've equiped them?

P/c On Transparent Claw Non Nx


Usually no one buys those things, but they might be worth something now that anvil's are out.

best class for bossing and 1v1 besides mech, merc, and phant


probably Corsair or Evan

What the heck


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it resets daily.

Marksman Ua skill


Is it useful in 4th job?



Another Anvil question


As excited as most of you are to see another anvil question here it goes, could I fuse the stats of a warrior shield with the look of a khanjar/dkhanjar?

Anvil Fusion Question and a Spot


@drokons: except no one uses chairs for the stats...

Anvil Fusion Question and a Spot


fusing a sky blue chair makes absolutely no sense

How to lose weight


Find some sort of physical activity that you like doing or want to learn to do, otherwise excercising/working out becomes a chore.

Tank or BatMan?


DrK more fun, Pally more "practical"

What ever happened to Fleyx


He still plays but not very much

can i solo zak?

Dual Blade

You have 40% boss damage and have never soloed zak because.....

Help with empress


you need to have more than one empress equip on for it to stay

When and where Jaira


It was a calm summer evening....

How do i make money with Nx?


if your going to sell it sell it for more like 1:50

Confused At the moment


don't worry about it, if you start to worry about it you will never quit this game

Can you gift Nx with Nx Credit


I'm pretty sure you can only gift with nx obtain from cards

Wild Hunter funding/ranges

Wild Hunter

I was thinnking of making a wild hunter and was wondering how hard it would be to fund one. If you could post your range, % dex, and Att weapon that'd be good. Also I wanted to know if wild hunters ar

How do I cancel Enrage?



10m Reward to Help me fix this problem


Netbooks are not for gaming, that is all.

Training guide for hermit lvl 90?


Aliens at nlc or mysterious path 3 in Singapore

There should be a safe spot in Drill Hall 2


But what would all the phantoms do if magic guard was passive? o.o

Which should I keep as my Main?


If you can't decide what class to play hold off on the nx until you know what you want to do because it seems like every time i buy nx clothes i want to move to another class.

Do 2 evans/dualblades/phantoms share cs?


No 2 dual blades wont share cs inventory. Why would you need 2 db's on the same account anyway?

How Did MapleStory Inspire Your Life


[quote=MeganCutie]It inspired my life so that I can go after my dreams harder and to be myself and never give up :)[/quote] lolwut


[quote=Themarkoftrey]Everything was peaceful until the blackmage attacked[/quote] THE FIRE NATION? GET IT RIGHT

what do you do when phantoms try to take your skills?


[quote=AyooCarlous]No phantom wants a BM's skills so I have no worries :p[/quote] I actually stole YOUR hurricane today when you went afk in the fm. :P

Whats are your favorite stolen skills to use?


1st: Magic Guard, Haste, Iron Body, Magic Armor 2nd: Rage,Bless,Meso Guard,Hyper Body 3rd: Combo Attack, Drain Arrow, Poison mist 4th: Dark Harmony, Hurricane/Rapid Fire (Bossing), Sharp Eyes

Cant macro Carte Mille with Rapier Wilt


The way i use it is to have it on 2 separate keys. The Time frame you need to activate the combo is when the card first pops up for carte mille

Whats wrong with me?


Do you have aca?

Decent Hyper Body Pants Luk6 Worth it for 1.6b?


You can't glitch decent skills anymore can you?